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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SEAN PRICE / M-PHAZES Ft. Roc Marciano - "Murdah Type Thinkin'"

'I got real hyped when I first heard the news that Australian's own super producer M-Phazes has joined forces with the always reliable Ruck; a collaboration that indeed promises extraordinary things. I've had the advantage of being able to hear the full project a few days ago and trust me when I say that it does not dissapoint ... Being that it's only a five track EP, with one of those cuts being an remix by Small Professor and Guilty Simpson, the vast majority of the EP has already leaked now that Duck Down lets loose of the Roc Marciano assisted original M-Phazes version of "Murdah Type Thinkin'". This is hardcore hip-hop as it sould sound, complete with pounding drums, a repetitive synth line, well placed turntable work (courtesy of DJ Devastate), an agressve bass line and an equally agressiv Sean Price that switches to hilarious in a heartbeat. 

For the record, the Small Professor / Guilty Simpson is completely different in almost all aspects, providing a much more laid back yet headnodding take on the material, that makes for a nice companion piece both to "Land Of The Crooks" and the "Highway Robbery" EP. The Sean P / M-Phazes officially hits retailers on December17, unfortunately it might only be a digial release though I'm not entirely sure since the iTunes release lists instrumentals and dirty versions of all songs, while the review copy iI got also features the clean versions of all sonngs, so maybe there's hope for a vinyl release at all. In case you missed any previous leaks, make sure to stay on your stuff and check out my personal favorite "Land Of The Crooks" (with Maffew Ragazino,, Billy Danze and DJ Babu, the recenr "Dump in the Gutter" ands tream the meeting with Roc Marciano on the OG version of "Murdah Type Thinkin" below and get your blood boiling!

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