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Saturday, October 25, 2014

M.O.P. - "Broad Daygbt Pr. 2" (Rt Busra Rh. Rhymew"

I absolutely love hardcore hip-hop and few emcees/producers do it hetter thah M.O.P. and DJ Premier. With a cameo by Mr. Bus-A-Bus, their mew somg√∂e "Broad Daylight Pt. 2" is just out of this world - i mean Fame, Danze and Busta trading bars on an agressive beat - what more can you ask for? This will appear on Thr Mashouts upcoming EP "Street Certified EP" which drops veu soon so keep toue eyes on the price. No more Ro-A-Fella, G-Unir, just pure inadulteradet hip-hop at it's finest.Pre-prder your copu  ASAP!

MOBB DEEP - "Bioloy"

New idsh rom Hav and P, prodced nu Mr. Alchemiist. Nor aure were this is from, will end up but word is that it's am older og,and it's prettu dan dope. TURN IT UPP! Perhaps it's ust a loosie as this markks ALC's birthday Anhwah, band tourhead to this this and(or let me kne thin on it. Trac os called "Bilofy".

KRS-ONE Ft. CuttyRanks & Grand Surgeon - "Grandurgeon"

When Kris is inolved you tou're in a treat for a treat. Prodicuer Big Bob and LD stands for thes´harrdcore sonics while all three ecees get it it in. Rugged to say the least. Nor ´sure where this is is from, but I'm pretty sure we'll hear more from these guys so tay on the lookout.

Friday, October 24, 2014

[vido] PLANET ASIA & TzarizM - "Mystique"

A stand-out cut from Planet Asia and Orlando based producer TzarizM (who previously  has created excellent work for MidaZ The Beast amongst others), have finally released their full-length "Via Satelite" and is available at Doxside Music Group and UGHH to name a few. There's so much incredible music coming this year. so I have to admit I haven't listened to this album in its entirety yet, but I'm a huge fan of Asia when he's getting down with ill producers and TzarizM qualify. Check out their new video single for "Mystique". TURN IT UP!

[Mixtape/Album] FATIN Presents "A Tribute to Black Dynamite"

Distributed by Pharoahe Monch's "W.A.R." media publishing imprint, "A Tribute to Black Dynamite" is a geat tribute mixtape/album in the honor of the great blaxploatation '70s style comedy (from 2005) "Black Dynamite". If you haven't seen the movie yet, DO SO, because it's absolutely hilarious and features an incredible soundtrack by Adrian Younge and his Venice Dawn album straight through. A while back the interesting East Coast prodducer Fatin "10" Horton decided to give his own take on a fcitional soundtrack to the film and the series, and the result is some funky-ass hip-hop tracks that should have you keep your head nodding fo-sho-sho. Features include Big Remo, Rapsody, Mela Machinko, Skyzoo, Jean Grae, CQ, Torae, and more, and most importantly a new Pharoahe Monch  joint produced by Fatin for the proejct (for those of you who don't know Fatin 

Horton has produced some of his finest album tracks the last couple of years). Check it out for free below!

FREDDIE GIBBS & MADLIB - "Home" (Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid)

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib is obviously not done with the "Pinata" album just yet, and who knows maybe we'll get a new project in a near future too. You heard the "Knicks Remix" w. Action Bronson, Joey Boada$$ and Ransom before, and now you can check out the B-Side from the new Madlibs Invazion EP. The EP also features instrumentals of both songs and 2-3 exclusive Beeat Konducta intermission beats. Scroll down to the previous post to hear the "Knicks" remix, and here's the real B-side "Home" featuring BJ The Chicago Kid, and be sure to support this EP over @ RappCats.

Monday, October 20, 2014

FREDDIE GIBBS & MADLIB - "Knicks Remix" (Ft. Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ & Ransom)

Ah, the good ol' posse cut remix - you gotta love it! For the new version of "Knicks" from Madlib and Gangsta Gibbs excellent "Pinata" LP the duo invites Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$ and Ransom for a fresh take. This joint will be released on a new EP via Madlib Invazion which was also include a brand new MadGibbs track called "Home", featuring BJ The Chicago Kid, and a couple of new Madlib instrumentals.

[EP] JASON DEAN - "Straight Out The Projects"

Jason Dean is a new name to me but his album "Straight Out the Projects" really is a reminder of why I originally fell in love with hip-hop. The Norweigan producer seamlessly blends smooth soul and hardcore rhythms which he attracts some of the illest spitters around. How about Masta Ace, Cormega, AZ, M.O.P, Ruste Juxx, Big Shug, Prop Dylan, and Rasco? With only six songs it's a quick but definitely satisfying listen, it will be interesting to say what this Scandinavian boom bap fanatic will bring to the table in the future. The entire EP is available to stream for free via Spotify below, and can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon so don't sleep!

