Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lengthy interview with Showbiz

Making sure that y'all don't miss this great interview with Show that just posted, i'm putting up a link to it since it is well worth reading. As you should know by now the legendary East Coast producer has teamed up with KRS-One to drop 'Godsville' just this Tuesday. So far it's a digital release only but apparently physical copies is set for release by March 8 (my review of the album will be coming soon). In this interview Show speaks on how the collaboration with Kris came about but also touches on future projects (including plans to record a new Show & A album in a real hardcore manner) and clearing up why we never saw many Show credits outside of the D.I. camp. He also lets us know that D.I.T.C. is definitely over as far as being a group which is sad news although when you think about it, most of them are still going strong with their solo projects so we're still gonna get some incredible hip-hop delivered. Oh and in case you missed it, there's a banging compilation of sixteen Show produced bangers below that I posted yesterday!


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