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Friday, August 31, 2012

[Video] NAS - "Bye Baby"

NAS went ahead and shot a video for the amazing closer to his latest opus, "Life is Good". The brutally honest lyrics, the Salaam Remi production, the Guy sample and the way it sums up the record makes this a truly outstanding piece of music. I'm glad he decided to make a music video for this; I believe "Life is Good" now has more videos than the majority of Nas' previous releases.

Roc Marciano - "Sweet Nothings Real"

I wonder if Roc Marciano will ever run out of slick rhymes and flows that seem effortless? Seems kinda unlikely the way things been going down the last few years, and I sure as hell ain't complaining. "Sweet Nothings Real" might be a left over from the "Reloaded" sessions as it does not appear on the tracklist. Great track nontheless!

Scoe - "End Of Summer" [prod. Hi-Tek]

West Coast vet Scoe, formerly Roscoe, brings in Hi-Tek for this smooth banger fittingly titled "End Of Summer". Scoe's upcoming "The Influence" should definitely be on your radar, as it not only features a sick lyricist but also packs production and features from Just Blaze, Hi-Tek, Bink!, DJ Khalil, Nottz, Jake One, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Xzibit, Kurupt, Devin the Dude and more.

[VIDEO] J-Live - "As I Start (Over)"

J-Live's 2011 album "S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability)" was a real banger, and the opening joint set things off lovely. That intro, "As I Start (Over)" is now being re-vocalized as well as getting the visual treatment where we see J actually record it. You can also download the new version via Bandcamp below.

Salaam Remi Breaks Down 10 Classics @ OKP

Salaam Remi got gold and platinum plaques, but I still would consider him somewhat of an underrated producer. He don't produce hip-hop records like the average joe, but rather incorporates all sorts of live instruments and weird percussion gadgets to make those beats stand out. I can't stand when a new Nas album tracklist is revealed and peeps start complaining "Oh no, look at all this Salaam Remi, I want Preemo"... Shit, Salaam and Nas makes some of the illest music imaginable so I hope their working relationship will continue for a long time. 

In this extensive interview with Okayplayer, Remi gives his take on a bunch of his classic productions including "Fu-Gee-La", "Here Comes The Hotstepper", "Made You Look", "The Don" and more. A definite read!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Showbiz & AG - "Every Time I Touch The Mic"

Wow, any new Showbiz & AG always make my day seem a little brighter. Especially since I bumped the shit out of both this summers prequel tapes to "Mugshot Music", which both were straight up incredible to me and had amazing replay value. If that's what they deemed not good enough for the actual album, then this LP should be the finest in a long time. Showbiz is still one of the deadliest producers out there, and AG just gets better with every passing year. What I guess is the first official single from "M.M." is titled "Everytime I Touch The Mic" and features OC and Frank V. D.I.T.C. just don't stop!

[Mixtape] SKYZOO - "Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams Vs. Reality)"

BK's unsung hero Skyzoo continues dropping music in a variety of different formats and prices; digital,CD and wax ranging from free, full price and even half free. Last year he dropped the free album "The Great Debater", and on October 2 he releases his official Duck Down LP "A Dream Deferred". To hold fans over, Skyzoo is releasing a half-free mixtape of all new material titled "Theo Vs. J.J. (Dreams vs. Reality)" which is definitely sounding good as usual. All of the 12 songs can be streamed for free, and four of the tracks can be downloaded for free while the rest are available for only $5 via iTunes. Pretty fair if you ask me.

Butta Verses - "That's Me" [prod. Lord Finesse]

I mainly remember Bronx's Butta Verses from his sick verse on De La Soul's "No", but he did in fact drop a solo album in 2008 that's supposedly pretty damn dope. Now he's re-launching his solo career, and getting Lord Finesse on production for the first single guarantees a listen from me. And the agressive "That's Me" does not dissapoint, as Butta and 'Ness really compliments eachother. The new Butta Verses project drops on September 18, and will hopefuly pack more crazy production like this.

Phoenix Ft. Keith Murray & Klashnekoff - "No Return"

It's always dope to hear US and Europe coming together over this hip-hop shit, as Phoenix Da Icefire enlists legend Keith Murray and UK emcee Klashnekoff on his Chemo produced single "The Point Of No Return". The song will appear on the Triple Darkness members solo album "The Quantum Leap" which also features Ruste Juxx, Cyrus Malachi, Kyza and more plus production from Beat Butcha and Chemo. You can order "The Quantum Leap" now.

The Broken Orchestra - "Take Back the Day"

In the center of The Broken Orchestra is producers Pat Dooner and Carl Conway-Davis, who specializes in an alternative laid-back/groove based music that defies labeling. Together with a gang of female singers, their debut album "Shibui" represents the best sessions from the two years the LP has been in the works, and elements from jazz, hip-hop, funk, ambient and soul can all be found on "Shibui" which will be available October 23. I already got a preview of the LP, and it is good material, although different from what I usually present here at The Lost Tapes, but I'm really digging a lot of the Phonosaurus Records releases. Check out the single "Take Back the Day" below for some chill, soulful and dusty music, featuring Inyang Bassey.

