Sunday, March 6, 2016

BEATNUTS - "U Suckers Ain't" ´[1994]

Early Beatnuts ("Intoxicated Demons"; "Street Level" type-of-Nuts) is some straight up classic Hip Hop that always gets my head nodding whenever I throw one of their records on my turntable.There's some official, semi-official and straight up bootlegs of songs recorded around the time of their self-titled debut (a.k.a. "Street Level") such as "Fluid", "The Hellraiser Remix" and "Ya Better Believe It". I will most likely make a compilation of those early rare 'Nuts for me and you but until then check out this rare alternative mix of the equally unreleased and under the radar banger "We Came Here". Personally I prefer the harder bounce of the "U Suckers Ain't" mix and though both tracks are credited to 1995 my guess is that these are "Street Level" outtakes.The differences between the mixes are not large by any means but it's interesting to hear for a hardcore fan. It's also obvious that "We Came Here" is the prper title of the song.

Props to Egotripland (who I borrowed this post from) as I never heard this before and it really brought back my love for that classic Beatnuts sound. Of course a.big thank you goes out to the original YouTube uploader OGDonNinja as wel. Download a 320 rip of te "We Came Here" below and let that head get to nodding.

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