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Friday, February 12, 2016

[DJ Mix] FLYING LOTUS - Dilla Tribute Set

As you might know I have become somewhat disillusioned by hip-hop and its celebriation of the mediocre over the last year so, meaning that I barely even listen to too much hip-hop. That's not to say that there's not a few Hip-Hop artists out there that are pushing the boundaries and are true creative genius whose music will last for generations. J Dilla is one of them; Kanye West is one of them, Kendrick. Ghostface. Pete Rock, K-DEF, etc. Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Robert Glasper and Kamasi Washington is also on that short list so of course a Lotus tribute set to the late, great J Dilla. Check it out below over at, sit back and enjoy and let the music speak the words REST IN PEACE JAMES YANCEY, WE LOVED YOU AND MISS YOU!

K-DEF remixes HOT 16 - "Rhythm" (Ft. Ohmega Watts)

Since I first came across his work on House Of Hits projects with Marley Marl and especially his extended contribution to Tragedy's excellent sophomore '92 album I've been a big fan of K-Def. He put in a heavy load of quality material when it came to remixing and producing bangers that more often than not surpassed the original but around 2006 he left the remixing and production credits for others behind to focus on a solo career as he pur all his eggs in the solo career basket as he hooked up with JNOTA and Redefinition Records. Leaving behind his trusted MPC:s; SP1200:s and record collection of dusty samples he redefinied the hip-hop production in such a way that he proved that you can make just as good and authentic hip-hop music without samples and fancy machines if you're just talented enough (unfortunately 95% of producers are nowhere close to that level).

As much as I loved all K's solo albums, singles, 12":s and EP:s and one MC collaborations over the last few years I have certainly missed his remixes and guest producers. We got the incredible InI reunion he did for Benefience record back in 2013, "Cold Train", the DJ EFN remix EP with bangers like "Selfish" (King Tee, Fashawn, Kurupt), "Revolutionary Ride Music" (OC, Your Old Droog, Reks & Royce 5'9") and so on. Now New Jersey's finest is back with another underground remix to his name - "Rhythm" is a new single by Hot 16 and Omega Watts (no clue here). You can check out the original version here and pick up the limited 7" vinyl or the HQ download right here.  But the song bangs, so TURN IT UP and let's hope for more crazy 'Def music in 2016. Enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2016

[Comp] LA THE DARKMAN - "Darkman Sightings Volume One"

Back in the mid- to late '90s Wu-Tang was pretty much the epitome of dope and original East Coast Hip-Hop which is hardly suprising considering that everything that carried that powerful "W"-emblem at that time promised of the highest musical standards this genre has to offer. One of the most cherished discs to come out of the camp from someone not in the immediate circle (as in the 9 generals) around this time was the 1998 debut album of LA The Darkman. Already back in '96 dedicated underground followers and DJs had been introduced to the very young Grand Rapids, MI to Crown Heights, BK verbal spitter through his outstanding apperance on the first "Soul Assassins" compilation and his own 12" single "I Want It All" / "As The World Turns". With an immediately recognizable voice, a whole lot of attitutde, cinematic street stories for days and musical co-signings by some of the heaviest names around at the time (including DJ Muggs, Carlos Broady of The Hitmen, 4th Disciple, Raekwon, RZA, Ghost and Masta Killa) it was clear from the get go that LAD had a whole lot of potential and was not only street smart, but also business smart like a MF. With the aforementioned debut album this potential was more than realized and with songs like "Lucci", "Shine", "Street Life", "Love", "Polluted Wisdom" and so on it's hard to deny that "Heist Of The Century" to this day still holds up as a somewhat overlooked street classic. It is extremely well crafted from both a production, writing, performance and sequencing standpoint and still sound as fresh as when it first dropped - always inviting a front-to-back listen despite it's 70 minutes duration.