Pharcyde - "Heart & Soul" [Buckwild]

The good guys over at the T.R.O.Y. Blog and Forum posted this along with a bunch of other hot rarities from this amazing California natives. I'm not one to steal their shit or anything, but as The Lost Tapes is somewhat a D.I.T.C. blog, I felt I wanted to spread this too, of course with all props going to the original posters. "Heart & Soul" is a smooth accoustic guitar driven Buckwild production, perfect for the summer. Fat Lip, the guys and an uncredited singer also manages to make justice to this beautiful beat. It was recorded for "Labcabincalifornia" and even appeared on the Australian limited edition of the album in '95. Imagine Jay Dee, Diamond D and Buckwild all bringing their A-game to that album... Wow! The only thing I can't understan is why they didn't include this on all versions of the release. Shame really.

[Stream] Beanie Sigel - "This Time"

Beanie Sigel has always been the realest rapper affiliated with the Roc-A-Fella camp; often dropping thugged out but heartfelt verses, while having a great ear for beats. In just a few weeks Sigel's have to report to prison to serve a 2.5 year bid for unpaid taxes. But before he leaves us, he's releasing the full-length album "This Time" that was made available this Tuesday. AOL is allowing us to stream the entire project in full, so at least take a listen to it and if you're feeling what you're hearing head over to ... to make a purchase. Finding production credits for this has been a real bitch, but I found one place listing them; can't guarantee that this is official though. Aight, check out the Broad Street Bully's final effort before heaing off to the bing.

01. "Intro" (prod. Dre & Vidal)
02. "This Time" (prod. Ty Fyffe)
03. "That's All I Know" feat. Akon (prod. Akon)
04. "Expensive Taste" (prod. Dre & Vidal)
05. "Kush Dreamimg" (prod. Buckwild)
06. "Bang Bang Youth" (prod. Rockwilder)
07. "Bad Boy Mack" (prod. Nottz)
08. "No Hook" (prod. Statik Selektah)
09. "The Reunion featuring State Property" (prod. DJ Scratch)
10. "Sigel Is What The Call Me" (prod. Buckwild)
11. "Dangerous" (prod. Buckwild)


[VIDEO] Fashawn & Murs - "Slash Gordon"

Wow, MURS & Fashawn's "This Generation" gonna be a threat to their competition in 2012. They are both from The West, but apart from that , and being emcees, they really don't share too many similarities, but together they diaplay a chemistry  that makes for great records. The full-length project drops on Duck Down Records on September 25 but til' then we can check out the duo's debut single "Slash Gordon" which is certified heat to say the least, produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam (who will also produce the entire project). "Slash Godon" is now also given a vieo, directed by Todd Angkkausen, who hooks up visuals that perfectly fit the forth-and-back style presented by these two fantastic rhyme slingers.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[EP] NUMSONICS - "The Fiona Apple Project]

At the moment producer Numsonics might be best known for "REBELutionary", his joint album with emcee Reks, but it's clear the producers work doesn't stop there. For this 5-track free EP, Numsonics gives his own spin on singer-songwriter Fiona Apple's latest album "The Idler Wheel...", resulting in a different sound that should be appreciated by those who keep an open mind when it comes to music. After a conversation with my friend and fellow producer J57, I decided to sample some of the new Fiona Apple album [The Idler Wheel...] and this is what came out. 5 beats done in one day. I wanted to stay true to the minimalist vibe that is present in that album as well as showcase the emotional feeling these songs presented. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.” - Numsonics

01. "Hot Knife, Hard Life"
02. "Do Anything"
03. "Feel Everything"
04. "Valentine"
05. "My Name"


R.I.P. Kleph Dollaz

The name Kleph Dollaz might not mean much to those who's not read linear notes, but he was without a doubt a talented cat who sadly never got the props he so rightfully deserved. Durrel Durand (a.k.a. Kleph Dollaz) left the physical due to a heartattack yesterday morning; local friends called the artist an integral part of Virginia's hip-hop scene. Outside of his hometown he hooked up with an M. Warren to form the duo Ill Biskits, releaing the classic 12" "God Bless Your Life" B/W "22 Years". The underground hype caught the attention of Atlantic Records who signed them for a one album deal; resulting in "Chronicle Of Two Losers", a dope and original hip.hop album featuring production by Bronx legends Buckwild, Lord Finesse and Mike Loe. Since it didn't sound anything like the shiny suit music provided by Pappa-Diddy-Pop and BIG around this time, the album was shelved after only a smaller amount of test pressings. Lucikily it has been reissued since 2007 thanks to Traffic Entertainment, so it's no longer a lost album... and at that, it's strongly recommened.

After the failure with Ill Biskits, Kleph Dollaz started producing for other artists, including amazing material for Boot Camp Clik, Rasco, Sean Price, Sadat X, Littles, M.O.P., Blahzay Blahzay and Tek. One things for sure, his sound will surely be missed and all condolences goes out to his family in this hard time. Rest in peace..

[VIDEO] Casual x J Rawls - "Respect Game..."

Not too long ago Hieroglyphics rhyme maesro Casual and impeccanle beat maker J-Rawl's announced their collaborative full-length album "Respect Game Or Expect Flames" for immediate release last week. It is now out, and I've been spinning the album front-to-back a couple of times, and it's no doubt that it's a solid project. One of my favorite joints from the album is the title track, featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien, who I posted the single for recenly. Here's the video too so enjoy!!

