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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all my readers, peace and blessings to you and yours. I've been busy over the last couple of weeks naturally so i haven't been able to give you my top-10 albums list and reviews yet but it's coming trust me. In the meantime here comes a little positivity from the god Coltrane and one of the best albums of all time. Take this with you into the new year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diamond D - "Dusty Fingers Vol. 1"

DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The RZA, Marley Marl and Large Pro are recognized as the absolute best in the producers game when it comes to that gritty sample-based dusty sound. But what about the four D.I.T.C. producers? They strangely are often missing from top-10 lists but i think that has less to do with their sound and more with Lord Finesse, Buckwild, Showbiz and Diamond D getting overlooked.

For me personally Diamond D is a the top 5 East Coast producers, and by far one of the best producers on the mic. After the shelved Ultimate Force album with Master Rob, Diamond's classic debut "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop", Diamond soon became a sought-after producer. After his 2nd, very underrated album, "Hatred, Passions & Infidelity" he started getting placements on major records like The Fugees "The Score", Mos Def "Black On Both Sides" and Pharoahe Monch's "Internal Affairs" amongst others. It's from this period of time I have choosed to focus on when compiling this; the first in a series of D.I.T.C. producer installments. Enjoy it and if you're not familiar with this guys work give it a listen and drop a comment. If you're thirsty for more classic Diamond productions, make sure to check out "Dusty Fingers Vol. 2" as well.

01. D.I.T.C. - "Day One"
02. Mos Def - "Hip Hop"
03. Raekwon/Ghostface - "Rainy Dayz [RMX]"
04. Busta Rhymes - "Da Bus-A-Bus Part II"'
05. Brand Nubian - "Foundation"
06. Bumpy Knuckles - "Bumpy Bring it Home" (Ft. Billy Danze)
07. Xzibit - "Bird's Eye View" (Ft. Tha Alkaholiks)
08. Pharcyde - "Groupie Therapy"
09. Sadat X/Diamond - "Feel It"
10. Diamond D - "The Hiatus (Remix)" (Ft. Cru)
11. Organized Konfusion - "Questions"
12. Fugees - "The Score" (Ft. Diamond)
13. Busta Rhymes - "What The Fuck You Want"
14. Ras Kass - "Soul On Ice (Remix)"
15. Queen Latifah - "I Don't Know" (Ft. Sisqo)
16. Sadat X - "You Can't Deny"
17. Pharoahe Monch - "The Truth" (Ft. Talib Kweli & Common)
18. Unbound All-Stars - "Mumia 911" [Full Version]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long lost Method Man original track

When Method Man was recording "Tical 2000: Judgement Day", one of the main producers he was working with to create the sound he was looking for was the criminally underrated (outside of Wu circles) True Master. The album caught a lot of bad flack for being all over the place and not living up to Meth's brilliant debut, but in hindsight it's actually a pretty damn good album. The LP is split up into two sections, one representing 1999 and the other representing 2000 - the new millenium, the representation of judgement day or doomsday. That second section of the album starts with a horn driven banger called "Party Crasher" that's credited to True Master in the liner notes. Fans of instrumentals soon noticed that the version included of "Party Crasher" on Def Jam's instrumental promo LP was a completely different beat. Method Man has expanded on the situation in interviews, explaining that what's heard on the instrumental album is the original True Master beat that Meth recorded the "Party Crasher" vocals over. For the retail version, an uncredited remix by executive producer The RZA was instead used, most likely as a last minute change considering the credits wasn't corrected before it went to pressing. According to Meth, he was a bigger fan of True Master's original version and was planning to add it when it came to reissue the album after enough copies had been sold. This never happened, and the original version has been added to the large pile of unreleased, almost mythical Wu cuts we're most likely never to hear. Even though we had the instrumental, the acapella version of "Party Crasher" was never made available.