Since then fans have been holding their breath for a proper second LP from the MC who at times has been called "the 11th member of Wu-Tang Clan" by official sources... and kept holding it. Though there's been rumors of LAD working on a project called "Darkman II" throughout the years it seems that The Darkman's heart is not in making an album as such anymore. Despite his talents it seems that LA is more interested in the business aspect of the hip-hop game than making another full-length LP as I guess he feels he has already proven his point - which was that he can make a dope album enough which will let him live on this hip-hop shit through the doors that album opened for him. Through his Wu connection and business savy he was able to make more money of his debut than a lot of artists on a major label would do by going two times platinum. Instead he has kept his name alive through the ocassional guest spot and a bunch of mixtapes - including a stint with DJ Drama and The Aphilliates. Musically he largely seems to have passed the baton to his younger brother Willie The Kid who is a very dope rapper in his own right (though for my money, he is no LA The Darkman).

I've been a fan of LA since the first time I heard him and I like many, many others have eagerly waited for a proper follow up to that incredible album that hit us all so hard back in '98. I have never been crazy about the type of non-turntablist DJ driven mixtapes that are so popular these days and has thus missed a lot of crazy material from the man throughout the years. Thanks to a discussion with constant Lost Tapes supporter and homie Antoine, who was nice enough to shoot me through a folder of his personal favorites of the deep LAD mixtape catalouge, I decided it was time for myself to fine comb that very catalouge for myself. As a result I am going to present to you with two different compilations of LA The Darkman entitled "Darkman Sightings". This first volume focuses on his illest guest apperances, spanning from the very earliest LAD sighting on "Devil in a Blue Dress" to more recent lore like the excellent "Fuck That Man Up" with Sean Price, J-Love and Willie The Kid and his contribution to Bronze Nazareth and Willie The Kid LP. Volume Two will be a compilation of the best from his many mixtapes so stay tuned but don't forget to blast this one LOUD AS FUCK!

01. "I Want It All" [Cents Mix] [Clean]
02. "Devil in a Blue Dress" [prod. by DJ Muggs]
03. "Pain in Many Forms" (w. Bowtie & Kool G Rap)
04. "Fire Implanters" (w. Bronze Nazareth)
05. "War Zone" (w. Division, Prodigal Sunn, Timbo King & 60 Sec.)
06. "Rap Scholar" (w. Deadly Venoms) [prod. by RZA]
07. "Hav Mercy" (w. Killa Sin) [prod. by Mathematics]
08. "The Glide" (w. Wu-Tang Clan) [prod. by RZA]
09. "Lovin' You" (w. Inspectah Deck)
10. "So Good" (w. Davina & Ol' Dirty Bastard)
11. "Freestyle Intermission" (as told to Tony Touch)
12. "How It Goes" (as told to Popa Wu)
13. "Unbreakable" (w. The Homie Vanilla Ice)
14. "Fuck That Man Up" (w. Sean Price, Willie The Kid & J-Love)
15. "Fucking Blades" (w. Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth)
16. "Gettin' High" (w. Brooklyn Zu as told to Ol' Dirty Bastard)
17. "All We Got is Us" (w. Sunz Of Man)
18. "Verses" (w. GZA, Ras Kass & Scaramanga)
19. "Outro" (w. Timbo King as told to GZA)


[Stream] BENEFICENCE - "Basement Chemistry"

Beneficence is a rapper from New Jersey who has been putting in work for a long time, gaining the respect of many of the hottest rappers and producers throughout the East Coast due to his skilled rhyming and down to earth persona. Though he put out his first 12"s in 1994 and 1998, respectively, it wasn't until he hooked up with Ill Adrenaline Records in 2010 that I and many with me really came across his work. On his debut album "Sidewalk Science" for the label he worked extensively with Diamond D on the production while Roc Marciano, Truth Enola, Rob-O, The Legion, Diamond D, Lord Tariq, Prince Po and Frank-N-Dank shared microphone duties. His follow up, "Concrete Soul" was released a year later in 2012 and was even more packed with big names that had a lot of underground fanatics drooling. I'm talking beats and rhymes from Buckwild, K-DEF, InI, Lord Tariq, DJ Doo Wop, Gensu Dean, Confidence, Roc Marciano, B1, Herb McGruff, Da Beatminerz, AG, El Da Sensei, Nature, Masta Ace and many more. A true '90s hip-hop extravaganza if I ever heard one and funny thing is that it all worked in bringing back that sound we all love and cherish.