[Mixtape] Torae - Off The Record EP

 Late 2011, Torae released his second album "Off The Record"; one of the year's finest releases showcasing the Brooklyn emcee flex his lyrical muscles over beats supplied by -production greats like Diamond D, Pee Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Large Professor, Illmind, Marco Polo, and many more. Recently it was announced only a couple of days ago, Tor has cooked up something of a "Off The Record: The Lost InTapes" EP; an extended plwy featuring exclusive remixes and songs that didn't leave the cutting room floor. This hardly means there's any siib-par tracks on this banging record, and producers include legendary beatmakers like Da Beatminerz, Marco Polo, 9th Wonder, Khrysis and nany more. In oher words, this is a great companion piece to "Off The Record". Amd it's a free release nontheless (if you still haven't picked up the retasil release, 

01. "Intro"
02.  "New Day" [prod. Da Beatminerss]
03. "Steady Mobbin'" [prod. 9th Wonder]
04. "Gettin' Biz" (Ft. Khrysis) [prod. Khrysis] 
05. "The Journey Part II" [prod. Marco Polo]
06. "What Does It All Mean?" [prod. Roddy Rodd]
07. "Eat Y'all Words" [prod. Eric G]
08. "Only Way" [Full Version] [prod. 9th Wonder]
09. "Over You" [Alternative Mix] [prod. Eric G]

[Comp] THE RZA - "The '90s"

Few, if any hip-hop groups, has had the same impact as the 9-piece group from Staten Island, Wu-Tang Clan. They started making a buzz on the underground circuit in 1992 when they dropped their timeless "Protect Ya Neck" single, which was followed by the group album "Enter The Wu-Tang" which really blew them up and put them at the top of hip-hop's elite. This was followed by several releases that were equal masterpieces including solo debuts of Method Man, ODB, Raekwon, GZA before the Clan reunited on "Wu-Tang Forever" in '97. The common denominator for all releases was that they were all masterminded and produced by genius Robert Diggs a.k.a. The RZA. The Wu-Tang as a crew clearly seemed unstoppable at this point, each release settng the bar even higher.  Prince Rakeem "The RZA" was a perfectionist who created a sound that many times has been tried to been duplicated but none has succedeed.

Prince Rakeem/The RZA is mostly recognized for his impeccable 1993-1999 run, and that's where this Lost Tapes compilation will focus on. You should obviously have heard all the classic Wu-Tang records, but what some might not know is that The RZArector was killing it during those years as far as outside production goes as well. So press play and throw your W:s up, cuz this is some amazing music right here. SUUUUUUU!!!!!

01. Wu-Tang Clan - "Lay Your Hammer"
02. Charlie Baltimore - "They"
03. AZ Ft. Raekwon - "Do Or Die" [Remix]
04. Bounty Killer Ft. Masta Killa - "Eyes A Bleed" [Remix]
05. Shaquille O'Neal Ft. Method Man & RZA - "No Hooks" [Remix]
06. Scientifik / Ed O.G. - "As Long As You Know"
07. Björk - "Bachelorette" [RZA Remix]
08. Deadly Venoms Ft. LA The Darkman - "Rap Scolar"
09. AZ Ft. RZA - "Whatever Happened (The Birth)"
10. Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Get It To Ya Raw"
11. Supercat Ft. Method Man - "Scalp Dem" [Remix]
12. Dog Eat Dog Ft. RZA - "Step Right In"
13. The RZA - "The Chase"
14. Gravediggaz - "1-800 Suicide" [Poisonous Remix]
15. The GZA Ft. Rebel INS & D'Angelo - "Cold World" [Remix]
16. Shyheim - "Little Rascals"
17. Ghostface Killah Ft. RZA & Raekwon - "Who's The Champion"
18. Sunz Of Man - "As It Was Written"
19. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty The Moocher"

THE RZA - "THE '90s"

[Mixtape] DJ Jazzy Jeff - "Life Colors"

Legendary DJ Jazzy Jefff has hooked up with clothing company LRG (and Complex) to bring this late summer mix to the masses. "Life Colors" is an ecelctic mix of vastly different styles, mixing artists like J. Cole, The Pharcyde, Santigold, Ginuwine, BBD and many more. In other words this one hour set is filled with reagge, hip-hop, electronic, R&B and more, all of Jazzy Jeff's choice.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[LP Stream] Brutal Music Presents DIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE

 The hardcore production duo Stu Bangas and Vanderslice formed the label / publishing company Brutal Music a few years ago, landing placements on projects by Blaq Poet, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Reed The Lost Cauze, Heltah Skeltah, as well as AWAR, Army Of Pharoahs, Termanology, T.H.U.G. Angelz, Outerspace and more. Now the duo is teaming up as Diggaz With Attitude to release their collaborative full-length album "Diggaz With Attitude" which hit stores tomorrow. Already now we can sream he album in full thanks to AOL Music. Enjoy!

