Monday, December 6, 2010

Black Thought compilation #1

Black Thought is easily among the top 5 MC's out there right now, he's been constantly killing everything he jumped on since 1996, great delivery, great lyrics and an incredible discography together with The Roots. He has yet to drop an album under his own name but since he is the main MC in his crew he has pretty much dropped 10 albums and they are all well worth checking out. As much as i love to hear Black Thought flex his verbal muscles over the live instrumentation back-up from his band it's always nice to hear him rhyme over some Pete Rock or Jay Dee production. I collected the majority of his released guest spots and apperances and on this first compilation is some of my favorite moments of his outside of his work with The Roots. Production on here comes from Diamond D, Pete Rock, Roc Raida, Rockwilder, ?uestlove, Dilla, DJ Krush and others and trust me when I say it's straight BANGING. If you're not too familiar with Black Thought yet this should be a perfect introduction... Volume 2 should hit the blog later this week so be on the lookout.

01. "Thought @ Work"
02. "Respiration Part 2 (Flying High)" (w. Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
03. "Super Lyrical" (w. Big Punisher)
04. "Meiso" (w. Malik B.)
05. "Da Jawn" (w. Bahamadia & The Roots)
06. "Zen Approach"
07. "Hardware"
08. "Workinonit" (w. Dice Raw)
09. "Love Movin'"
10. "Philly Boy"
11. "Burning & Looting" (w. Bob Marley & The Roots)
12. "It's About That Time" (w. Pete Rock & Rob-O)
13. "Hard Hitters" (w. Dilated Peoples)
14. "The Professional"
15. "No Stopping"
16. "Network" (w. Pharcyde)
17. "Mumia 911" (w. Tragedy Khadafi, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch &
18. "Reality Check"
19. "X-Ecutioner Style"
20. "Pimpa's Paradise" (w. Damian & Stephen Marley)


  1. it's coming, i've been busy but i'll try to up it as soon as possible.. it will get here eventually.

  2. Ah alright. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks to you, I found some great material of B.T. & the Roots! Peace!

  3. Can you please re-up this?

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    YO! I mustve missed this. Can you re-up this bruh? I gotta have this.

  5. Can you re-up this, plz?