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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Freestyle Session] Prince Rakeem, Teach & Tony D in 1991

Laze, the man behind RawDealRadio (a site which comes highly recommended) has a great collection of rare gems from old radio shows and what not. Recently he dropped something that will have fans of the Wu-Tang Clan and early Naughty By Nature salivating. Recorded on June 27, 1991, for a collecge radio station the theme is a promo for Tommy Boy as it showcases some of the new talent on their roster. Remember that this is before either Treach (or Naughty By Nature) or RZA (who was still going by Prince Rakeem by this point). 

Perhaps the most interesting thing here is Rakeem's revelation that he already has completed eight songs for his Tommy Boy debut which was supposed to be coming out soon. It's unclear whether or not the three songs from his original EP is included in that number, but my guess is that only the title track ("Oh We Love You Rakeem") would be considered an album cut. RZA has talked many times about how Tommy Boy tried to change his sound and image to have more crossover appeal so it's probably for the better that the album never happened. I can't say I wouldn't be tempted to listen to a bootleg of that unreleased material though. Either way this is a historic show, and a huge thank you goes out to Laze and Raw Deal Radio . I also want to give a shout out to Brandon of Crates Of Jr. for putting me on to this bomb and peace to Lost Tapes reader Daze for correcting me on where this show came from. The good stuff is on Side B and Side C of Laze's cassette recording, especially Side C has the real heat.

Check out the tracklist and a full stream of the three sides ripped by Laze from 103.3 WPRB Princeton.



  1. Not trying to discredit what FatboyBrandon has been doing, however just trying to set facts straight and give props where props are due.

    These recordings are not from Brandon nor does he state on his site that they were from his "old shoebox"

    They are recordings from Laze, who ran Normal Bias and now runs
    Dude puts in work and should be correctly credited. He's posted countless shows from his own collection with some nice write ups to go along with. Check em out.

    1. Thank you Dame for the correction and sorry for my bad research on this. I was basically pulling it from a forum me and Brandon both frequent.. will fix the correct info and check out

      Thanks again and sorry for the misconvenience