1. "Intro" [Vanderslice]
2. "A Word From The Ghetto Child" (Ft. Smiley Da Ghetto Child) [Vanderslice]
3. ""Half Dead"" (Ft. Apathy, Roc Marciano & Planet Asia) [Stu Bangas]
4.  ""Pharoah Status"" (Ft. Esoteric) [prod Stu Bangas]
5.  "The Gusto" (Ft. Apathy, Roc Marciano, Alchemist & Evidence) [Vanderslice]
6. "The Brutual Music Collection Agency [Vanderslice]
7. "Okay, Player" (Ft. Wais P [Vanderslice]
8. "Death Wish" (Ft. Ill Bill, Blaq Poet & Wais P( [prod. Stu Bangas]
9.  Extened Mags Ft. Outerspace (Prod. By Vanderslice)
10. Spyhunter Ft. Blacastan (Prod. By Vanderslice)
11. The Van Sleazy Extravaganza (Prod. By Vanderslice)
12. Casino Royale Ft. Apathy & Blacastan (Prod. By Vanderslice)
13. 1st Degree Murder Ft. Vinnie Paz, Roc Marciano & Celph Titled (Prod. By Stu Bangas)

14.    The Realest Ft. Slaine & Ill Bill (Prod. By Stu Bangas)
15.    Vikings Ft. Apathy & Wais P (Prod. By Stu Bangas)
16.    Black Lung Rap Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze (Prod. By Vanderslice)
17.    Thank You & F*Ck You (Prod. By Vanderslice)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Talib Kweli - "Fly Away" / "To the Music"

Talib Kweli's forhcoming sixth solo album "Prisoner Of Consiousness" will hopefully be available in stores before the end of the year. In meantime, Kweli has hooked up wih legendary DJ Z-Trip for an all-exclusive mixape titled "Attack Of The Block", which should hold heads over to the retail release. The free tape will hit the net on Monday, and is sounding damn promising judging by the two leaks and the press coverage so far. Thugged out Maino pops up on the 9th Wonder produced "The Music" which should definitely not be slept on. The other single features singer Jessica Care Moore; no production credits given here though. Bottomline  I'll defininitely looking forward to get the chance to hear this tape in full, and the same of course goes for "Prisoners Of Consciouss" One of the producers slated for the latter project is none other than The Man With The Iron Fists himself; The RZA.

Skyzoo - "First Generaion Rich"

This kind of came out of nowhere; a new video premire for Skyzoo's single "First Generation Rich (F.G.R.)". The joint will not appear on Sky's upcoming "Dream Deferred" album, but it's definitely sounding pretty good, and Skyzoo comes through on the lyrical tip as usual. Apparantly this will appear on something called "Theo vs. JJ (Dreams vs. Reality)" which drops August 29. My guess is that it's a prequel mixtape to the actual album... Stay tuned for more info and, hopefully, singles.


Common Sense, nowadays known as Common, keeps pumping out great music on the regular. Besides the very sub-par "Universal Summer", the Chicago emcee walks the fine line beween hardcore rapper, conscious emcee and commercial artist, and so far this has worked out great for him. His latest album, "The Dreamer / The Believer" sees the long awaited reunion between Com' and his original producer No I.D.; and while it's clear that both of these Chi-Town representants has changed a lot, the LP packs a whole lot of heat. There's more live instrumentation than what we migh be used to from these guys, but the overall vibe manages to take the listener back in time while also showing a glimpse of the futuristic sounds that are about to come. I'm still (!) waiting on my vinyl copy, but hopefuly that should find its way to my mailbax soon enough. Head over to.Cocaine'80s for more info about the duo's new group, where you can also grab lots of projects free of charge if you're still sleeping..
Often when an album is released, I delete all the pre-singles that anyway appeares on the LP, but in this case I held on to them. Yesterday Compelx Magazine droppped a full-length song called "No Sell Out" which sounds something like an MF DOOM producition, and actually works very well. I also found two demo versons of "The Dreamer" and "Ghetto Dreams", respectively, which both are a lot more agressive than the retail versions. All three songs were produced by No I.D, and I also added the "Six" cut by Cocaine '80s as a bonus.

01. "No Sell Out"
02. "Gheto Dreams" [Solo Version]
03. "The Believer" [Raw]
04. "Chain Glow" (Ft. Nas & Cocaine '80s)


Rock Mecca - "Pirate Radio Star"

If you've been folloing The Lost Tapes the last couple of years, the name Rock Mecca sholuld definitely be on your radar. Thrrough the last couple of years, New York emcee Roc Mecca has been making noise on the underground circuit. The full-length "Pirate Radio Star"  has been in the works for quite some time, and on August 14 the album was released as a digital download via Bsndcsmp. Now Crate Scienze has picked up the project, which means it should be out in a more official capacity soon enough. Very solid stuff ineed; and already now you can stream the entire pject below. 

Bumpy Knucks x Statik Selektah - "Hear the Call"

Last year Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Statik Selektah joined forces for their digital release, "Lyrical Workout". Now the album is finaly being released in retail format (and on both wax and CD nontheless), complete with five bonus tracks, including a banging collaboration with OC that's currently available as a single on iTunes. A promo single titled "Hear the Calll" is another bonus track that dropped a couple of days and does not dissapoint. Foxxx kills it on this retail release; and the beats suit him well. I need to give it a few mroe spins, but the album should definitely be a worthy purchase. The title for the retail expanded eddition is "Ambition" and will hit stores in both formats on September 25. While you're at it, also check out this LiveFromHQ premiere of the OC cut here (with tags of course). ""Hear the Calll" is the full CDQ, anbd sounds great, so this is shaping up lovely. Check out the tracklist and get your pre-order on @ UGHH.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Xzibit / Alkaholiks / King Tee - "Louis XIII"

Xzibit.. Tha Alkaholiks.. King Tee.. Dr. Dre.. The West is definitely killing it with this one! The Dr. Dre produced posse cut shows any naysayers that The Likwits crew still get it poppin in 2012. "Louis XIII" will appear on X's forthcoming full-length album, "Napalm", which hit stores on September 25. 