Now Beneficence and Ill Adrenaline is back for round three, and as they say if the formula ain't broke, don't fix it. "Basement Chemistry" is a little lighter on the guest features but still manages to pull some impressive rhymes and beats from Inspectah Deck, DJ Spinna, Da Beatminerz, AG, Masta Ace, MC Eiht, El Da Sensei, L'Orange, Chubb Rock, MindsOne, Confidence, Black Sheep + The Legion and more. The latter two appears on the single and accompanying video for "Make It Hot (Jingle Jangle v.2)", the sequel of Dres and Legion's classic 1993 single. You can peep the video above and stream the entire album below. The LP is available on CD, cassette and vinyl and can be purchased from UGHH now.


Anyone who knows me well know that for the past six months or so I've listened way more to jazz related music than hip-hop, but when I say jazz I am also including real heavy shit like this and this (the latter is one of the greatest performances of all time, up there with Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, Wu-Tang Clan at Hultsfred '97 or Aftermath's '99 Up in Smoke Tour if you want some hip hop parallels). Saying that Miles Davis has become the true musical god in my household for the last months, I've listened to his music for many years but I totally snowed in on his work lately and I'm willing to take up anyone willing to debate against my statement that Miles is the best artist who ever worked in music, any and all categories/genres.

Now Don Cheadle ("Boogie Nights", "Ocean's Eleven", "Hotel Rwanda", "Bullworth", "Colors", etc.) have been preparing what he has called his grand film statement for many years - an exagerrated biopic on the life and times of the great Miles Davis which he has both directed and plays the lead in. He has worked closely with the Davis estate and looking at the trailer it seems he is definitely getting Miles' mannerisms and even trumpet playing on point, so who cares if he doesn't look just like him. I've been waiting eagerly for this project for about a year and a half or whenever it was first announced but it has already gone up on a few film festivals where it mostly has received rave reviews, and as you can see by the trailer it looks pretty amazing. It's not one of those cheap ass biopics (like Andre 3000's Hendrix movie) where they couldn't clear ANY of the artists music - this one is full of lovely background drops from a large chunk of Miles' many classic sessions. I for one can't wait!

Check out the trailer up top, and peep the the banging "U-Turnaround" joint recorded in 1973 right above to see how close Miles was to reaching the full-on hip-hop aestheatic even back in the early '70s. The film is set to hit theaters on April 1, 2016.

D.I.T.C. - "Gotta Be Classic"

Another day, another solid D.I.T.C. single on deck as we're all getting ready for whatever project the legendary crew is working on for Slice Of Spice. This is the fifth single so far and if we add to that the additional 1:30 snippets sampler we've heard full songs, or excerpts from, seven songs recorded for the project so far. Now of course we don't know if this will actually end up on the album; for example for "MugshotMusic", Showbiz & AG dropped 5 or 6 singles from the album but instead put those on a mixtape as they continued recording so that in the end none of the original singles actually turned up on the vinyl and CD editions of the proper album. Either way I'm happy with as much new Diggin' I can get - its a damn group album from the best Hip Hop crew arond; legends in this game is a gross understatement.

The latest drop is a Showbiz produced knocker called "Gotta Be Classic" which continues Show's now signature sound of digital technology meets real hard hitting boom bap. As for the vocal part of the song the Oasis brothers (OC & AG) gets busy together which is always a good sign. While I haven't been truly blown away by everything they have released so far there's enough here to warrant a copy of the album to be purchased (Fat Joe is back in the fold, Diamond, Show, Finesse is making beats, and hoefully Buckwild will get involved) and there's even a new producer delivering crazy goods in true D.I. fashion - meaning that they have always been looking for new talented artists and producers and helping them get their shine on. If you have missed any of the previous singles head over to DITCEnt @ Soundcloud, press play and let it roll. And of course stay tuned for more info as soon as more information becomes known.