Now, enter my producer homie Rusty Wu-Chain from the Wu-Tang Corp Forums who was told that excerpting only the vocal track from a mastered song was strictly impossible. Amazingly enough, Rusty actually figured out how to do this (don't ask him about it though, it's his secret). I brought him the idea of juxtaposing Meth's vocals from the album version to the beat from the instrumental promo copy so we finally could hear this long lost Method Man / True Master collaboration. There was a lot of troubles in making it a reality, but now Rusty finally has made it happen, coming through in a major way with a great blend that's a fantastic representation of what we probably would have heard on "T2" had Meth had final say on that particular song. Enjoy this one, and major thanks and props for realizing my idea(s) Rusty, you're the man!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-mas w. Large Pro

Merry christmas to all my readers, hope y'all have a great holiday just like me and my fam. Here's a little gift for y'all, celebrating one of the greatest beat makers known as well as it's a second installment in the "Live With The Glasses" series, but while the first featured some of Paul's earlier work Volume II has everything Extra P produced between 2008 and 2010. If anyone think Large has lost any of his skills this tape will sure as hell prove them wrong. Compiled and with artwork by me.

01. Grand Puba - "Same Ol' Drama" (Ft. Large Pro)
02. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - "Here I Come"  (Extra-P Remix)
03. Presto - "Conquer Mentality (Remix)" (Ft. OC, Sadat X & Large Pro)
04. Rhymefest - "Bad Self"
05. Termanology - "Sorry I Lied to You"
06. Planet Asia & Goldchain Military - "Organic Food"
07. NaS - "No Idea's Original" (Extra-P Remix)
08. Lil' Dap - "In My Life Time"
09. Sénor Kaos - "Slick Money" (Ft. P.So)
10. Joell Ortiz - "Ooh" (Ft. Iffy)
11. Earatik Statik - "No Problems" (Extra-P Remix)
12. Jak D - "Why You Wanna Do That" (Ft. Craig G, Sean Price & Large Pro)
13. Krumb Snatcha - "Mind Power"
14. Termanology - "Time Machine" (Ft. Reks)
15. Reks - "Stages"
16. U-God - "New Classic"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A.G and Fat Joe?!!

Maybe I should rename this place the D.I.T.C. blog considering the amount of Diggin' material I posted recently and will continue to do so. Yesterday we got the Show & KRS-One street single, 950 & AG's mixtape and E-Blaze's beat tape and today I present a real treat for y'all. Fat Joe hasn't rapped with anyone from his original D.I. crew for over a decade so I almost chocked on my sub when I got this in my inbox. AG and Fat Joe is both featured as guests on 950 Plus's street single "The Empire Strikes Back". BX STAND UP!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Q-Tip to produce Esperanza Spalding's LP

Q-Tip (or Kamaal Ibn Fareed) is one of the illest and most creative producers of all time, yet his name is rarely mentioned among the true greats which is a shame. He produced four classic LPs for one of hip-hop's most beloved groups together with DJ Ali Shaheed; A Tribe Called Quest. He created "One Love" for NaS, three joints on Mobb Deep's classic "The Infamous" plus mixed and guided that LP alot plus and pretty much discovered and managed Jay Dee amongst many other things. His solo albums ain't no shame either, the Jay-Dee/Tip collabo "Amplified" caught some flack when it first dropped but time has treated the LP good and 2008's "The Renaissance" was easily one of the stronger releases of 2008.

It's also well known that Kamaal is a great jazz head which has been evident ever since the Tribe days, the majority of samples used on those LPs came from jazz artists like Ronnie Foster, Ron Carter and Carl Tjader. In 2002 he recorded a jazz-fusion album for Arista Records as Kamaal The Abstract, named "Abstractisisms", featuring a live band instead of samples, a few rap verses but mostly Q-Tip singing. A very different record but still very good, and one of the guest musicians on that album was jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. To return the favor Kamaal co-produced Rosenwinkel's full "Heartcore" album, which I can absolutely recommend if you're looking for some alternative music.

Yesterday Tip announced via Twitter that he will produce jazz bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding's fourth, as of yet untitled solo album. Most def one I'm looking forward to hearing.

