Monday, May 18, 2015

SKYZOO & TORAE - "Double The Monsters"

This is another slamming 2DBZ premier for the day that at least I haven't heard before. This Marco Polo produed is where hardcore meets beautiful while Sky and Torae GOES IN.. Overall "The Barrell Brothers" was quite an underrated LP and should definitely have gotten more recognition, I always had a huge deal of respect for this guy and with songs like this they prove once again their incredible ear for beats and chemistry between each other. What bugs me is that too many artists save album highlights for bonus tracks which is a shame in my book. Anyway, take a listen to "Double the Monsters" below (again thanks to the site mentioned above) and be sure to bang your head to this short but sweet joint! It's on the vinyl though so that's good news rather than like most artist putting the bonus track as a digital only downlaod. Enjoy!

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