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Monday, June 16, 2014

SHOW & AG - "South Bronx Shit" [Remix Ft. A-Bless, Majestic Gage & Tashane)

Show & AG went HARD last year with three excellent releases with "MugshotMusic" and the two prequels preceeding it. "South Bronx Shit" was also one of the most rugged and hence my favorite on the "Preloaded" street album, with Show's horn-driven boom blaster complimenting AG's flow representing his 'hood and DJ Premier's scratch extravaganca, so it's fitting we are getting a video for it; albeit a different one from the album version, This new remix features the younger generation of Bronx bombers that the DITC crew has taken under their wings (Majestic Gage, A-Bless & Tashane), and is a nice compliment to the original version. Even DJ Premier pops up in the video for more than a cameo. What can I say - TURN IT UP!

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