E-Blaze - "For The Luv Of It, Vol. 1"

Eric Blaze was born and raised in Paris and in fell in love with hip-hop music in the '80s and while attending high school he started producing for local acts. As his love for beat-making grew he realized New York was the place to go to make a name for himself. Eventually becoming a resident of the mecca of hip-hop he slowly but surely started to make a name for himself; landing production on records by Screwball, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Infamous Mobb and Littles. Eventually Blaze caught the ear of D.I.T.C. virtuoso Show which led to him being the only guest-producer on Show & AG's brilliant 2008 EP "Live Hard". The relationship with the Diggin' In The Crates Crew continued to escalate as E-Blaze produced roughly half of OC & AG's collaborative album "Oasis" in 2009. Be on the lookout for E-Blaze in 2011 as he and Show has started a production company called Born Lordz and he certainly will get hired on a whole bunch of future releases. Visit E.Blaze's myspace for more info while you listen to the 20 instrumentals presented on the first installment of "For The Luv Of It".

01. E-Blaze - "Sad" (UNRELEASED)
02. OC & AG - "Put ir in the Box"
03. OC & AG - "Contagious"
04. Infamous Mobb - "Capital Q"
05.Kamakazee & Verse - "New Ball Game"
06. Show & AG - "Magic"
07. OC /& AG - "Against The Wall"
08. Kamakazee & Blaq Poet - "Right Here"
09. OC /& AG - "Everyday Life"
10. Kamakazee - "It's All Good"
11. OC /& AG - "Think About It"
12. Show & AG - "Experience"
13. Smiley The Ghetto Child - "Battlestar Galactica"
14. OC /& AG - "Keep It GoinfQ´"
15. 950 Plus & AG - "Does My Thang"
16. OC /& AG - "Realiry"¨
17. D.I.T.C. - "True Lies"
18. Grim Team & Kamakaaze - ""Hold Mine"
19. E-Blaze - "Roy" (UNRELEASED)
20. OC/& AG - ""God's Gift"


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you want "The Lost Tapes II" by Nas?

Fans of Nas has created an online petition for Def Jam to release his sequel to the brilliant "Lost Tapes", a compilation of classic unreleased Nas material and considering how good the first was this needs to get released. If you want to see Def Jam support this project you can help by signing up for this petition: CLICK THE LINK AND VOTE

New KRS-One / Showbiz

One of my absolute favorite MC's and one of my absolute favorite producers, what more could you ask for? They are about to drop an album called "Godsville" next year and here's the first single, my man Angry! put me on to this single so props to him. Below the download link you chan check out two trailers for the "Godsville" album where Show play some tracks from the forthcoming LP and speaks on how the project came together. Great watch!

Celebrating Gang Starr, Part III

The third installment in my Gang Starr celebration series collects all the remixes that DJ Premier and The Guru did for the 12" singles and other forums. I only focused on the DJ Premier remixes, leaving out classic like Pete Rock's take on "The Militia" or Extra P's mix of "Gotta Get Over". With these three volumes plus the six official albums Gang Starr released we now got every recorded Preem/Guru collaboration ever done.

01. "Words I Manifest (Remix)"
02. "No More Mr. Nice Guy (Fed Up Mix)"
03. "Positivity (Whole World Mix)"
04. "Gotch U (Hunter Mix)"
05. "Just To Get A Rep (Extended Mix)"
06. "Check The Technique (Remix)"
07. "Jazz Thang (Movie Mix)"
08. "I've Lost My Ignorance" (w. Dream Warriors)
09. "Love Sick (Extended Mix)"
10. "Ex Girl to Next Girl (DJ Premier Remix)"
11. "DWYCK (Horny Mix)" (Ft. Nice & Smooth)
12. "Flip The Script (Minor Adjustment Mix)
13. "Doe in Advance (12" Remix)"
14. "You Know My Steez (3 Men & A Lady Remix)" (Ft. Lady Of Rage & Kurupt)
15. "Jazz Thang (Extended Instrumental Mix)" (Ft. Branford Marsalis)

Celebrating Gang Starr, Part II

The second installment in the Gang Starr series features every collaboration Guru and DJ Premier did together as guests on other artists records, a total of 19 songs and just like the previous compilation it's just as banging. I actually put together the three installments in this series the day Guru died which really hit me hard since I grew up listening to his words and he gave me strength on several ocassions. He surely will be missed for a long time. The thought behind these three tapes is to give the GangStarr heads each and every DJ Premier/Guru collaboration recorded (except for the album songs of course - shame on you if you don't have them already and either way I don't believe in posting retail albums). The only song on here that is not a Gang Starr cameo is the first, "Here's The Proof", which was a B-side from the 1989 "Manifest"VLS - regardless the 1st CD was full and this is too dope to just ignore so just enjoy  it for what it is. Oh and i throw together a little cover for this, nothing special but who gives a...