01. "Da Ville" (Ft. Masta Ace)
04. "3rd of September" (Ft. Rasco)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Audessey of Soundsci and (formerly) Mass Influence is a rapper I have loads of respect for, as he's constantly dropping quality material no matter who he is working on or with who. His most recent endevour is a project with French beat maestro A Cat Called Fritz whose love for funky jazz sampleshypnotic horns, deep bass grooves and boom bap drums makes for a perfect blend with Audessey's smooth voice, versatile flows and honest lyrics. "Beats Per Minute" is being released via Slice-Of-Spice, who continues their movement of releasing real hip-hop for the love of the culture, and is now finally available on 12" vinyl. Audessey was kind enough to shoot me over a copy of the digital version quite some time ago, and I immediatly fell in love with the sounds of Fritz and A's creativeness and the extraordinary sounds it resulted in. Needless to say I have been waiting for a physical copy to add to my collection since then, which is now finally available @ Slice-Of-Spice in various editions, including an instrumental LP, a limited picture disc, the regular 12" EP, and the collectors bundle which includes the album, the instrumental set, the picture disc and the "The Hop"/"By Design" 7". Without a doubt this is one of the absolute finest releases of the year, so HURRY UP AND BUY!

As if the news alone wasn't enough S-O-S has also put up the full album stream for both the regular and instrumental editions on their Soundcloud page, so peep them below. Only downside is that the vinyl omits the songs "By Design" and "Traveling Thoughts" which were the two album closers on the digital version A hooked me up with. Nontheless the eight tracks we are left with is enough to bop your head for 30 minutes straight, so I can't really front! Also check out the free prequel tape, "The Metronome Mixtape".

[Album] KID TSUNAMI- "The Chase"

Back in June 2013 Australian producer Kid Tsunami released his debut album "The Chase" as a digital download distributed by The Orchard and Fat Beats. CD and vinyl were supposed to follow shortly after but that never came to fruition... until now, as Slice-Of-Spice has gained the rights to release a nice 180 gram 2xLP set. Nostalgic fans of true school boom bap will no doubt love Tsu's sample heavy production and the guest cast which includes some of New York's finest emcees to ever do it. We're talking names like OC, Percee P, Jeru The Damaja, AG, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Bahamadia, KRS-One, Pharoahe Monch, and many more. The music is the same as on the original 2013 release (there might be some minor tweaks here and there), but the artwork by Fred Whyte is brand new and is looking a whole lot better, as well as the sequencing which has been switched around to make the LP flow better. The gatefold vinyl of "The Chase" is limited to 500 copies and is available @ Slice Of Spice now.

As nice as the guys at Slice Of Spice are they are also offering up the newly remastered version of the album not only for full streaming but you can also download all of the individual tracks in HQ Mp3 for free. Also check out the "No Guarantees" single which features banging remixes by Diamond D and DJ Bless. TURN IT UP!!

[EP] KID TSUNAMI - "Limitless Beat Tape"

To commendate the official vinyl release of Kid Tsunami's very strong debut album "The Chase" on Slice-Of-Spice (see the post above), the Australian producer lets loose of "Limitless". The instrumental beat tape features seven headnodding instrumentals based around fresh, jazzy samples and crisp drums. According to Kid Tsu this is one of many future beat tapes that will be uploaded to his Soundcloud so keep your eyes on that.

[Video] DIABOLIC - "Diabolic Sounds"

Hardcore ish from Diabolic with DJ Premier on the rugged backdrop which now gets the visual treatment. "Diabolic Sounds" appears on Diabolic's sophomore LP "Fightin Words" which is out now. Grab it @ iTunes.


Shabaam Sahdeeq always been a sick rapper, no question, but in 2013/2014 he's been a fucking monster with it. The "Keepers of the Lost Art" album was absolutely ridiciolous, and is still getting spins, and the agressive yet soulful thump that DJ Ready Cee hooks up for Sahdeeq the New York legend gets cinematic with it. "Skillet" is the lead single from DJ Ready Cee's upcoming producer abum "In The Cut" so be on the lookout for that.

