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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bumpy Knuckles x DJ Wayne Ski - "New York, Where You At?!?"

The OG Bumpy Knuckles has never been one to sit back and keep his mouth shut, and when it seems half of New York is releasing responses to Kendrick Lamar's recent "Control" verse (which was indeed sick) you can count on Foxxx to respond with some hardcore shit like this. Like the superb "Phuck U" and "Peep the Resume" singles we heard relatively recently, "New York, Where You At?!" is produced by DJ Wayne Ski who here makes creative use of a classic sample that fans of Diamond D will no doubt be familiar with. What's even iller is that Wayne Ski has revealed that this will appear on an album called "Black Card", a full-length collaboration between the two. Following up an album entirely produced by DJ Premier is tough shit to handle, but the three singles we've got so far definitely feels reassuring that this will be another monumental LP from Freddie Foxxx.

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