MOS DEF - "BROOKLYN" [Original Mix]

Sample clearances... The hip-hop producers worst nightmare. I've always been fascinated with alternative mixes, lost material, and such because I like how it gives room to change the musical experience of an album in a way. There's a lot of fantastic shit out there that never made it past the cutting room floor. I will try to post some of those gems every now and again, starting with one of my personal favorites; the original version of Mos Def's brilliant three piece set, "Brooklyn". Mos' straight up amazing solo debut "Black On Both Sides" gives very little room for improvement, but if this version is not better, then it's at least just as dope. According to Wikipedia, there's apparantly also a third version where Geology's original instrumental runs during all three verses. I never came across this though. In fact, I have never seen it mentioned from any trustworthy source either, so who knows?

On the album version, The Mighty Mos' hometown homage is placed over the aforementioned Geology instrumental; an interpretation of Smif-N-Wessun's "Home Sweet Home", and finally the instrumental to BIG's "Who Shot Ya?". On the version found below, all three beats are lifted instrumentals of '90s New York classics; kicking things off to Raekwon/RZA's "Incarcerated Scarfaces"; then the "Who Shot Ya?" section is followed by the illest part of the whole song, where Mos decides to rip Mobb Deep/Q-Tip's "Give Up the Goods (Just Step)". Classic shit indeed!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Comp] MASTA ACE - "Building The Arts"

Unlike many of the legends that debuted in the late '80s to early '90s, Masta Ace never tried to adapt to the hot trend of the day, instead focusing on delivering quality material that speaks on who he is and where he's from. Through his 23 year recording career, he has earned his stripes as one of the greatest lyricists of all time with his clarity, personal lyrics, multiple flows and impressive discography. Ace has constantly continued to release dope records displaying his songwriting skills, and ear for beats. The longest break from releasing albums was the six years span that passed between the last release with his I.N.C. crew, '95's "Sitting On Chrome" and 2001's brilliant "Disposable Arts"; the latter often mentioned as one of the absolute top releases of the last decade. 

Contrary to what many think however, M.A. was not entirely missing from the scene during those years, but rather working towards a new sound on several sessions that resulted in several booming 12" releases on a variety of different labels. This is the records and era that this Lost Tapes compilation is focusing on. It's obvious that it was a big change for Ace, as he was returning to work as a solo artist after two incredible projects with the six-man crew (later four) Masta Ace Incorporated. You can hear the style and sound later heard on "Disposable Arts" begin to take shape during the sessions represented here. I've taken pretty much all of those records, and sequenced them to emulate the sound of a real album, which I personally think succeded as well as I could've hoped for. Check out how the last song here, "Last Bref" mirrors "No Regrets", and "Revelations". Or peep how great the two opening numbers (the Domingo produced "The Outcome", followed by the heavy hitter "Warfare") brings you into the vibe found on these 16 cuts.

All songs were originally released as 12" singles or on promo compilations under Masta Ace's name, except "Express Delivery" which is a track by The Runaways UK, although it features Masta Ace on all vocals. All tracks originally released between 1997 and 2001. The majority of these songs are also found on Ace's self-released compilation "Hits U Missed Vol. 1", but I still encourage y'all to listen to this front-to-back, as I spent a lot of thought into the sequencing of this. Enjoy!

01. "The Outcome" [prod. Domingo]
02. "Warfare" [prod. J-love]
03. "NY Confidential" [prod. J-Love]
04. "Ghetto Like" [prod. Saukrates]
05. "Brooklyn Blocks" (w/ Buckshot) [prod. M.A.]
06. "Splash" [prod. J-Love]
07. "Rap 2K1" [prod. Gerrard C. Baker]
08. "Hellbound" (w/ Eminem & J Black)
09. "Observations" (w/ Apocalypse) [prod. M.A.]
10. "Yeah Yeah Yeah" [prod. The Union]
11. "Conflict" (w/ GURU) [prod. Paul Nice]
12. "Cars" (w/ prod. Spunk Bigga)
13. "Express Delivery" [prod. Runaways UK]
14.  "Spread It Out" [prod. DJ Rob & Domingo]
15. "N.F.L." [prod. J-Love]
16. "Last Bref" [prod. M.A.]


Method Man / Freddie Gibbs / Streetlife - "Built For This"

I'm really looking forward to RZA's directorial debut, "Man With The Iron Fists" which is now announced to hit theaters on November 2. The accompanying soundtrack will most likely be a definite purchase, just check out this Method Man single featuring Freddie Gibbs and Streetlife. That's a line-up that works perfectly, and producer Frank Dukes (who's really has shown and prove the last two years) really gives this the right vibe. You also hear The Revelations on live instruments, these guys are killing it!