01. "Here's The Proof"
02. Dream Warriors & Gang Starr - "I've Lost My Ignorance"
03. Slam Slam & Gang Starr- Free Your Feelings [Gifted Mix]"
04. MC Solaar Ft. Gang Starr - "Qui Séme Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo [Remix]"
05. Loose Ends & Gang Starr - "A Little Spice [Remix]"
07. Soul to Soul Ft. Gang Starr - "Intelligence [Jazzie to Guru Mix]"
08. Neneh Cherry & Gang Starr - "Sassy" (Ft. Gang Starr)
09. N'Dea Davenport & Gang Starr - "Bring It On [Premier & The Guru Mix]"
10. Group Home & GangStarr - "Serious Rap Shit" (Ft. Big Shug)
11. M.O.P. & GangStarr - "Salute Part II
12. Macy Gray & GangStarr- "I've Committed Muurder [Remix]" (Ft. Mos Def)
13. Tin Tin Out & GangStarr- "What I Am [Remix]" (Ft. Emma Bunton)
14. Lina & Gang Starr - "It's Alright [Remix]"
15. Big Shug & Gang Starr - "Sucker Punch"
16. Krumb Snatcha  & Gang Starr - "Indestructible"
17. AG, OC, GangStarr & Party Arty - "Weed Scented"
18. Afu-Ra & Gang Starr - "Blvd."
19. Group Home & Gang Starr - "The Legacy"


Celebrating Gang Starr, Part I

With the tragic passing of Keith Elam better known to the world as Guru and mostly known as one half of the duo Gang Starr together with DJ Premier we must sure his music lives on and his wisdom spreads to future generations. Together they released a string of classic album, never putting out a wack song if you ask me, and if you don't got "Step In The Arena", "Daily Operation", "Hard to Earn", "Moment Of Truth" and "The Ownerz" i suggest you go out and buy them as soon as possible as they are all essential entires in any serious hip-hop collectors music library. Besides those albums they also recorded and released plenty of B-sides, remixes, soundtrack joints and collaborations on Guru's solo projects. As an honor to Guru I'd like to present 20 of these in a sort of missing album that any Gang Starr fan should be able to enjoy and love. The second installment will feature Guru features on DJ Premier produced track while the third and last is a collection of Preem remixes of Gang Starr tracks so keep your eyes open for those. Oh btw I was too lazy to make a cover so I used the "Full Clip" cover for this but oh well, let the music speak. Rest in power Keith Elam, - your music and legacy lives on and continues to fill your listeners with strength and hope.

01. "Full Clip"
02. "Disciple" (Ft. Total)
03. "All For Tha $"
04. "The Piece Maker"
05. "Hustlin' Daze" (Ft. Donell Jones)
06. "Where's My Ladies" (Ft. Big Shug)
07. "1/2 & 1/2" (Ft. M.O.P.)
08. "So Wassup?!"
09. "The Militia II" (Ft. Rakim & W.C.)
10. "Jazz Thang (Video Mix)"
11. "The ? Remains"
12. "Watch What You Say" (Ft. Chaka Khan)
13. "Lifesaver" (DJ Premier Remix)
14. "Doe In Advance"
15. "Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)"
16. "Credit Is Due"
17. "Battle"
18. "Back 2 Back" (Ft. Mendoughza)
19. "Natural"
20. "Tha Squeeze"

DJ Boogie Blind & DITC (2xCD)

