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Thursday, April 17, 2014

[Video] INNOCENT? Feat. SEAN PRICE x RUSTE JUXX - "Silent Murder"

Jut over the last couple of days there's been more updates to The Lost Tapes thn I'm used to, but there's been a steady stream of very ill music coming so just press play and nod your head in agreement. Innocent? is a completely new name to me, but apparantly he's a Brooklyn emcee, and he manages to hold his own against Ruste Juxx and Sean Price. "Silent Murder" is an early sneek peek into an upcmig compilation called "Killin' The Game" courtesy of T.H.E.M. Recordings.

DJ PREMIER on "Memory Lane (Sittin' in Da Park)"

With all the hype surrounding Nas' 20 year anniversary of his classic debut "Illmatic" DJ Premier takes the opportunity to reminisce about the creation of what is many listeners favorite joint on the LP - "Memory Lane (Sittin' in Da Park)". Preem talks about how he wasn't really feeling the beat he programmed at first but once Nas recorded his verses it all fell into place. I'm sure most of y'all have heard the alternative, darker version of the song, but in case you haven't I've uploaded it for y'all below as it is a true grimey banger. Last but not least, with all the "Illmatic" hype, I'd strongly like to recommend you to get a hold of Matthew Gasteier's book on the album from the 33 1/3 series which is absolutely brilliant reading for any fan of the LP.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MOBB DEEP - "The Outcome"

Mobb Deep is definitely on a roll right now, haviing just released their best album in years with "The Infamous Mobb Deep", they now hook up with DJ Whoo Kid for "The Outcome", a track of DJ S. Whitt's upcoming mixtape "The Elevation 2". 

MEYHEM LAUREN & BUCJWILD - "wilk Pyramids"

Just the other day the announcement of Queens to Brooklyn emcee/DJ Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild revealed that they are releasing the full-length LP "Silk Pyramids" late May. The first single is now here and is called "Silk Shirts & Yellow Gold". Pure dopeness!

JAY DEE - "Give 'Em What They Want"

Between "Welcome 2 Detroit" and "Champion Sound", Jay Dee was hard at work on his second solo album under the working title "Pay Jay" for MCA Records. The LP was a bit different from previous Yancey projects as it showcased his talents as a microphone maste while the beats were supplied by some of Dilla's inspirations - KanYe West, Pete Rock, ?uestlove, Karriem Riggins, Supa Dave. Biml amd a bunch of oters. The MCA deal also included the signing and release of a ful-length by local unknowns Frank-N-Dank, "48 HRS", entirely produced by James Yancey. Unfortunately both projets were ultimately shelved, but not long ago the FND album was released on CD and 2xLP (along with the instrumentals) on Yancey Media Group That leaves Yancey's MCA solo the only release left that the late Detroit legend actually woked on and had full creative control over.

Back in 2011 a rough rip of the album was leaked as "Pay Jay" and featuring 10 songs and an alternative mix. The closing track on that bootleg was a joint called "The Diary" and listening to the lyrics and overall vibe of the track - it was quite easy to see that this was actually the intro to the album, so it comes as no suprise that "The Diary". Now finally Pay Jay Records, the label run by the Dilla estate, is releasing the full album in all its glory and as far as I am concerned this is by far the most interesting Jay Dee release since 2006:s "The Shining". Two 12" singles have been released previously visa Rappcats, ("Trucks" B/W " "; "Diamonds" B/W "Ice") and now a third and final EP is being made available before the actual alnum is unleashed,

"Give 'Em What They Want" is produced by Dilla himself, while the B-side "The Doe" features another vocal performance oof the same lyrics set over a completely different Supa Dave West track. Last but not least, the EP is rounded out with another Supa Dave West produced cut called "So Far", which I believe is the same as "No One Knows" on rhe original bootleg. The EP of courss also ncludes instrumenals to both the A and Bösude. The EP is released on May 5 and can be picked up from                                                                                                                                   .