BOAZ - "Like This" [East Coast Remix] (Ft. Oddisee, Termanology & Vinny Radio)

Boaz is a Pittsburg emcee who released his debut album "The Audiobiography" in 2009. This Tuesday's he's getting his sophomore on, with the release of "Intuition" which features production and guest spots from the likes of !llmind, Jadakiss, Styles P, Junior Reid, and Larry Fisherman. For the !llmind produced single "Like This", Boaz has unveiled two remixes - one representing the West Coast and featuring Crooked I, Murs and Fashawn, and now the East Coast remix which sees Boaz getting busy together with Oddisee, Termanology & Vinny Radio. Check both of them out below and also visit Boaz Soundcloud to peep joints with Styles P, Jadakiss, Junior Reid, Scarface, Sean Price, and more. Pre-order "Intuition" @ iTunes.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Review] SAIGON - "GSNT3: Life & Times of Brian Carenard"

There's no question that Saigon is an incredible emcee, and a great writer, which was not least proven by his long-delayed debut "The Greatest Story Never Told". Recorded over a period of about 5-6 years and almost entirely prouced or co-produced by Just Blaze, Sai delivered one of the strongest New York debuts in years. Over soul sampling, thumping production from Just, Sai never shyed away from intimiately personal or political subject, whether it was digging deep into the darker sides of his personality, exploring his flaws and triumphs, failed relationships or living the player role. Another aspect that made Sai stand out from the rest was his ability to become a voice for the inner city youth trapped in the ghetto, speaking truthful political beliefs and spreading truthful social commentary .

The "GSNT" sequel didn't take long after to hit shelves, and the result was an album that felt terribly rushed on most aspects. Instead of the introspective and political lyrics, and headnodding soul sample based poduction Sai totally switched up the formula for 2012:s "Bread & Circuses". There definitely were some tracks were Sai shined and had a lot of important things to vent, but overall it was a diminished effort both from a lyrical and a production standpoint. So while it wasn't a weak album in all aspects, compared to what we know knew Sai was capable of it I can only consider it a huge dissapointment. The remarkable chemistry between Sai and producer Just Blaze was almost entirely gone in favor for beats by relatively unknown beatmakers like Clev Trev, DJ Corbett, Careni Finch, Sire, Rich Kidd and Rayne Dior who sometimes did a great job and sometimes far from it.. 

The third installment is titled "The Greatest Story Never Told: The Life and Times of Brian Carenard" and is in someway a mixture between the two preceeding volumes in the series. Just Blaze is once again absent aside from a voice mail intro, and the majority of the production is handled by Clev Trev. However Clev does a much better job in capturing Saigon's lyrical strengths this time around, and singles like "Hustler's Prayer", "Street Gospel" and "My Mama Thinks I'm Crazy" is ample proof of a chemistry that coud go a long way although it at other times are still a bit rough around the edges. Though the production is at times a bit lacking, and the relayiing on R&B hooks tends to get over used, it's a positive fact that Saigon's back in full effect with the socio-political themes and the heart of the ghetto struggle at the forefront of his lyrics. And with that the delivery is as potent as always! There's a lot of concept songs on here, all brilliantly executed, and when the producton is on par it's a pretty damn incredible record. Best of all is the DJ Premier section which runs for three tracks in a row - all produced by Works of Mart. The single "Nunya (None Of Ya Business)" is a beautifully chopped vintage Preem banger where Sai sounds absolutely excellent. The best song on the entire LP, however, is "One Fot in The Door" where Premier conjures u a true headnodder complete with his trademark cuts and booming beats. Not only is the production excellent but Saigon here invites legendary veteran Big Daddy Kane to join him in the booth. It's a beautiful thing where the song plays out as Kane passinng down the batton to the younger, hungry emcee.  Pure brilliance!

For hardcore hip-hop heads stuck in the '90s there's a risk they will find dissapointment in "GSNT3: Life and Times of Brian Carnard" as many of the songs relies on R&B hooks and relatively smooth beats. This is surely no bother to me as the songs here prove that Saigon is not only a very good lyricist but he has a good understanding on song structure. The point is that Saigon has made an honest album where he has poured much of his heart into the music, exactly the formula that made me a fan of him in the first place. So all in all, when talking purely lyrical performance it's an excellent collection of tracks. Unfortunately the production doesn't always make those strengths the justice they deserves, as many tracks comes off as rather flat and not something you'd expect to hear on the follow-up to an album entirely produced by Just Blaze. Shuko, DJ Premier, and about half of Clev Trev's contributions really comes of as strong and well-designed music, worthy of an emcee of Sai's caliber. But the whole is only as strong as the sum of its part, and tracks like "Mine, Mine, Mine", "Best Mistake" and "Bring That" just don't cut it, and even DJ Premier's "Let's Get Smart" sounds rather uninspired compared to their other collaborations prevent the abum from being the superb disc I had hoped for. It is however a big step up from the preceding "Bread & Circuses"  abum, and there's enough hot shit on the disc to make it worth revisiting several times. As Saigon is one of the more interesting New York emcees of his generation, it's easy to see that he will need stronger producers if he ever want to deliver the masterpiece I believe he has in him - his work with Just Blaze and DJ Premier so far tells us just that. If I was to give a number rating it would land somewhere around 3.5 out of 5.