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Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Stream] LINKAN (of SIDE EFFECTZ) - "Almighty Bigalizer"

As noted before Swedish emcee and Side Effectz front-man Linkan unleashes his debut album as a solo artist today, November 26. Consisting of 11 strong tracks, "Almighty Bigalizer" connects Linkan's love for the gritty boom bap sounds of hip-hop's golden age with his well documented knack for writing introspective and socially conscious rhymes. Production comes from a wide range of sources of young up and coming producers representing various parts of Europe which adds an extra dimension to the project.

You can stream the album via Bandcmap (below) or Spotify - a link for purchasing the 180 grams vinyl drop will be up any minute so I'll edit this post as soon as it is available (check out the test press). TURN IT UP!!

[EP] J57 & KONCEPT - "The Fuel"

Brown Bag All-Stars member J57 is one of the few newer producers to really impress me with a steady stream of solid material these last couple of years. Here he connects with fellow New York artist Koncept for "The Fuel" EP, an eight songs strong new project that has been in the works for quite some time if I understand it correctly. The EP is available to purchase via iTunes right now and you can stream it in its entirety below. Enjoy!

NAS - "In Between Us" [OG Verse] (2001)

In 2001 Nas and Jay-Z where at the height of their famous feud - perhaps the last interesting hip-hop beef - and each released an album to receive the rare 5 mics review in The Source. The only emcee to have both artists as featured guests on his album was Scarface for his incredible "The Fix" LP, which incidentally also received 5 mics. "In Between Us" is one of my favorite joints on that album as both Nas and Scarface turns in absolute monster performances.. However, reading 'Face's autobiography (an excellent read) he revealed that Nas originally submitted a different verse for the song - one in which 'Face felt he had some thinly veiled disses aimed towards Jigga which led to him asking Nas to submit a different verse. So yesterday I stumbled across this little gem that you hear above. It's been out for years but since I'm not a big fan of blend mixtapes and the like I never checked it out. This appeared on Mick Boogie and Joey Fingaz "God's Gift" mix but you'll hear a different Nas verse that was obviously written in 2001 as parts of the lyrics would be re-used for "One Never Knows" and "Ether", respectively. My best guess is that this is the original verse that Nas submitted for "The Fix" album and as such it's pretty damn crazy to hear this... You can cut it off after the first verse and hook though as there's no need to hear Jay-Z strangely blended into this in my opinion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LINKAN (of Side Effectz) - "Youthman"

As promised, another ill single to hold us over for the first solo album from Side Effectz Linkan, "Almighty Bigalizer". The international collaboration holds up as one of my personal favorites from the LP with it's melodic yet hard hitting backdrop (courtesy of producer Philantrophe) works as a perfect canvas for Linkan and Rusty Label's Antone Mecca. Check out the tracklist for the album which will be available this Thursday on 180 gram vinyl delivered within a sick gatefold cover.

1 Introlude (Produced by AsfaltAllan)
2 Småland Stylee (Produced By Juancan)
3 What's Going On? (Produced By Ko Albrecht)
4 Interbeing's Revenge (Produced By Ko Albrecht)
5 MFD (Produced By Blezz)
6 Stand Clear (Featuring Locsta, Produced By King P Pete)
7 Anybody Out There? (Produced By Romero & Juancan)
8 Insane (Featuring Locsta, produced By Daniel El Campeon)
9 Turn It Up (Featuring Locsta, produced By Ko Albrecht)
10 Youthman (Featuring Antone Mecca, Produced By Philanthrope)
11 Another Lullaby (Produced By Philanthrope)
12 Salute (Produced By King P Pete)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

LINKAN (of SIDE EFFECTZ) - "Småland Stylee"

You heard the banging audio before, now Linkan lets loose of the visual companion to "Småland Stylee", the first single from his upcoming solo album "Almighty Bigalizer". The album will be available on wax next Friday but before then we should have time for one more single so check back for more heat next week. Track produced by fellow Side Effectz member Juancan; video directed by Markus.


As a big fan of producer Nottz I've been eagerly anticipating his full-on collaboration with former Little Brother emcee Rapper Big Pooh and having now listneed to "Home Sweet Home" in its entirety I can safely say that the project does not dissapoint. Check out the entire album for yourself via Bandcamp below, peep the visuals for the latest single "300z" up top and head over to UGHH and order yourself a copy of this gem on CD or LP.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

TORAE - "Get Down" [prod. by PETE ROCK]

I was a huge fan of Torae and Pete Rock's previous collaboration together, "That Raw", so seeing that they are back at it again definitely peaked my interest. Titled "Get Down" this is further proof that a Torae produced Pete Rock album would be kind of fucking marvelous. This will appear on the Barrel Brother's upcoming new LP which is entitled "Entitled" - stay tuned and check out both the track and the BTS video posted up top.

