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Saturday, November 3, 2012

[Out-Of-Print] Bo$$ - "Born Gangstaz"

I was out earlier today, visiting a local record shop and came home with a handful of used hip-hop CD:s; one of them being Midwest's gangsta rapper femcee's Bo$$ 1993 first and only album "Born Gangstaz". I had never heard the LP before, but with names like Erick Sermon, Def Jef, Jam Master Jay, Chrysaliz and more, I took a chance without listening and I'm happy I eveuntaly did cuz. Because I’ve seen this project pop up on several dope producers resumes.
"Born Gangstaz” was released through Columbia in 1994, yet the executive producers were Russel Simons and Tracey Waples, and the production credits read out like a who’s-who in hip-hop. Bo$$ was unique in the sense that she was one of very few female rappers to actually embrace the gangbang culture, and she had a nice set of skills. This was recognized by her executive producer who hooked her up with a gang of great hip-hop producers that could convey her image into music. These include Def Jef, Erick Sermon, Jam Master Jay, T. Ray and MC Serch, and the result was an album heavy on the bottom and aggressive themes that are a bit of often overlooked hip-hop history. After its release in 1993, two of the album singles (“Deeper” and “Recipe in the Hole”) hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. But unlike many other albums, this was not just about the singles, but the entire album is a nice journey back to 1993 in itself.
Bo$$ rhymes speaks on the street life, which in itself is unique considering it’s from a female perspective, but she clearly had skills to do so. But what really makes the album stand out is the immaculate production work from its main producers; full of heavy bottom, keyboard- and synthesizer sound and boom bap drums, the musical aspect is like a melting pot between the East and the West.  Stand out tracks include Sermon’s “Comin to Getcha”, Def Jef’s “Deeper” and the aggressive closer “I Don’t Give A Fuck” courtesy of T. Ray & MC Serch (who laced some of the illest joints on the latters “Return Of The Product” album around the same time). Matter of fact, there’s no wack tracks to speak about, some might be just slightly above average but “Born Gangstaz” is an album that can be played front-to-back without problem.
After that one debut album, Bo$$ never really returned to the music industry in any official capacity, at least not as a solo artist. She made an appearance on Krayzie Bone’s 2001 album “Thug On The Line” and acted as a radio DJ in Texas. However, she did in fact release a solo mixtape a few years later, titled “The Six Million Dollar Backpack”, fully produced by the legendary Def Jef. So we’ll just wait and have to see what the future holds, but until then check out her out-of-print debut LP below.
01. "Intro: A Call From Mom"
02. "Deeper" [prod. Def Jef]
03. "Comin' to Getcha" [prod. Erick Sermon]
04. "Mai Sista Izza Bitch" [prod. AMG]
05. "Thelma & Louise" [prod. Def Jef]
06. "Drive By" [prod. Stone The Lunatic]
07. "Process Of Eliminiation [prod. Def Jef]
08. "Livin' Loc'd" [Prod. Jam Master Jay & Chryskillz]
09. "Recipe Of A Home" [prod. Mic Professah]
10. "A Blind Date with Boss" [prod. Tracey Waples]
11. "Catch A Bad One" [prod. Def Jef]
12. "Born Gangsta" [prod. AMG]
13. "1-800 Body Bags" [prod. Def Jef]
14. "Diary Of A Mad Batch" [prod. MC Serch & T-Ray]
15. "2 Da Head" [prod. Erick Sermon]
16. "I Don't Give A Fuck" [prod. MC Serch & T-Ray]


  1. yo man ... u r right on point about this album. I have always thought it is dope and heavily slept on. Just in case u missed it she is also featured on Spice 1 - "don't ring the alarm" from his 1993 album 187 he wrote (his best imo)..


  2. wow, it's been ages since i heard that "187" album, but yeah it's GREAT.. thanks for the reminder, need to check up on it again