[Documentary] NAS - "Time is Illmatic"

For me there is three absolute perfect hip-hop albums ever created and released, one being Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...", one being Eric B. & Rakim's "Follow The Leader" and the last one of course being the debut album of the young Nasir Jones - "Illmatic". The latter was released exactly 20 years ago on April 19 and it's definitely nothing strange about how well this record has stood the test of time. Still to this day, maybe only Rakim's vocal performance on "Follow The Leader" is as well-rounded, from the song writing, to the advanced lyrical genius, the clever metaphors and the immaculate flow all perfectly married to the music which in the case of "Illmatic" set a new standard that lives on to this day as Nas gathered a plethora of the hottest hip-hop producers around rather than having one beat head work on the entire album. DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Pro and Q-Tip all came from succesfull New York groups of their own but came together based on the unbelivable talent they heard this 19 year old display on the microphone. The song that stood out in a respect was "Life's A Bitch" as it was not only the other track featuring an unknown Queens producer (L.E.S.) but also featured the only guest apperance on the album with AZ. Fortunately both of these debutants suprised everyone by supplying guest verses and beats, respectively, that were just as good as the others and have definitely stood the test of the time. If you're looking for a perfect album, "Illmatic" is the one and maybe only example of what an absolutely flawless hip-hop LP is supposed to sound. But you know all this already, so why I dwell on it....

As previously reported on April 19, Nas and Colombia/Sony is releasing the 20:th anniversary of "Illmatic" (called the XX Edition). Beside the original ten track set, remastered to sound as good as possible, the release include a second disc that includes remasters of every single one of the original 1994 remixes by producers like Large Pro, Groove Merchantz, Joe The Butcher, LG Experience, Q-Tip, Def Jef, and the UK:s The Creators and Dave Scratch - all originally available on the original 12" singles. The remaining bonus tracks are remastered versions of a 8 minutes Stretch & Bobbito Show freestyle circa early '94 as well as the previously unreleased (in any official capacity) "I'm A Villain. In other words a much better reissue than the 10 anniversary 2xCD from 2004 - what would be the dot over the i would be to have one of the CD:s enhanced and include the 20 minute documentary "Time is Illmatic" which you can see above.

KLAUS LAYER - "Play Me Like An Old Melody"

German born Klaus Layer a.k.a. Captain Crook dropped one of the hottest instrumental records of 2013 when teaming up with Redefinition Records to drop his "The Adventures of Captain Crook". The album is still available in two different pressings on both CD, vinyl and cassette along with various EP:s and singles via Redef Records. And now Layer is releasing a brand new 7" single via the label featuring another one of his trademark boom bangers entitled "Play Me Like An Old Melody" which you can stream and download for free in full up top. Damn, a lot of hot new music coming out at the m.o.!

HUS KINGPIN x GUILTY SIMPSON - "Time is Runnin' Out"

Hus Kingpin and Guilty Simpson is by far among my favorite hardcore emcees doing it right now so a collaboration between the two is a boom bap dream come true. "Time is Runnin' Out" seems to have come out of nowhere, I'm not at all sure where this is from but the thumping jazz-infused backdrop and the agressive spitters' ruff vocals makes this one a rewind worthy moment without a doubt. The track is proudced by Scandianiava/Denmark producer M.W.P. Bang this out LOUD and be sure to peep Hus Kingpin's just released collaboration EP with producer Chuck Era "Hus Kingpin Meet Pro Era".

KILLAH PRIEST - "Monsters"

When a superb song writer and artist like Killah Priest is fresh off the release of a 40+ track opus like the impeccable "Psychic World Of Walter Reed" you would think that he'd slow down considerably. But Killah Priest is no regular artist, he's a true poet and extremely wise and he just don't run out of inspiration. Now he's back again with the DJ Woool produced "Monster"; a single from The Advocate and BallerStatus presented "Digital Dynasty #30" which will be able to download here once it drops. This installment is hosted by Kurupt and just today the second single of the mixtape dropped, and is a Kurupt joint entitled "Octopus" which you can stream below!