[Demo] JERU THE DAMAJA - "Dirty Rotten Demos" ('91-'92)

This new 12" single from the good guys at Slice-Of-Spice is a real treat to true Hip Hop heads worldwide as it unearths never before heard material by legendary lyricists Jeru The Damaja and GURU. Two tracks recorded between 1991 and '92 these joints were born right around the same time as "Daily Operation" and Jeru's first on wax apperance on "I'm The Man"; some of these might very well even have been recorded in the same day, who knows. Cop your copy (along with brand new Damaja hoodie or T-Shirt) @ Slice Of Spice.

From what I've read about Jeru's inclusion into the Gang Starr fold, the original plan was for GURU to bring in 3 of his artists and for Premo to do the same. GURU had Big Shug, Jeru and Group Home which also were the three who ended up in the crew at the time - therefore it is not suprising to see that the first songs Jeru worked on following that was with GURU as producer (his original demo was produced by PF Cuttin'). On "God Of Rhyme" GURU shows that he picked up more than a few tricks over his years working with DJ Premier as he cooks up a bass heavy jazz banger that sounds like something born in between "Step in the Arena" and "The Low End Theory". "The Damaja" doesn't work quite as well from a production standpoint in my opinion, despite a nice sax hook and a grooving bassline it just never quite gels. Don't get me wrong though, it's a nice jam nonetheless but had it been put on an album of the caliber these guys were capable of hooking up back then I'd doubt it would be a standout. Closing the set is another interesting moment in the form of "Dirty Rotten Demo" - an early take of "D. Original" which Premo transformed into the mesmerizing opening track of "The Sun Rises in the East". While it does sound mostly as what it is, an early sketch of what would become a legendary track it does give us some insight into the recording process of one of the great albums of the 1990s.

To gain more of that insight I strongly recommend y'all to check out the chapter on that album in Brian Coleman's "Check The Technique Volume II", and in case you missed it when it was first posted, EgoTrip posted a chapter on Gang Starr's "Step in the Arena" for free online. The reason it wasn't included in the book was because of GURU's untimely death which meant that only DJ Premier's voice is heard throughout the article. Still a great read and as it heavily relates to the topic within this post I'll throw it in here for you - enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

[Stream] K-DEF - "The Unpredictable Gemini" / "The Way It Was"

A few posts down I talked about hip-hop and the celebration of mediocricity and how it is bringing the culture down like never before. One of the artists that is the very definition of quality and original hip-hop music that's still heavily rooted in the musical traditions is New Jersey's finest producer, K-DEF, a producer I have championed probably more than any other since I started The Lost Tapes back in 2010. I've been a fan for years and as much as I love his classic sample based boom bap production of the '90s as part of the House Of Hits team with Marley Marl (the LP that truly put me on to his work was Tragedy Khadafi's underrated sophomore album "Saga Of A Hoodlum"), I must say that his huge output of both instrumental and vocal projects that his signing with Redef Records back in 2011 has showcased has really become the heart of his long career in my humble opinion. The way he manages to create some of the most musical and best orchestrated/arranged hip-hop productions entirely without the use of samples is nothing short of mindblowing and is the ultimate proof of the old question of man or machine when it comes to lacing banging shit.

Though I miss his production for other artists (which throught the years have included classics and overlooked gems for Ghostface Killah, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Lords Of The Underground, LL Cool J, World Renown and many, many more) his solo output with records such as "One Man Band", "Night Shift", "The Exhibit", the "Sneak Shot" and "For Def's Sake" EP that has really solidifed his place as one of the top 10 hip hop producers of all time. Following in the footsteps of all those aforementioned albums and EP:s, heavily arranged and well thought out original instrumental compositions that avoids the reliance of samples (and live instrumentation too for that matter!), 'Def and Redef has again teamed up for what sounds like a future classic of an album that dropped today. "Double Gemini" includes no less than 20 instrumental joints that flows together very well as a proper album, and includes an excellent bonus vocal cut featuring AG and Damu The Fudgemunk. Available on vinyl, CD and digital (including a free preview stream which you can check out below) as I'm listening now, and with the risk of sounding like a dick rider, I can't find enough good things to say about this... 

