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Friday, January 9, 2015


Ghostface Killah is not only my all-time favorite emcee but he's also one of the most prolific artists hip-hop has ever witnessed, and what's really impressive is that his proejcts are always dope. He have a huge catalouge of albums and he hasn't done more than two half-weak albums, tops. Working with RZA's side projects "Chamber Music", "Legendary Weapons", "Man With The Iron Fists" and Soul Temple Records he really started building on a new style that fit the vertan emce to a tee. He of course recorded the absolutely brilliant concept album with Adrian Younge called "Twelve Reasons to Die" in 2012; hooked up with The Revelation (who produced or played on all the aforementioned three projects) for another concept album late last year called "36 Seasons" and even though fans really haven't catch their breath on that one he is already back with young, white jazz trio BadBadNotGood for a full-length collaboration to be released on February 23 via LEX/EOne. With all music produced and performed by BadBadNotGood, this could be viewed as a third volume in a trilogy of Ghostface telling stories over live jazz/blues instrumentation. We've previously heard the slamming singles with Danny Brown and eLzhi, but for "Ray Gun" he brings out the one and only DOOM which I know is gonna get a lot of y'all (myself included) very hype, The album drops on February 23 so STAY TUNED!

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