Just found this ill mixtape yesterday, The X-Ecutioners DJ Boogie Blind mixes 2 CD's worth of Diggin' In The Crates essentials. I haven't listened to it yet but since I'm well familiar with the D.I.T.C. catalouge and The X-Ecutioners are pretty much the illest crew of DJ's out there this should be incredible. If you're not familair with D.I.T.C. this should be the perfect place to begin. Shouts to The Diggers Union

CD 1
01. DJ Boogie Blind – Intro
02. Show & A.G. – Catchin’ Wreck
03. Show & A.G. feat. Lord Finesse & Diamond – Diggin’ In The Crates
04. Big L – Devil’s Son
05. Diamond feat. Brand Nubian – A Day In The Life
06. Fat Joe – Bronx Keeps Creating It
07. O.C. – O.C. Speaks/O-Zone
08. Lord Finesse feat. Diamond – Do Your Thing (Original Version)
09. Big L – Put It On
10. Diamond – Check One Two
11. Fat Joe – Shit is Real (DJ premier Remix)
12. Show & A.G. – You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)
13. Diamond feat. Big L, lord Finesse, A.G. & Fat Joe – 5 Fingaz Of Death
14. Lord Finesse feat. Big L – You Know What I’m About (Original Version)
15. Fat Joe feat. Diamond & Grand Puba – Watch The Sound (12inch Version)
16. Lord Finesse – Return Of The Funky Man
17. Show & A.G. – Hold Ya Head
18. Diamond – Fuck What U Heard
19. Diamond – Freestyle…Yo That’s Dat Shit
20. DJ Premier – Speaks
21. Big L & Fat Joe – The Enemy
22. Lord Finesse feat. KRS-One & O.C. – No Gimmicks (Brainstorm Mix)
23. Diamond – No Wondah (The Projects)
24. O.C. – My World
25. Big L – Ebonics
26. D.I.T.C. – Internationally Known (Live)
27. Lord Finesse – Speaks
28. Fat Joe feat. Big L & Big Pun – Bring ‘Em Back

01. Show & A.G. – Show Speaks/Next Level (DJ Premier Remix)
02. O.C. – Time’s Up
03. Big L – MVP
04. Diamond feat. Sadat X & Lord Finesse – You Can’t Front
05. Lord Finesse feat. Big L – Yes You May (Remix)
06. Bas Blasta feat. Lord Finesse & Fat Joe – The Rhythm
07. Show & A.G. feat. Diamond – Still Diggin’
08. Lord Finesse – The Funky Technician
09. Diamond – The Best Kept Secret
10. Show & A.G. feat. Big L & Lord Finesse – Represent
11. Show & A.G. – Fat Pockets (Remix)
12. Diamond – I Went For Mine
13. Diamond – Sally Got A One Track Mind
14. Show & A.G. – Soul Clap
15. Big L – Danger Zone
16. Fat Joe – Success
17. O.C. feat. Big L & The Lost Boyz – Dangerous (Remix)
18. Big L & Fat Joe – Way Of Life
19. D.I.T.C. – Dignified Soldiers
20. D.I.T.C. – Day One
21. D.I.T.C. – All Love
22. Lord Finesse – Strictly For The Ladies (Live From Big L Tribute)
23. Show & A.G. – Spit (Live From Big L Tribute)
24. O.C. – War Games (Live From Big L Tribute)
25. D.I.T.C. – Thick (DJ Premer Version)
26. Big L – Flamboyant

Monday, December 20, 2010

AG & 950 Plus - NEW MIXTAPE

Brand new mixtape from DITC's A.G. and 950 Plus called "Thriller 2" that dropped recently. I haven't listened yet but i'm always checking for new DITC so this should be worth the listen for sure. I'm not too familair with 950 Plus but he was on AG's last album with Ray West so lets see what he has to offer.

Ghostface Killah - "The Pretty Toney LP" (c7 revisit)

After Epic fucked up GFK's "Bulletproof Wallets" by refusing to pay for clearing samples which led to a watered down version of the album ended up in stores, Ghost instead signed to Def Jam. In 2004 he released his fourth opus, "The Pretty Toney Album", a solid album that still had several songs recorded that didn't appear on the final version as well as some typical commercial singles (read "Tush" featuring Missy Elliot). There were actually 10 songs recorded for the album that didn't make it, but many of them ended up on the Theodore Unit album the same year. Although I liked the retail album, I decided to compile a little different version; including the majority of the songs that were cut by Def Jam in favor of the weaker tracks like "Ghostface" and "Tush". This compilation is by special request so hope you enjoy it man!