REKS & HAZARDIS SOUND - "Hold Your Applause"

Boston's currently hottest spitter, REKS, is churning out dope material at an extreme level that makes it hard to keep up with his many projects, yet the quality remains more or less constant. REKS and producer Hazardis Sound is preparing a collaborative full-length LP entitled "Eyes Watching Gold" (which is out soon) but "Hold Your Applause" is lifted from the free prequel tape "All Eyez On REKS" which is a very nice listen that features collaborations with Termanology, Styles P, N.O.R.E., Wais P, Ea$y Money, and more. Check it out, stream and/or download it @ DJBooth.

[Video] MIC LUNGZ - "Dedication"

DC spitter Mic Lungz recently released his impressive free fighting themed LP "Bully Beatdown", entirely produced by Judah. Now the album closer "Dedication", a tribute/salute to Floyd Mayweather, is given the visual treatment courtesy of a video directed by TK Other Realm. Press play above and be sure to check out the  "Bully Beatdown" project ASAP if you haven't already!

[Album] AYATOLLAH - "Be Real Black For Me"

Ever since I first heard him back in the Rawkus days I've had nothing but the highest admiration for Mr. Ayatollah. Now part of the Elementality family, the highly talented producer keeps churning out banging material - the latest being his new album "Be Real Black For Me". Filled with majestic strings, triumphant horns, soulful guitar licks, thick rhythm tracks and tight turntable work, there's no question that this is a perfect listen for the upcoming summer. While the majority of the LP is instrumental, 'Tollah also finds time to collaborate with the one and only Anthony Hamilton (on the beautiful "I Love Music"), EMP fam Silent Knight and Jered Sanders and even Inspectah Deck. The only downside is that as of now it's only available as a digital release (purchase it from iTunes) though a limited 7" single featuring the Anthony Hamilton joint on the A-side and the Rebel INS/Silent Knight track on the flip is also up for grabs @ Cotter Records. You can however stream the entire thing in all it's glory below, just don't forget to TURN IT UP!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

THE LEGION - "Stereo" [prod. BUCKWILD]

Legendary Bronx bombers The Legion enlists Buckwild for some rugged hardcore shit on "Stereo", and the results is slamming. This is the first single from the trio's upcoming full-length release "The Lost Tapes" (love the title) which is out on May 20 via Ill Adrenaline Records. The project consists of various rare and unreleased material along with three newly recorded songs (this being one of them). I really hope we'll get an album full of all new material soon because these guys still knows how to bring da ruckus for sure. Pre-order @ iTunes for the digital and cop the CD directly from Ill Adrenaline Records.

Also, in related news, it has been revealed that Legion producer/emcee Molecules is working on a n EP with Showbiz titled "A Bronx Tale". For anyone who remember their rugged collaboration "Revenge" you know this is gonna be something special!

DJ Premier x DRES - "Bars in the Booth" [Session #2]

DJ Premier got a lot of things going right now, one of them being his recently started Bars in the Booth series. The concept is that he invites various legendary emcees of all genres to HeadCQuarterz Studios, put on a Preemo beat and have them being filmed while they spazz out in the booth. First out was Papoose who went in over one of the instros from the "Beats Collected Dust" series that was also used by Bumpy Knuckles for "Fake" (click here if you missed that one). Now that was dope, but for Session 2 it's getting even sicker as Dres from Black Sheep (an emcee I always felt was criminally underrated emcee) really gets a chance to prove how extremely powerful he truly is with the wordplay. Shit what can I say, this is just... DAMN!

[EP/Album] PHONIKS - "Autumn in New York" / "The Instrumentals Vol. 1"

Just until about 30 minutes I was totally unfamiliar with the producer Phoniks, However,doing an unrelated Google search I stumbled across this EP of his entitled0 "Autumn in New York", pressed play and was immediatly hooked. The subtitle on the record cover is Jazz remixes of New York underground hip-hop and that is exactly what it is, and not some lame crossover attempt either but a record done with class and finesse. On the 9-track set Phoniks conjures up a moody atmosphere through the use of somber piano notes, acoustic guitar licks, low-key horns, double bass riffs and smacking drum programming,which he then juxtaposes against the acapellas of several classic underground hip-hop singles from the '90s (you got joints by The Artifacts, Street Smartz, Mos Def, Notorious BIG, Fugees,, AK Skills, and more). This is a damn fine front-to-back listen that demands you to sit down and chill out while soaking in the jazzy sounds and rugged lyricisms of times past. In other words "Autumn in New York" comes highly recommended, especially if you're a real jazz lover and a true hip-hop head like myself. 