Dwele / Phife Dawg - "What Profit" (Remix)

Dwéle is by far one of the best soul singers out there in this day and age, and this remix to his single "What Profit" does not dissapoint. Especially as its complete with thumping production and a much welcome guest apperance from the legendary Phife Dawg.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype - "The Walking Dead"

Ruste Juxx's been around for quite some time, but it's just over the last couple of years that he's really started making real noise. Always making sure the hardcore hip hop heads are catered to, none of his later projects has dissapointed, and I like the fact that he bases his albums on the one DJ / one MC idea. His latest venture is the LP "V.I.C." with producer The Arcitype, out September 25 on Duck Down / AR Classic Records. For the single "The Walking Dead", Ruste is joined by three heavyweights in Guilty Simpson, Ill Bill and Shabaam Sahdeeq.

Diggaz With Attitude - "1st Degree Murder"

For the second single off the upcoming Diggaz With Attitude (Stu Bangas & Vanderslice) album, the production duo lines up another crazy posse cut. On "1st Degree Murder", vocals are handled by Roc Marciano, Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled. You can now pre-order the album @ UGHH.

[Tracklist] Roc Marciano - "Reloaded"

Yesterday I posted the latest single ("76") from Roc Marciano's much anticipated sophomore LP, "Reloaded". Now the release date and tracklist has been confirmed, and on paper it's looking as fat as I expect it to sound. Like on "Marcberg", production is mostly handled by Roc himself, with additional contributions coming from Alchemist, Q-Tip, Ray West. KA pops up for a double feature. November 23 is the date that the Decon release is set for.

01. Tek To A Mack [Produced by Roc Marciano]
02. Flash Gordon [Produced by Alchemist]
03. Not Told feat. Knowledge Pirate and Ka [Produced by Roc Marciano]
04. Pistolier [Produced by Alchemist]
05. Thugs Prayer Pt. 2 [Produced by Roc Marciano]
06. 76  [Produced by Roc Marciano]
07. We Ill [Produced by Roc Marciano]
08. Deeper [Produced by The Alchemist]
09. Death Parade [Produced by Roc Marciano]
10. 20 Guns [Produced by Roc Marciano]
11. Peru [Produced by Roc Marciano]
12. Thread Count [Produced Q-Tip]
13. Nine Spray feat. Ka [Produced by Ray West]
14.Emeralds [Produced The Arch Druids]
15. The Man [Produced by Roc Marciano]

Casual x J Rawls - "Respect Game or Expect Flames"

Hieroglyphics' emcee Casual and DJ/producer J Rawls is teaming up on "Respect Game Or Expect Flames" for release via Nature Sounds next week. The leaks so far has all been solid but they have saved the best for last, as the title tracks featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien really knocks competition out the box. You can order the CD directly from Nature Sounds who already started shipping; vinyl heads will get their dose on September 25. Also worth peeping is J Rawls slamming Hieroglyphics mix which you can download/stream here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

RZA x Boy Jones - "Just Can't Get It Right"

As The Wu Wednesdays continues, RZA just dropped this Boy Jones demo called "Just Can't Get It Right". RZA really got it right with this Enio Morricone sampling joint (a song he also inserted on the "Kill Bill V.2" soundtrack), and this is by far the best performance I've heard from Boy Jones so far. 12 O'Clock of Brooklyn Zu fame pops up for a guest verse too.

Roc Marciano - "76"

What started out as a companion piece of remixes to Roc Marciano's official solo debut "Marcberg" has changed into a full blown album of all new material. I am talking about "Reloaded", the project Marci's working on for Decon Records that so far features a bunch of really superb singles. The latest addition of heat is called "76", and in the description that Decon put up with the Soundcloud link it's given a release date of November 13, along with a catalouge number. It might be that this will drop as a 12", but it might just as well be that "Reloaded" has finally been given an official date!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Side Effectz - "KADDU"

Side Effectz's delivers a heartfelt tribute to fallen brother "Kaddu" who passed away around this time last year. Lead vocalist Linkan holds it down on the microphone, with beats and cuts supplied by guest producer Daniel El Campeon. Rest in peace K, gone but never forgotten.. 1


Strong Arm Steady - "Classic"

Check out the official visuals to Strong Arm Steady's slamming new single, "Classic", lifted from the trio's latest project whcih is fully produced by DJ Statik Selektah. "Stereotype" is out now on both wax and CD via Stones Throw Records.

The Militia - "Never Ending Saga"

The Militia is a dope producer on the up rise, representing South Africa. In September he's preparing his debut EP to be titled "Timeless Classic", and if this first single works as an indication of what to expect then that could be a fitting title. On "Never Ending Saga" The Miltia is joined by heavy rhyme hitters Rome Clientel, Mo The General and Sparkington who all bless the cut. The EP will also features additional guests in the form of DJ Rated X, Skyzoo, Peter Gunz, Statik Selektah, and Weatherproof. You can follow #TheMiltiaMusic @ Twitter and stay tuned for more info!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Tracklist] Skyzoo - "A Dream Deferred"

Skyzoo clearly isn't planning to slow down anytime soon; the latest project from the Brooklyn emcee is a full-length album titled "A Dream Deferred". We already heard the first single, "Jansport Strings", which sounds promising enough and with the usual suspects like 9th Wonder, Illmind, Best Kept Secret and Black Milk helping out, this will not go unnoticed. October 2 on Duck Down!