01. "Guerilla Hood"
02. "Biscuits" (Ft. Trife Da God)
03. "Kunta Fly Shit"
04. "Beat The Clock"
05. "Metal Lungies" (Ft. Styles P & Sheek Louch)
06. "The Drummer" (Ft. Method Man, Streetlife & Trife Da God)
07. "The Splash (No No No)"
08. "Save Me Dear"
09. "It's Over"
10. "Keisha's House"
11. "Smith Brothers" (Ft. Trife Da God)
12. "Last Night"
13. "Holla"
14. "Paychecks" (Ft. Trife Da God)
15. "Heard It All Before"
16. "My Guitar (Black Cream)"
17. "Be This Way"
18. "Run" (Ft. Jadakiss)
19. "Love" (Ft. Musiq Soulchild)

DJ Muggs - "The Unseen Assasssin (Vol. II)

My man Pattch82, who posts at, posted a compilastion of some rare and classic DJ Muggs material that got some heavy rotation at my house. Since DJ Muggs is another one of my favorite beatmakers I contacted him to see if it would be ok to do a part two using his title and verything, which was no problem, so i put it together and the result was a such an mpeccable display of Muggs's outside work. The quality is top-notch and it has a mixture of real rare songs and some obvious classics. In celebration of this years brilliant "Kill Devil Hills" I felt it was onlt right to further Muggs legacy to my readers with even more. Boom bap to the fullest Watch out for Pattch81's fist installment and our collaborative effort in part 3l and in rhe meantime make sure you enjoy this heat from Muggerud,

01. Muggs - "The Time Has Come"
02. KRS-One - "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"
03. Xzibit - "The Foundation"
04. Cypress Hill - "illuaiona" (Remix)
04. GZA/Genius & "Ras Kass - "Lyrical Swords" [DJ Muggs Remix[
06. Ill Bill - ""This Is Who I Am"
07. Ice Cube - ""Check Yo'Swld"" [Remix]
08. Dwpwxhw Mosw - "Free Lova""
09. Manu Chai . "Nerry Blues (DJ Prenid Remix(
10. Pastor Troy & Xzibit - "Ridin' & Smokin(
11. Cypress Hill & Sonic Yourh - I Locw You Maey"'
12. Northern Style - "Styles That I Bring"
13. Goodie Mob - "Inshallah"
14. GZA/Genius - "When The Fat Lady Sings (Remix)"
15. Ill Bill - "Only Time Will Tell" (Ft. Tech N9Ne & Everlast)
16. DJ Muggs vs. Planet Asia - "Top Shelf" (Ft. KRS-OneI
18. House Of Pain - "Jump Around"
19. Dana Barros - "Check It" [DJ Muggs Remix]
20. Soul Assassins Music - "Outro: Runnin' Wild"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

v.a. - "The Soul Of Premier"

As I promised when posting the first installment in Jay Dee's "The Soul Of Dilla", this time i'm presenting 17 tracks of boom bap maestros DJ Premier's soulful R&B grooves. It features sweet singers like D'Angelo, Brandy, Janet Jackson, N'Dea Davenport and even Christina Aguilera and what I really like about this compilation is Premier never water down his styles; his trademark drum patterns and basskicks are still very much in tact. In fact any hardcore MC could rip the majority of these beats and you wouldn't raise an eyebrow, but at the same time it shows that Preem is a dope hip-hop and soul producer.