I'm also including Phonik's latest release "The Instrumentals Vol. 1" which dropped earlier this month ("Autumn..." was apparantly released back in February). As the title suggests it's an entirely instrumental album and maybe even more than the aforementioned EP it exists in the grey zone between jazz and hip-hop but above anything else it's just beautiful music that'll get your head nodding so don't sleep. I'll definitely be continuing checking for this cat's music, so stay tuned and hope you like his stuff as much as I do. I don't seem to be able to find out any real info about him, but it seems that he operates out of Portland and you can check out more of his work @

D.I.T.C. - "We All" [ALCHEMIST Remix]

Damn, D.I.T.C. is definitely in the house this year as there's a whole slew of fat releases on the horizon on the camp, and now Slice-Of-Spice is teaming up with the original posse to bring fans "The Remix Project". Beside Showbiz, Diamond D, Lord Finesse and Buckwild the fourteen track project also includes new reimaginations of classic D.I. business by heavy names like Marco Polo, Bink!, 9th Wonder, Apollo Brown and Alchemist as well and long time associates DJ Premier and O.Gee. The set date is May 7 and the first single is Alchemist remix of "We All", a lesser known track featuring OC and AG that was originally produced by Showbiz for inclusion on his and E-Blaze's unreleased "Born Lords" album. I'm on my third rewind already 'cus this is too fucking HEAVY!

01. "We All" [Alchemist Remix] (Ft. OC & AG)
02. "Da Enemy" [Bink! Remix] (Ft. Big L & Fat Joe)
03. "All Love" [Apollo Brown Remix] (Ft. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Big L & AG)
04. "Thick" [Lord Finesse Remix] (Ft. Big L, OC & AG)
05. "Best Behavior" [Showbiz Remix #1] (Ft. Fat Joe & Big Pun)
06. "D.I.T.C." [DJ Premier Remix] (Ft. Diamond D, Showbiz, AG & Lord Finesse)
07. "Casualties Of A Dice Game" [Buckwild Remix] (Ft. Big L)
08. "Time To Get That Money" [9th Wonder Remix] (Ft. AG, Diamond D & OC)
09. "Internationally Known" [Diamond D Remix] (Ft. OC, Fat Joe & Big L)
10. "Way Of Life" [Marco Polo Remix] (Ft. Fat Joe, Big L, Party Arty & Showbiz)
11. "Drop it Heavy" [Buckwild Remix] (Ft. KRS-One, Big Pun & AG)
12. "Foundation" [O.Gee Remix] (Ft. Diamond D, OC, AG & Lord Finesse)
[*] 13. "Best Behavior" [Showbiz Remix #2] (Ft. Fat Joe & Big Pun)
[*] 14."Casualties Of A Dice Game" [9th Wonder Remix] (Ft. Big L)

[Out Of Print] TERMINATOR X - & The "Valley Of The Jeep Beats"

You know I don't fuck with those blogs and websites that straight up steal from hard working artists by leaking their albums and making them available for free download. Mark my words that you will never see The Lost Tapes turn into one of that type of bullshit site; however every once in a while I like to do an "Out-Of-Print" article where I put the spotlight on an older album that is both out-of-print and never quite have gotten the credit it deserves. So with that little disclaimer now out of the way let us get down to business...