And as if that wasn't enough the label/producer is also releasing a second full-lenght project at the same time (both are available on separate vinyl/digital and as a double CD featuring both)! The second project is entitled "The Way It Was" and is an inspiring look to the past, featuring never before released instrumentals mostly conjured up in the '90s when K-Def was still working the MPC and sampling jazz, soul and funk. Aside from classics like De'1's "Uneke", World Renown "How Nice I Am", Mic Geronimo's "For The Family" and a never before heard instrumental that was considered by KRS-One for inclusion on "Return Of The Boom Bap" the compilation also comes strapped with three (to my knowledge) previously unreleased 2010 tracks with Blu. Head over to Redefinition Records to order the CD including both albums or the separate vinyl editions of each LP while you stream the projects through their Official Bandcamp.


D.I.T.C. - "Diggin' Number" / "Brolic"

As you, my loyal readers, noticed in the last half of 2015 I really became somewhat disillusioned with hip-hop (and still am to a degree) and I will expand on this theme on an article I intend to write called "Hip Hop and the celebration of mediocricity" which I feel is a huge problem with the musical aspect of this culture right now. But as you notice by many updates today I feel that several artists are coming back out with that real shit that I've been longing to hear and provides a much needed counterbalance to the extreme wackness of the mainstream artists like Young Thug, Slim Jesus, Stitches, all that drill music bullshit and so on as well as the so called "underground movement" which I feel rehash old tried and tested formulas that have been done so much better in the past, without saying nothing new.

But upcoming projects from favorite artists like D.I.T.C., K-Def, Ghostface/Killah Priest, KRS-One, Scarface, Erykah Badu and younger talents like Kamasi Washington, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, and even Kanye West is restoring some of my faith for 2016. Especially Diggin' in the Crates has long been a favorte and as I've written previously the original intent for a website of mine was one exclusively designed around that group. Though I've been somewhat dissapointed in the rehashing of old material over and over again as well as hastily put together projects like "The Movement" and "Unreleased Production '94", stellar projects like Finesse's "The SP1200 Project(s)", OCs "Trophies" and "Ray's CafĂ©", AG's EP with DJ Koss, Show & A's "Mughsot" trilogy and Diamond's "The Diam Piece" (and his excellent and ridiciously overlooked BIGREC collaboration "DoomsDay") is ample proof that this collective is still at the top of their game. However a new group album has been at the top of the list of many hip-hop fans wish list for over a decade by now and the excellent "The Remix Project" has turned out to be a appetizer for an upcoming full-length by the entire crew. 

The album which is to be titled "D.I.T.C. Studios" is set to be released via Slice-Of-Spice (the same label who handled the remix album and all recent Lord Finesse releases) definitely seems to be an official follow up to 1999's excellent, yet somewhat underrated "Worldwide" LP on Tommy Boy. All active emcees is participating again (AG, Fat Joe, Diamond D, OC) with at least one apperance by Milano promised. Judging by the four singles released thus far the main difference seems to be that the crew has turned to more outside producers this time around which might be a wise move since interviews throughout the years have revealed that the main problem the members had with the direction of the debut was that the four D.I. producers wanted to stray in somewhat different directions. Following the soulful "Make 'Em So Proud" and my personal favorite "My City", the last week has seen two more singles from the album being unleashed on the highly anticipating public. "Diggin' Number" features AG, OC and Fat Joe and is produced by J. Clyde while Diamond D handles beats and production on "Brolic" which sports verses from AG, OC and Diamond himself. This ish is shaping up lovely so be sure to check out the joints below and be sure to support the real once this album drops - I know I will, and I barely bought a single hip-hop album in 2015.