01. "Dreams In A Basement" (Ft. Jill Scott) [prod. by !llmind]
02. "Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali)" [prod. by 9th Wonder]
03. "Pockets Full" (Ft. Freeway) [prod. by !llmind]
04. "Give It Up" (Ft. DJ Prince) [prod. by !llmind]
05. "Glass Ceilings" [prod. by !llmind]
06. "Range Rover Rhythm" [prod. by Jahlil Beats]
07. "The Knowing" (Ft. Jessy Wilson) [prod. by Eric G]
08. "Drew & Derwin" (Ft. Raheem Devaughn) [prod. by Focus]
09. "Realization" (Ft. Jared Evan) [prod. by DJ Khalil]
10. "The Rage of Roemello" [prod. by DJ Khalil]
11. "How To Make It Through Hysteria" [prod. by Best Kept Secret]
12. "Steel’s Apartment" [prod. by Black Milk]
13. "Spike Lee Was My Hero" (Ft. Talib Kweli) [prod. by Tall Black Guy]
14. "The Cost Of Sleep" [prod. by Tall Black Guy]

[Mixtape] MC EIHT - "Allstarz & Strapz Vol. 3"

While the looong wait for MC Eiht's higly anticipated "Which Way iz West" continues, still without no end in sight, the West Coast OG delivers a potent mixtape featuring a lot of sick, previously unreleased material. Mixed and hosted by DJ Nik Bean, the tape features production by Brenk Sinatra and DJ Premier, and guest apperances from Xzibit and Young Maylay amongst others. Check it out below.. GEAH!!

01. "I Need That"
02. "Picture Me"
03. "You Don't Know Me (Warzone)"
04. "We On"
05. "Need Air" (Ft. Xzibit)
06. "Give That Up" [ECMP Ft. Bigg Rocc]
07. "Head Tight" [ECMP Ft. Daddy Rich]
08. "Hold 1 (1st Generation)"
09. "Let Me Get 2 It"
10. "One Ref"
11. "Real Niggaz" [ECMP Ft. Big2DaBoy & Ace]
12. "Start Sum Chit"
13. "Stand Up"
14. "Succ Me" [ECMP]
15. "Where We Go" [DJ Premier Remix]
16. "Who Run the Block" (Ft. Young Maylay)


Monday, August 20, 2012

[CDQ] ChrisCo x eLzhi x Jon Connor - "Straight Up"

Wow, superb joint that boosts a crazy line-up and smooth but banging production and cuts by DJ Premier. ChrisCo has dropped a lot of interesting stuff the last year, so I'm stoked to see what he'll cook up the time comes for him to drop the debut LP. "Straight Up" will officially be released as a digital single tomorrow, but thanks to Gim and the DJPremierBlog we already now got a rip of the premier from Saturday's LiveFromHQ show.

EDIT - The single has now been released without tags and in full CD quality version. The ID3 tag says it's from a project titled "MI State Of Mind" so stay tuned for more info on that release. Link to the new file added below.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Raw Poetic & K-DEF - "Stealin' Bread"

K-DEF, who long has been one of my favorite producers, has been on a roll since he joined the Redefinition Records roster. I got all the releases so far and will definitely pick up his two latest 45:s as well. The first is a three track EP with Raw Poetic, who previously collaborated on 'Def's "Night Shift" EP/LP. The second 7" single also has three tracks, with the joint "Ghetto Man's Hideout" as the A-side. You can now order and listen to snippets for both @ Redef's site: "Ghetto Man's Hideout" and "Easy Way Out" w. Raw Poetic. The B-side for the latter, "Stealin' Bread" can be streamed and downloaded for free below.

Karriem Riggins prepares "Alone Together" LP

As a huge fan of both hip-hop and jazz, Karriem Riggins' has always been a musician and producer I held in the higest regards. ?uestlove is most often given the title of "best hip-hop drummer", but if that's the case then Riggins sure ain't far away. Besides providing impeccable drumming on hip-hop classics by Common, Jay Dee, Erykah Badu and Percee P, he has also performed and recorded with people like Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Milt Jackson, Herbie Hancock, and even Paul McCartney. 

For Riggins' forthcoming official solo debut, "All Alone", the focus will be on his work as a hip-hop producer, and combines 34 exclusive instrumentals in a "The Beat Konducta"/"Donuts" fashion. The qualiy of his past work points towards good results coming out of this, after all Riggins' was he one Jay Dee trusted to complete his final release, "The Shining", which was about 75% completed when he departed from this world. If you want to hear a good mix of his production work, peep the "Karriem Riggins Produced This" podcast from Stones Throw.


Freestyle Professors drops "Devastating" EP

It's always a blessing when any of those acts that had a classic 12", LP or EP back in the early to mid '90s resurfaces and reedems the career tha early release should have warranted them. One of the best examples of this is Freestyle Professors, who has come back strong both as a music group and as a stellar underground label in the later 2000s. Their 2009 LP "Gryme Tyme" brought back the gritty D.I.T.C. sound better than any of the actual Diggin' members themeselves has managed to do in the last few years (it should be noted that all their producers put in work on said album though). Since then several quality EP:s, 12"s and limited vinyl been coming from Freestyle Records. 