You could ask almost any hip-hop head about what made Public Enemy so special and most likely get answers involving either the commanding voice and lyrics of Chuck D or the explosive production style of The Bomb Squad. A few might even mention the innovative and often hilarious but always funky fresh antics of Flava Flav, but I can almost guarantee you that not once are you likely to hear the name Terminator X being mentioned. What made Public Enemy the perfect group was that they all complimented eachother to a degree few rap groups have done since or before, making every member as integral as the next. The presence of Terminator X's fists of fury and razor sharp preciseness on the wheels of steel loomed over everything the crew created at their highly charged peak - his beautifully violent scratch sessions we're all over "Yo! Bumrush The Show", (1987) "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back", (1988) "Fear Of A Black Planet", (1990) "Apocalypse '91" (1991) and "Muse-Sick-n-Hour Mess Age" (1994). What's so beautiful about Public Enemy as a group was that each member possessed a totally unique style that meshed so well with the group sound - it was almost like they were born to make the music they did and the albums they did. If you listen closely you'll realize that Chuck D rhymes as naturally and organic as the beats concocted by the Shocklee brothers and Eric Sadler, while Flav's unpredictability and hype antics is a much needed counterpoint to both Chuck's afro-centric lyrics and baritone voice and the bombastic production. At the same time. The last piece of the puzzle is Terminator X who uses two records, turntables and a crossfader to cut shit up in exactly the same "wall of noise" manneristics as The Bomb Squad creates NOISE. There are few hip-hop groups that at leas doesn't have one weak link that gets constantly overshadowed by the rest. The original line-up of Public Enemy, just like e.g. the classic John Coltrane Quartet, always worked extremely well because they relied on each other and grew together. That is one of the main reasons they managed to create some of the best hip-hop records of all time and are still to this day the epitome of the perfect hip-hop group. The group mentality also shun through on the first solo albums by Chuck D and Terminator X' which, aside from being very underrated, both sounnd very much like left overs from P.E. sessions  in many respects

Between "Fear Of A Black Planet" and "Apocalypse '91", Rogers started working on a solo venture of his own under his Terminator X moniker. Though he was never credited as a producer on any of the Enemy projects it's not hatd to tell that he's been a student of The Bomb Squad and their bombastic, sample heavy cluster productions when preparing his own work. The monstrous blast of pumping drums, kicking snares and chunky bass lines making way for a thick collage of sampled grooves (the infamous Wall Of Noise) fills the speakers from the opening "Vendetta... The Big Getback" and continues throughout the set with various suceeding results. Sometimes it works great and sometimes less so, but there's no mistaking which crew this guy is part of when listening. But although it sounds like an Enemy record in spirit, it never reaches the heights one has come to expect from those albums; neither are there any standouts a long the lines of "Rebel Without A Pause", "Fight The Power" or "Party For Your Right To Fight". Those records may have been done 25 years ago but they don't feel the least dated today, they are simply timelesss. "Terminator X in The Valley Of Jeep Beats" on the other hand feels very rooted in 1991, the year it was made. That doesn't at all mean that it's a bad album; on the contrary it is actually a pretty dope listen but it's not no classic either. There's some slamming beats here that'll have your head nodding in agreement, X's scratches are not only juicy but he takes every chance he can to let his turntable fury loose which is the constant highlight of the album, and on "Buck Whylin'" Chuck D shares vocal duties with Sistah Souljah over a powerful breakbeat that might very well be the best cut on the LP. Most of the other guests are relative unknowns which stands as its biggest achilles heel. With some real strong guest apperances and a couple of tracks co-produced by The Bomb Squad or other beat maestros of the time this could've been one hell of an album. As it stands now it's a solid release by one of the greatest hip-hop DJ:s of all time and is a well worth listen both for initiated P.E. fans and newcomers. And although I can't help but drool a little at the idea of a full album of songs in the vein of "Terminator X at the edge of Panic" I can't deny that the talented DJ did in fact release a worthwhile album in 1991 that should be in any Public Enemey heads collection... So if you haven't heard it yet be sure to check it out below and if you ever come across a vinyl copy in the dollar bin (which I've seen several times), don't hesitate to pick it up.. PUBLIC ENEMY NO. #1!

01. "Vendetta... The Big Getback"
02. "Buck Whylin'" (Ft. Chuck D & Sister Souljah)
03. "Honey Don't Play" (Ft. Bonnie N Clyde)
04. "Juvenile Delinquintz" (Ft. Juvenile Delinquintz)
05. "The Blues" (Andreas 13)
06. "Back to the Secret of the Base (Ft. The Interegators)
07. "Can't Take My Style"
08. "Wanna Be Dancin'" (Ft. Celo of the Casino Brothers)
09. "DJ Is the Selector" (Ft. Dubmaster)
10. "Run That Go-Power Thang" (Ft. Spacey B. Experience)
11. "No Further" (Ft. Section 8)
12. "High Priest of Turbulence"
13. "Ain't Got Nuttin'" (Ft. The Chief Groovy Loo)


