Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hi-Tek returns to "Hi-Teknology"

 Hi-Tek definitely qualifies as a super producer, and one of the most versatile at that. From his incredible underground work in the latter half of the '90s, to his groundbreaking "Train Of Thought" album with Kweli, Hi-Tek embodies the Rawkus sound at its height like no other. His music was strictly based on on mesmerizing rhythms, and perfectly weaved jazz and soul samples that he put together in such way that he created his own sound based on being equally a DJ as he is a music producer. Though he had a huge fanbase, 'Tek was a restless soul who never dwell on the past for very long. His change in sound started coming with his first two solo albums, "Hi-Teknology Pt.s 1 & 2", but they still was both unmistakable the work of the Cincinatti producer. But it was after Dre got his eyes on the producer and signed him as an in-house producer to Aftermatrh Entertainment that he really started to change in sound (which was not neccesarily bad, but it was a far cry from the "Reflection Eternal" stuff. This change in the direction was clearly evident on the third installment in the "Hi-Teknology" series; by far the weakest enntry in the series thus far. More recently, it seems that 'Tek have found a good balance between the two, as was evident on the underrated "RPM" album with Reflection Eternal.

Now, Hi-Tek has announced a fourth installation of his solo series; entitled "Hi-Teknology: Ohio Player" which might, or might not, indicate that this one will focus on Ohio emcee (if this is the case, I certainly hope Big Del makes at least one apperance). The album has no set date yet, as 'Tek revealed that abour 50% of the album is completed but fans can expect  the first single to drop in early 2013; so watch out .... And of course, I got a lil' bonus treat for you below; "Ohio Players" is a Hi-Tek produced joint from 2005 for Main Flow's "Notebook Assassin" - "Ohio Players" also features King Solomon, Crunch Ex, and Phiakan.

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