AG - "Price Of Fame"

Anyone who follows AG on Facebook knows how serious he's been taking his"Taste Of Ambrosia" project, an album he has worked on for years and that finally is about to drop this year. Following the single "Blow", The Giant has now come through with the second single off the project - complete with a music video. The track is called "Price Of Fame" and is another highlight for A's calm but potent flow and his knack for writing lyrics that's direct and piercing with a lot of emotion. Stay tuned for more info on the album as it progresses.


If there's one thing I've learned from being a hardcore Wu-Tang head for the last 19 years or so is to not pay much attention to whatever projects these hip-hop generals announce. So when Killah Priest and Ghostface Killah, two of my favorite rappers of all times as well as being two very different emcees, revealed that they were working on a full-length album together I chalked it up to empty talk. Their somewhat recent collaborations "Purified Thoughts" ("Apollo Kids", 2012; with GZA) and "Devotion to the Saints" ("Physical World Of Walter Reed", 2013; also featuring Inspectah Deck) have both been tremendous achievements of pure unadeltered rawness, exactly the type of shit Wu-Tang fans want to hear. However it now seems that this project might become a reality after all as they have released a straight up banging single called "Wu Goo" which works partly as a bizaree music video and partly as an hilarious advertisment for a THC vape cartridge they are developing called... you guessed it, Wu Goo. Check out the video up top, peep an alternative version below and keep your fingers crossed that this is only the first of many songs from this power house duo to be released in 2016. Oh and also check out this hilarious coke prank that Ghostface, Dr. Zodiak (who also produced the "Wu Goo" joint) and a bunch of pranksters pulled on the Murderous Priest.

FREDDIE GIBBS x MADLIB - "Cocaine Parties in LA"

While I am a fan of Kanye West you won't see any posts of his music on here as I don't feel that's what The Lost Tapes are about. However the always on point Gangsta Gibbs who produced not only one of the best LP:s of 2014 with his Madlib collaboration "Pinata", but one of the best LP:s of the decade, is definitely an emcee that I gladly spread the word on. Like I said in my review of that project, Gibbs has always been a grippng spitter to my ears but much of the beats he has picked for his solo projects has not really been up my alley which made the Madlib collabo all the more potent to my ears. So when he hijacked the new 'Lib produced Kanye West single "No More Parties in LA", appropatiely renamed "Cocaine Parties in LA", you know this is something to rejoice about. Let's just hope we'll see a follow-up to "Pinata" sooner or later. It appears the song has been taken down from Gibbs official Soundcloud so if you haven't heard it yet be sure to press play ASAP as it might be taken down from YouTube as well any day.

[DJ Mix] J. ROCC x J DILLA - "DiLLAtronic Mix"

Whenever J. Rocc are in charge of a DJ mix you know it's going to be potent as hell and his "Thank You Jay Dee" series still holds up as perhaps the best tribute mixes to the late, great producer that has yet been produced. Just like he did with Pete Rock's instrumental 2015 banger "PeteStrumentals II" the legendary Beat Junkie has cooked down the excellent instrumental posthumous Dilla compilation "Dillatronic" that was released last fall into a seamless 30 minutes mix of his favorite moments from the original 40 tracks selection. While I did thoroughly enjoy the official compilation some of the beats were definitely drawn out for quite a bit too long so this is a good alternative experience of that same music which Dilla mostly recorded between early 2001 and late 2003 (covering unreleased beats from the period that brought us gems like "48 HRS", "Champion Sound", "Ruff Draft" and his work on projects like Slum Village's "Trinity" and Talib Kweli's "Quality"). Matter of fact given the short running time of both I would imagine playing J. Rocc's sets of this and the Pete Rock one back to back should be a great way to spend an hour of the best instrumental hip-hop avalable at the moment. TURN IT UP!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[Comp] BLAQ POET & DJ PREMIER - "Blaq Poetic Justice"

