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Sunday, November 10, 2013

[EP] TOB ONE - "Rasheed Wallace"

Tob One is a talented emcee representing the Hampton, MA whose about to make his mark on the hip-hop game with a debut album which should be out soon. To introduce himself and whet the appetite of heads, he has just released a three track 12" EP with the song "Rasheed Wallace" occupying the A-side. The music features a vintage Golden Era type sound, slick rhyming, ill Cuts, and guest apperances by Ruste Juxx, Kut Masta Kurt & Gore Eloheim (formerly Gore-Tex of Non Phixion). The Three aforementioned features all appeal on the A-side while the final cut  "Over"  fetares apperances by Busy Bars & DJ Slipwax. Production comes from Mass Appeal Beats.. What can I say? This is GOOD! Order the 5$ 12" single  @ Bandcamp.

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