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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Call O' Da Wild was a duo consisting of Harlem rappers Barron Ricks and Angelo Campanioni who were active for a short number of years in the mid-'90s. The group were closely affilliated with DJ Muggs and part of the Soul Assassins, appearing on the first S.A. album with their track "New York Undercover". They only got to release two exclusive 12" singles, in '95 and '96 respectively, as well as appearing on the soundtracks for "Bad Boys" and "Gravesend" roughly between the same time before fading into obscurity. Barron Ricks, however, released a 12" of his own in '98 including the B-Real and Chace Infinite featured "Rags to Riches" as well as the Alchemist laced "Harlem River Drive" on the flipside. Most people probably knows him best for the many cameos on Cypress Hill's "IV" from that same year, even making an apperance on the classic hit single "Tequila Sunrise". Following a few other guest roles on records by DJ Hurricane, Princess Superstar and The Baldwin Brothers (?!) he too seems to have left the rap game alone, for what reason I'm not sure.

The group of Call O' Da Wild were signed to the SONY label and worked on an album with DJ Muggs as the executive and main record producer. If you look in the booklet of the CD version of the "Unreleased & Revamped" EP, there's even an ad for the LP with the text saying "coming soon". Eventually completed sometime between 1996 and 1997 the trio handed in their material to SONY who deemed to album to hard to sell since it didn't have any possible radio singles. This seems like an incredibly idiotic idea on the labels part, considering that DJ Muggs was a huge part of it and The Hill were one of the biggest rap groups around - despite not putting out commercial joints. Reminds me of the Sylvia Rhone situation that Pete Rock faced at Elektra when he tried to pich his groups InI and Deda, but that's another story. Following this, Call O' Da Wild broke up and their album were left definitely shelved. DJ Muggs said on the group and the shelved album, "Call O' Da Wild broke up right after their album was finished for SONY, and they thought they were superstars before they record even came out... I have the album on a DAT tape in storage somewhere".
Every song the group released were compiled and uploaded by the homie Pattch82 over at the Wu Corp Forum a while ago, and with permission I'm putting it here on The Lost Tapes. Really the only thing I did was arrange the sequencing a bit differently and replaced a few tracks to versions with higher bitrate so all props goes to Pattch82, thank you man! Included are all the singles and B-sides, soundtrack joints, two unreleased tracks that were put up on MySpace a while ago plus the two tracks from Barron Ricks solo 12". If you're a fan of the DJ Muggs sound around "III - Temples Of Boom" (and who the hell ain't?), you're definitely gonna enjoy this one. So crank up the volume, sit back and let Ricks and Campanioni take you on a ride back to the '90s.

All songs produced by DJ Muggs except track 1 (Jerome Foster & Sean Matthews), track 4 (The Alchemist) and track 6 (Sean C & Knobody). A couple of the tracks are also solo songs by Barron Ricks, since they are lifted from his 1998 12" single "Rags to Riches" with the flip side "Harlem River Drive". But even official group albums often include at least one solo song from each member, so in my opinion it really don't take away anything frm the overall experience. Last but not least, shouts to the forum poster Supreemo for designing the cover/artwork you see below. Aight, 'nuff talk, dowload, press play and LET IT BANG because this shit really, really KNOCKS!

01. "Sometimes The Neighborhood"
02. "Ruffturrain"
03. "Intellectual Dons" (Ft. B-Real)
04. "Harlem River Drive"
05. "Andrew's Ave."
06. "Clouds of Smoke" (Ft. Wayne-O)
07. "Rags to Riches" (Ft. Cypress Hill & Self Scientific)
08. "Urban Wilderness"
09. "New York Undercover"
10. "Ninth Symphony" (Ft. Cypress Hill)
11. "Runnin' Wild"



  1. man I really hope Muggs leaks it out...these cats are just too awesome not to comeout....

  2. i would kill to get that dat tape... clouds of smoke is one of my favorite rap tracks ever!

  3. yeah it's a shame it was never released.. i still love listening to this compilation i put together, and even when i first heard them on Soul Assassins Vol. 1 i was blown away.

    Btw, there's one more Call O' Da Wild song that i forgot to include here. it should be added as the last song and it is from Soul Assasins V.1; a track not included on all issues called "Runnin' Wild"; the song is credited to Soul Assassins Music but it is Call O' Da Wild with DJ Muggs on production. since it didn't appear on all versions I'll add a properly tagged separate link in the tracklist above.

    here it is credited to call o' da wild

  5. thanks Hits From The Bong..

    new link up now, re-up

  6. link doesnt work...can you re-up again please? this is an awesome compilation.i need this...

  7. i'm not at home at the moment, but will try to do it tomorrow man.. this deserves to ne heard by any MUGGS fan.

  8. Thanks for this great blog!
    Pleas re up this tracks please! I'm a grat fan of the "Classic Soul Assassins" works.

  9. please DrMecha, this is a fantastic compilation and i curse Mediafire for taking down links so fast these days.. back before links could last for years on MF. but i'm on it, check back toight or by the latest tomorrow!

    thanks for the props on the blog too man!

  10. there you go, new link up and running and even added a cover to this release. let me know what you think of the sequencing, the music, etc. peace

  11. Thank you!. Really thank you very much!.
    I love the new cover!

    On the other hand: a question:
    Since recently circulating on the net a cuts of a "Proposed Album" of the Whooliganz, another group of the "Classic Soul Assassins Family" (members Alchemist and a young Scott Caan).
    Side A is on youtube, while the B side is available for download in Russian pages (?!).
    Know anything about it?
    You can get the full tracks?!!

  12. thanks a lot! and also props for this great blog.

  13. dmecha: glad you like the cover, all props to Supreemo of the DJ Premier Blog Forums for that one.

    yeah i know about Alchemist's first group, The Whooliganz. if it's on the net i can usually find it so there's a good channce i'ma get it and upload it, but i don't ormise anything.

    S1999: peace man, sorry about the delay., i noticed you wrote before asking for a re-up but i must have totally forgotten. well, better late than never right, my friend. enjoy!

  14. Here's that Whooliganz tape (merely ripped/downloaded from the sites drmecha mentions above). I'd love to get hold of the actual tape, or even better, the full versions.

  15. Hello, I am making (since years) a compilation with less familiar themes of the "Classic Soul Assassins Family". The approximate period 1991-1995. Tracks of Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Funkdoobiest, Whooliganz, Fatal, Psycho Realm and Call O Da Wild are in singles, soundtracks. Collaborations with other artists (some not hip-hop) and remixes. And some oddities of previous groups of members (since 1989).
    I would like approval.

    As curiosity wanted to comment that, according an interview with Sick Jacken, there was a demo album made ​​during the first stage of Soul Assassins. It featured tracks produced by Muggs, Ralph M and Lethal.!
    It would be awesome to get it!


  16. If you don't have them already, there are a couple of early Psycho Realm tracks circulating on the net, search for "Realms On The Set" and "Everybody's In The House"

  17. Yes, those two tracks I have. Although not if they belong to that demo album.

    That demo should have been done in 1994 or early 1995. Since after mid-year membership groups part ways off Soul Assassins. And the interview mentions Ralph and Lethal collaborations.
    Sorry for my bad english.


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  20. Hum sounds nice. Would love to. Hear some good old classic hip-hop. Just saw the vid. To clouds of smoke. On youtube.

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  28. It's going to be a sad sad Xmas man

  29. finally up again and in better quality... i had lost the tracks b4, enjoy

  30. finally up again and in better quality... i had lost the tracks b4, enjoy

  31. hey Claaa could you re-up the Cal O' Da Wild link?
    keep it up bro!!