[Video] KILLAH PRIEST - "New World"

Killah Priest's "The Psychic World Of Walter Reed" is one unbelivable album and easily amongst the projects I've listened to the most during 2013 (I realized too late that I had to forgot to put it on my top 10 of the year countdown, but it was definitely amongst the five best). The marriage of beats and rhymes on this record is simply out of this world; so much it pretty much transcends just being a hip-hop record. "New World" is another blazing collaboration between Priest and the Godz Wrath production team - this one was laced by Jordan River Banks. It's amazing how most people are still sleeping on Priest and this album; between this, "The Offering" and "Heavy Mental" there's no question in my mind that he's one of the absolute top lyricists the world has ever seen. Thanks to IronSheik @ Wu Corp for the word on this.

DJ PREMIER Ft. THE LADY OF RAGE - "Chemical Burn" / DJ PREMIER Ft. NYGz - "My Influences"

Barely a week ago I posted the radio rips of these courtesy of DJ Premier's LiveFromHQ show and ripped and uploaded by Kensy and Gom (a.k.a. the good folk @ the original DJ Premier Blog. Now thanks to that very same site we can now hear both Lady Of Rage's "Cheical Burn" and a brand new track by NYGz called "My Influence". Lady Of Rage is one of the craziest spitters out there and probably the female emcee that Preem has worked the most with - her '97 debut album "Necessary Roughness" featured three collaborations with everybody's favorite DJ, but he also mixed like half of the album. Last time we heard them together was on the remix to NYGZ "Welcome 2 G-Dom", so it's a little cool that the second track we're presented with today is a hardcore hit by Sha and Panchi titled "My Influences. As dope as this is, a long with tracks like "Policy" "Ready",  and the roguh demos and/or snippets for "Last Night", "Year Round G" and "Give it to Ya Raw" are it's starting to piss me off that we haven't even gotten a street album or a proper sample in the meantime ("Welcome 2 G-Dom" was really dope but it's been what, 7-8 years now?). Anyway, enough complaining because both of these tracks are absolutely nuts and should be played as LOUD as the kicksnare demands.

Both songs are available on a limited 12" presented by DJ Premier and Serato, and also includes two previously unreleased instrumentals from the man. Definitely sounds like an extremely sick EP, but I don't know the first thing about Serato.. Does this record play on a regular turtable?

EDO G preps "After All These Years" through Kickstarter

Pretty much any true hip-hop head absolutely love the ruff voice, sharp lyrics and social and personal commentary of Edo G, but unfortunately that love has never really transformed into record sales. With ten retail albums behind, the Boston emcee now turns to Kickstarter to let help fans bring his upcoming "After All These Years" to life. "I've been working on this new album for the last year, and it's brought me back to that original Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs conscious boom bap rap ... It's time to go back to the very beginning, to the essence of what hip-hop is", Edo says in the video embeded above before going into how he found four of '90s Pete Rock beat that he never got around to using that'll be included here (!). Sounds like a crazy project no doubt, especially as The LP will feature production from 9th Wonder, Xplicit One, and Pete Rock as already mentioned while Guilty Simpson, Chuck D and Camp Lo all are slated for vocal apperances. If the album (which will be pressed up on a very limited 2xLP set) isn't enough you'll also receive a cassette of "My Own Worst Enemey" and an iLL book documenting the writing process of 10 of Edo's personal favorite tracks. How iLL is that?  

The label is 5th & UNION, an imprint formed by Edo together with Jamieson Grillo. It's a Kickstarter project though, which means that the release of it is based on fan demand. The goal for the label is to gather $12,500 which of $9,276 is already in the can. Please show your support for this, even if it's just $10 dollars because we need to see this happen. I know I will donate and I really don't have the money for it but by doing this you cut out the middle hand - no money to shady A&R:s and non-musical bitches, just simply  cash to create, complete and distribute an album - 'nuff said... Also check out the snippet of the Chuck D track below, sounding serious!