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Friday, November 1, 2013

[DJ Mix] HOUSE SHOES - "King James Version" (Tribute to Dilla)

I missed the original release of DJ House Shoe's much praised DJ mix "The King James Version" the first go around when it was released in '06 or '07, so this is some fantastic news right here for all you Dilla / House Shoes / Detroit hip-hop heads. For those of you not in the know on this one following James Yancey tragic passing, one of his closest friends and one of the first people to believe in the great producer/emcee's talents, DJ House Shoes wanted to a tribute mix to his fallen comrade. However, at the time of Dilla's passing, "best of-" and "rare- and unreleased" mixtapes were being released from left to right, so Shoes went to go in another, much more interesting direction if you're like me and own a large chunk of everything Dilla ever produced on either wax or CD. 

Being close to the family Shoes had access to Jay Dee's record collection, so for "The King James" version he created a 75 minutes mix of the samples the legendary producer used to create many of his classics as well as some of the more obscure joints - and from Dilla's own record collection nontheless, meaning the original source for this is the ACTUAL records that were used in creating albums like "Donus", "Champion Sound", "Welcome 2 Detroit", "Fantastic", etc, as well as records for Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip ...  When this first dropped it was a very limited CD only, now House Shoes and joined forces the always trustworthy quality label Redefinition Records (click to order), and on 2xLP nontheless - but hurry up and buy, cuz it's a limited release. If you're little light in your pockets at the moment, Redef even threw up the full thing on their Soundcloud page, not only for streaming but also as a free download, so be sure to check it out... A must hear for any Dilla connioisseur, and will definitely give you even more appreciation of how this genus worked! TURN IT UP!!!

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