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Friday, March 28, 2014

[Comp] GROOVE MERCHANTZ - "Double Grooves Vol. 1"

I know it's been a very long time since I hit you up with one of the typical Lost Tapes compilation that orginally was the whole basis for this site, which boils down to two reasons - I lost my entire harddrive a while back, and i've been very busy with non blog-related issues (remember this is a 100% non-profit site). But in order to make that up for you good brothers who check my blog on the regular I am going all out with this new comp that is something I've been fiending to do for for quite some time. Back in '93/'94 the Mighty V.I.C. (of early Beatnuts and later Ghetto Pro's fame) and Godfather Don (the mastermind behind Hydra Entertainment and countless classic productions and solo material) teamed up as a production unit called The Groove Merchantz in the early to mid-'90's, and though they only released six productions and/or remixes as a group, they got a whole lot of stuff credited to their own names as producers (though most Godfather Don's production credits used here including a lot of solo stuff as well).

What I decided to do is to put them all into one compilation, using a two voulme approach if you will. Each "disc" will start with three Groove Merrchantz classics, followed by various V.I.C. and Don productions from the mid- to late-'90s. I got all the tracks on my computer, and as I just sequenced the first volume I'm putting it out right away for your listening pleasure, and without a doubt Volume 2 should be out hopefully this weekend. And the same formula is repeated on the first installment will carry over to the second one, albeit of course with all "new" songs. I hope you really dig this bc I know I've been playing the shit out of it. PURE hardcore hip-hop to say the least. Download, press play, TURN IT UP and let the headbanging beginning. Once I have completed the second installment, look out for another ill New York legends compialation I've been working on that should be coming your way very soon. I have a hint for you though - "BOOOOHAAAA"! One last thing since it's very hard to find actual pictures of VIC & Don together, I decided to go with a minimalist Godfather Don cover for "Dusty Grooves Vol. 1" while the second one will have a V.I.C. cover. Please feel free to drop a comment section while you're at it.

01. Bas Blasta - "Dangerous" [Groove Merchantz]
02. House Of Pain - "On Point" [Groove Merchantz Remix]
03. Kurious - "Mansion & A Yacht" [Groove Merchantz]
04. Jemini - "Funk Soul Sensation" [Godfather Don Remix]
05. Scaramanga - "Group War 2000" [Godfather Don]
06. Artifacts - "The Interview" [V.I.C.]
07. DJ Honda Ft. Cuban Link, AL, JuJu & Missin' Linx - "On The Mic" [V.I.C.]
08. MC Lyte - "Ruffneck" [Beatnuts Remix by V.I.C. & JuJu]
09. Godfather Don - "Properties Of Steel"
10. Rawcotiks - "Live That I Live" [V.I.C.]
11. Raw Breed - ""Rabbit Stew" [Godfather's Flame Boiled Mix]
12. Ultramagnetic MC's - "Raise It Up" [Godfather Don]
13- Brick City Kids - "Brick City Kids" [V.I.C.]
14. Missin' Linx - "Missin' In Action" [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don - "Burn"
16. Kurious - "Spell It With A J (Jorge)" [V.I.C.]
17. Godfather Don Ft. Sir Menelik- "No Competition"

GROOVE MERCHANTZ - "Double Grooves Volume 1"


  1. Someone needs to contact all of these artists and let them know that you're keeping their names alive with all of these dope compilations. These people would easily be forgotten. Keep up the good work man.

  2. How are you doing? I pray this response reaches you in good health. Amazing Compilation. Do you still have "Double Grooves Vol. 1" by chance? The file has been removed from Sendspace. I hope to hear from you soonest.

    Very Respectfully,

    Mr. Terrance Bland

  3. hello,

    please can you upöoad the volume one again "GROOVE MERCHANTZ – “DOUBLE GROOVES VOL. 1 "
    the file has been removed from send space

    DJ Dod