KRS-ONE - "Sound Man"

You got to love KRS-One, at times he can be relatively quiet music wise for a couple of years then he can just hit stride and drop album after album (of course of varying quality). I was actually just wondering when Kris was about to drop something recently and then a couple of days ago he hit us with "Drugs Won" which I thought was pretty dope. Now he's back with a new single as well as the announcement of a new LP called "Now Hear This" which is dropping on November 24. The second single is titled "Sound Man" and is produced by DJ Static. Check it out, and read more @ the official Bandcamp


The LOX spitter and Wu general who brought us the banger that was "Wu Block" some time ago continues their collaborative science by hitting us with "I Luv It". The Shroom produced joint is a good fit for the two emcees and will find its home on Sheek's upcoming "Silverback Gorilla 2" which hit stores on December 4. If you can't see the embeded player below, click here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Brand new single from Freddie Gibbs' upcoming album "Shadow Of A Doubt", available on November 20, which features the always incredible Black Thought. These guys makes for a really strong lyrical back and forth here, and as they are getting in over a Nautilus sample hooked up by Mikhail and co-produced by Sid "Speakerbomb" Miller. You can pre-order the album @ iTunes now. Enjoy!


Masta Ace dropped two of the first 2000 decades finest hip-hop albums with "Disposable Arts" and "A Long Hot Summer". Both have been getting some various reissues throughout the years, most recently the latter album is getting a new CD treatment via the Below System Records label. The most interesting thing here is the inclusion of two bonus tracks, but listening to them I get the feeling that these are relatively new songs rather than lost sessions from the original album which kind of defeats the purpose of bonus tracks for me. One of the songs, "GMO", has been made available via the labels Soundcloud - check it out up top and if you're interested in the CD reissue you can order it from UGHH.

ERYKAH BADU - "Phone Down"

I've been absolutely feinding for new original material solo material by Erykah Badu since the brilliant two-punch of her "New Amerykah" albums had begun to sink in, the last being in 2010. To this day, Badu hasn't released a solo album that does not border between a 4/5 to 5/5 rating so naturally the recent announcement of a brand new mixtape "You Can't Use My Phone" which will drop on the Thanksgiving weekend. So far two singles has been released from the project - the just released original track called "Phone Down" as well as her take on Drake's "Hotline Bling", a 7 minute excursion into laid back grooves and infectious lyrics called the "But U Can't Use My Phone Mix". Check out both tracks below and stay tuned for the full mixtape to drop.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UGEORGE - "The Many Faces Of UGeorge"

UGeorge of the Soundsci crew just quietly dropped what sounds like one of the illest and most consistant LP:s of the year. "The Many Faces of UGeorge" celebrates the diversity of the Atlanta based emcees musical influences while painting a picture of where he's been, where he's at and where he's going. With 15 years as a recording artist (dating back to his 2001 debut as one half of The Hemisphere) it's about time UGeorge steps into the limelight as a solo artist, and as such he does not dissapoint in the least. The album packs a smooth, soul infected vibe with a lot of funky grooves that fans of that classic Golden Age sound are sure to endorse to the fullest. This is one that is great to throw on in your headphones, crank up the volume and just zone out to. I stay impressed by Soundsci who steadily is building up with an impressive catalouge of really strong projects under their collective belt and "The Many Faces of UGeorge" is another fine addition.

The album is available on vinyl and in digital format via World Expo Records now, DON'T SLEEP and support this project y'all!There's a lot to decipher on here, watch out for more detailed review to come... "When We Were Young", damn what an outro!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

[Demo] TRAGEDY KHADAFI - "Black Rage Demos Pt. 2"

Between 1989 and 1992 Tragedy Khadafi released two excellent, yet sadly very overlooked, albums under the moniker Intelligent Hoodlum. Produced by Marley Marl, Large Professor, Joe Fatal and K-DEF both LP:s have truly stood the test of time and paved the way for future QB classics by Nas, Mobb Deep and Capone-N-Noreaga. Now Diggers With Gratitude has hooked up with Trag and dug deep into the archives and unearthed some certified gems that for long was thought to have been lost. These songs were originally recorded between 1991 and 1992 for the "Black Rage" album, which after label intervention was softened down a bit to the (still militant) "Tragedy: Saga Of A Hoodlum" LP. The second installment in a Black Rage Demos series, this EP collects eight never before heard cuts and is definitely one for the collectors. Check out the snippets below.

01. "Intro"
02. "Black Rage"
03. "Rebel to Amerikkka"
04. "Adolescents to War"
05. "Underground" [Alt. Version]
06. "Bullet"
07. "Fuck George Bush" [Interlude]
08. "Amerika Eats The Young" [Remix]

CYPRESS HILL - "When The Shit Goes Down" [Diamond D Alternative/Original Remix]

Followers of this site knows that I'm a huge fan of the work of Diamond D, a producer who I consider to be one of the five best hip hop producer in the business. Considering the massive popularity of Cypress Hill, perhaps one of D's most well-known remixes is his stripped down, hypnotic take on their single "When The Shit Goes Down" since it appeared on the West Coast trio's classic EP "Unreleased & Revamped" in 1996. Personally I never much cared for this particular Diamond mix which to my ears always sounded kind of hollow, like it certainly was missing some element(s). Well, it turns out I was right! When discussing rare and unreleased Cypress Hill material with huge Cypress collector Sickdog he told me about an alternative version of the Diamond D remix which he had only heard on a 1992 CD single edition of "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That". As he shot it over I was pleasantly suprised to find out that this Diamond D remix fleshed out the beat with all the elements that I felt had been missing. The drums are fatter with some additional percussion added, and most importantly an explosive saxophone blast fades in and out of the mix. This mix definitely sounds much more in line with Diamond's vintage early '90s remix catalouge, which really makes me wonder why someone (the mix engineer?, Muggs?, Diamond?) decided to strip down the beat to its bare skeleton for its wider release. Again thanks to Sickdog for the rip and upload!