 Earlier today I revisited one of my absolute favorite albums of 2009, "Tha Blaqprint", Blaq Poet's official full-length collaboration with DJ Premier. I, like many with me, first became aware of Poet's powerful presence and aggressive rhyming style via the excellent debut of Screwball, an album completely immersed in the ruff, rugged and raw New York City style boom bap. This is a path that Poet never steers away from - something which we all should be thankful for as he constantly delivers, giving us hardcore heads an injection of some pure, unfiltered hip hop shit. Going back to the Screwball album you could hear that he was extra charged up whenever he got a chance to murk a Preemo beat - especially evident on his solo outing "F.A.Y.B.A.N.". Not only that, but the legendary DJ himself often seems to hook up his nastiest beats when producing for rough edged cats that's heavy on the street element and possess aggresive flows. I'm talking cats like Bumpy Knuckles, M.O.P. and of course Poet. With these factors in mind it was a no brainer that the duo would hit the studio on and off for years, eventually creating enough material to be compiled into a full-length album... and then some.

When "Tha Blaqprint" was finally released in 2009, via Year Round Records, many of the tracks had been heard on radio shows and mixtapes going back as far as 2005. This caused some people to label the project a compilation or a street album, but personally I'd say that "Tha Blaqprint" is undoubtedly a proper album - as all of these songs saw their first true official release here and it's put together, sequenced and packaged like an album no matter how you slice and dice it. It would also mark the end of a long and fruitful partnership as Poet would leave Year Round a short while after the album dropped, which in one way is a shame but considering the fate of the other label signees like NYGz and MC Eiht it was probably for the better. Unfortunately the albums that have followed in its wake like "Blaq Poet Society" and "E.B.K." has certainly failed to grab me. Poet can be a thrill to listen to but his somewhat old school style and agressive street persona needs excellent beats to really shine through in my opinion. Not to say that he needs Premier to deliver quality material as there's plenty of stuff he has recorded in the last decade that's absolute heat but some of the producers he has worked with more recently just don't cut it for me. Anyway I'm truly glad that the Poet/Preem Co-Op worked as long as it actually did, providing us material to fill up two albums... and as I understand it they parted ways on remotely good terms so future colaborations is not an impossiblity.

For the first Lost Tapes compilation in 2016 I decided to bring together all the joints this power house duo cooked up outside of the 13 tracks found on "Tha Blaqprint". If you dug that album as much as me this little collection right here is nothing short of a blessing as there's plenty of material here that's just as good as the best shit on the aforementioned album. Some of these tracks was originally released on Poet's previous album "Rewind: Deja Screw", others appeared as B-sides to YRR 12" singles, and a few are guest apperances or remixes featuring Poet and Preemo. I hope you enjoy this one, but remember that you'll need to blast this shit LOUD AS FUCK to get the desired effect.

01. "2 The Stomach (Poet's Coming)" [2004]
02. "Ain't Nuttin Changed II" (Ft. MC Eiht & Young Maylay) [2009]
03. "Bang This!" [2005]
04. "N.H.B. (Nigga Hoe Bitch)" (w. The NYGz) [2007]
05. "Seen It All" (w. Screwball) [1999]
06. "We Gonna Ill" [2001]
07. "Vigilante" [Preemo's VHS Remix] (w. Venom) [2010]
08. "Poet Has Come" [2003]
09. "Watch Your Back" [2006]
10. "Too Strong" [2009]
11. "Just" [DJ Premier's JustRemixIt Mix] (w. Mark Ronson) [2008]
12. "F.A.Y.B.A.N." [1999]
13. "A Message From Poet" [2003]


Just checking through some random stuff on Soundcloud this dark, rumbling beast of a joint started blaring through my headphones as Phat Kat took microphone duties. Ron Bon Jovi was not a name I recognized so I did a quick search and turns out that the Microphone Master of Detroit has joined up with the super talented Hieroglyphics member Casual to form this duo. Collaborative projects like this has become something of a norm in underground hip-hop these days and sometimes it works like a charm while other times it never truly gels. Listening to the single, "Time Tunnel", I gets a good vibe though so I'm definitely looking forward to the full-length ("Neaux Mursi") which is supposed to drop on February 19.