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Friday, November 4, 2011

Double-Feature - The Roots / Saigon

The visuals to two of the most lyrical and atmospheric singles of the year just hit the net. First out is the video to hip-hop's illest live band's first single from their upcoming abum "undun", "Make My.". If the piano-driven somber music and Black Thought's personal and socially conscious lyrics heard here are any indication of what to expect from the band's next offering, it sure as hell gonna be another winner for Philaelphia's finest. The video is directed by Clifton Bell for Ghetto Nerd Productions.

Fabrizio Conte directs the visuals to one of my favorite joints off Saigon's long-delayed, but well worth the wait, debut album "The Greatest Story Never Told". Over a grabbing, somewhat melancholic piano loop and a scorching bassline, the Brooklyn rapper weaves together a sincere tale of his experience with the streets and the people in it and how it can make you go under sooner or later. For those who listened to the album (and if you haven't, it's about god damn time) knows that "Enemies" and "Friends" are more or less connected as one joint so I'm trhilled that he decided to use both the songs for the video. I'm still waiting for a vinyl set for this album though. What's up Sai?!

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  1. The Greatest Story Never Told is still one of the best albums of the year IMO, some people don't like it but don't really know why. Saigon spits flame and production is top-notch, album flows well together.