The latest gang of releases includes the very solid looking "Devastating" completely produced by Branesparker. Guesting on the 6 tracks are Blaq Poet, Stanley Grimes, AG, Sadat X, Giff, B.A.M.,  Lord Tariq and Akbar, so this should definitely be worth the $15 it costs you. If you got some extra cash you can also choose to pick up the EP in a limited double package with an exclusive 7" and an additional 12" EP of unearthed late '80s tracks by the Bronx artists Magnificent Shakeem, also produced by Branesparker. 

01. "Devastating" (Ft. Sadat X & Stanley Grimes)
02. "Subway Series" (Ft. Blaq Poet & Giff)
03. "Rebuild Them" (Ft. B.A.M.)
04. "Devastating" [Instrumental]
05. "Come On" (Ft. AG, Lord Tariq, Akbar, Giff, Stanley Grimes & Hot Ice)
06. "Proverbs" [Sun God Remix]
07. "Come On" [Instrumental]


Thursday, August 16, 2012


LEX Records is returning back to their hip-hop roots with the release of MF DOOM and Jnerio Janel's "Key to the Kuffs" album on August 20. A few days ago, I took a look at all the singles so far and observed how everything sounded great so far. Now we are able to hear the full project in advance, via Lex's Soundcloud page. I haven't listened yet but will definitely do so before the night is over, and I hope to be blown away. You can pre-order the album @ UGHH now. Shouts to Quasimoto.

1. "Waterlogged"
2. "Gov'nor"
3. "Banished"
4. "Bite the Thong" (Ft. Damon Albarn)
5. "Rhymin' Slang"
6. "Dawg Friendly"
7. "Borin Convo"
8. "Snatch That Dough"
9. "GMO" (Ft. Beth Gibbons)
10. "Bout the Shoes"
11. "Winter Blues"
12. "Still Kaps" (Ft. Khujo Goodie)
13. "Retarded Fren"
14. "Viberian Sun Part II"
15. "Wash Your Hands"

Purpose & Confidence + Cormega / Estee Nack - "Vision Of Excellence"

Purpose (of Tragic Allies), who produced a lot of crazy shit on "On The Verge" mixtape, hooks up with fellow boom bap specialist Confidence (of Rashad & Confidence) for a joint producer LP titled "The Purpose of Confidence". This very promising project will be released via the stellar Ill Adrenaline Records and will hopefuly be out soon (no word on the date yet). For the first single the duo brings in Cormega and Estee Nack of Tragic Allies for a real sure shot banger. Check out the clean version below and head over to iTunes to show your support.

Oxygen - "Idealism" [1990 Demo Version]

Lost Tapes favorite Oxygen just dropped this gem over @ his Soundcloud page. Dating back to 1990 and his early alias Jonzhaft The Psychopath, "Idealism" is a song that later would later be reworked and released as a B-side to a 12" single two years later. Funky ish and sick to hear Ox was killing it way back then!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Tracklist/Cover] Murs x Fashawn - "Our Generation"

Two of the best from the West will join forces for a collaborative project titled "This Generation", set for a September 25. Completely produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam and released via Duck Down, there's a lot pointing towards this being a superb album. I love both of these guy's music, though I must say that neither has managed to impress me that much with their respective recent releases. I have a great feeling about this one however!

01. "Just Begun"
02. "64 Impala"
03. "Reina De Barrio (Ghetto Queen)" (Ft. Adrian)
04. "Stone Cold"
05. "Yellow Tape" (Ft. Krondon)
06. "Peace Treaty"
07. "And It Goes"
08. "Slash Gordan"
09. "Heartbreaks & Handcuffs"
10. "This Generation" (Ft. Adrian)
11. "Future Love"
12. "The Other Side"

Murs & Fashawn "Slash Gordan"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Mixtape] Mikkey Halsted - "Castro"

Chicago's Mikkey Halsted unleashes his latest project in the form of a free mixtape, hosted by Don Cannon. The latter also supplies the majority of the beats, together with No I.D., and Pusha T pops up for a guest verse. With all full songs, and all original vocals/production, this is pretty much an actual album. And its a real dope listen at that, so make sure to peep it!

01. "Castro Intro" [prod. by Don Cannon]
02. "King" [prod. by No I.D.]
03. "Momma in My Ear" (Ft. Pusha T) [prod. by Young Chop]
04. "Fly Nigga Shit" [prod. by Don Cannon]
05. "Pain" (Ft. Cocaine '80s) [prod. by No I.D.]
06. "PTSD" (Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid) [prod. by Don Cannon & Young Chop]
07. "Love Games" [prod. by Trakkmatik & The Comission]
08. "Movie Time" [prod. by Don Cannon & Vidal Harris]
09. "Buck 50" [prod. by No I.D.]
10. "W.M.F. (Weak Muthafuckas)" [prod. by Don Cannon]
11. "Occupy" [prod. by No I.D.]
12. "Obamanomics" [prod. by No I.D.]
13. "Castro Outro" [prod. by Don Cannon]

[VIDEO] J DILLA - "Rebirth is Necessary"

One of the illest cuts from the latest Jay Dee project, "Rebirth Of Detroit", gets the visual treatment courtesy of Official Tone Plummer and Mr. Wong on the microphone; DJ Butter on the wheels of steel. Question - Is Tone Plummer the same as Big Tone who Dilla worked with for the "Party Crasher" 12"?