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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Mixtape] PETE ROCK vs. NAS - "Time is Illmatic"

Wow this is just HUGE! In honor of the great documentary "Time is Illmatic", the one and only DJ Pete Rock is bringing out a classic '90s style mixtape of the nr. 1 classic hip-hop LP ever releaed.  Man these lyrics and beats is about as timeless and hard you can possibl get. And ever sincee 1994 till now you can play them again and again and this is on oof those albums you play from front-to-ack - otherwise SHAME on you! Pete mixes the oriinal songs, with short musical interludes, the Q-Tip remox of "The World is Yours", and there's pretty much shout outs from qll producers involvd in the oriiginal session. This is just carazy, so don't sleep Props to pete Rock, Nas and XXL Magazine vor this gem - So whateer tou do don't sleep! (Direct lik)

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