01. Christina Aguilera - "Intro: Back to Basics"
02. Omar - "Keep Steppin'" (Ft. Uptown)
03. Janet Jackson - "All For You [DJ Premier's Top Heavy Mix]"
04. D'Angelo - "Me & Those Dreamin' Eyes... [Two Way Street Mix]"
05. Big Shug - "Treat U Better"
06. Cheyenne - "Feel My Love [DJ Premier Remix]"
07. Anisha Nicole - "One Track Mind"
08. Brandy - "Almost Doesn't Count [DJ Premier Remix]"
09. N'Dea Davenport - "Bring It On [Guru & Premier Remix]" (Ft. Guru)
10. Christina Aguilera - "Still Dirrty"
11. Neneh Cherry - "I Ain't Gone Under Yet"
12. Mark Ronson & The Phantom - "Just [Preem's Justmixitremix]" (Ft. Blaq Poet)
13. Craig David - "Seven Days" (Ft. Mos Def & Nate Dogg)
14. Laura Izibor - "From My Heart to Yours [Remix]"
15. D'Angelo - "Lady [Street Version]" (Ft. AZ)
16. Janet Jackson - "Together Again [100 in a 50 Remix]"
17. Christina Aguilera - "Thank You (Dedication to the Fans)


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Roots (1999)

The Roots dropped their classic "Things Fall Apart" on MCA Records in 2000 and prior to the release they had some creative work going down in promotion of the LP. Legendary DJ and fellow Philladelphia native DJ Jazzy Jeff got the job of creating one of his standout tapes by mixing classic Roots joint with his favorite selections from the upcoming album. Needles to say, the result is nothing short of banging and really makes you miss the days record labels did creative promo's like this. The tape is named "Things Fall A Preview" and was released on limited cassette only, I got the full artwork and all the music for you here. If you're a fan of either The Roots or Jazzy Jeff's superior mixing skills... TURN IT UP!!

Mobb Deep - 'Infamous Minded: Free P Edition'

just found on the link on the net to this fresh Mobb Deep/Prodigy mixtape and looking at that tracklist it looks like there's a whole bunch of exclusive material on here. The tape is presented by three DJ's, Rated R, Larry Lo and DJ Woogie and features nothing but previosuly unreleased Mobb music. Enjoy this shit!

01. DJ Larry Lo - "Intro"
02. Mobb Deep - "Pop Something Off" (WORLD PREMIER)
03. Alchemist - "Boom Boom" (WORLD PREMIER)
04. Prodigy - "Tough Love" (WORLD PREMIER)

05. Mobb Deep – "Infamous Minded 2011" (WORLD PREMIER)
06. Prodigy - "Die Another Day"

07. Mobb Deep – "You Ain't A Gangsta"
08. Prodigy – "On A Mission"
09. Havoc– Freestyle" (WORLD PREMIER)
10. Mobb Deep – "Something Like A Horror Flick"
11. Havoc - "No Matter What I Go"
12. Prodigy - "Shot Mad Clips"
13. Un Pacino - "Who The Fuck"

14. Havoc & Rakwon - "24K Rap"
15. Big Twiz & Big Noyd - "On Smash"
16. Mobb Deep Ft. Nyce & La The Darkman – "Got The Drop"
17. Prodigy -. "Stop Hatin'"

18. Prodigy - "Up The Ladder Of Success"
19. Un Pacino - "The Hit"
20. Havoc & Big Twinz -""You Knów My Style"

21. Big Twins Ft. Un Pacino – "IM3 Click" (WORLD PREMIER)
22., Mobb Deep Ft. Nyce Da Future – "Lie"
23. Mobb Deep Ft. Kool G Rap – "Gangsta Movie" (SID ROAMS)
24. Havoc - "My Pimpin"
25. Havoc Ft. Prodigyy – "Walk With Me" (WORLD PREMIER UNRELEASED VERSION WITH P)
26. CNN Ft. Mobb Deep – "Wobble Wobble"
27. Blaq Mobb Ft. Prodigy, Un Pacino & Big Twins – "How You Want It"
28. Prodigy – "My World is Empry Without You"
29. Prodigy– "The Dough"
30. Prodigy Ft. Un Pacino – "Phone Tap"

31. Prodigy Ft. Un Pacino – "Got That" 
32. Prodigy - "Don't Trust That"

v/a - "The Soul Of Dilla" (v. 1)

My readers already know i hold Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla as one of the top 5 producers to ever touch an MPC; he re-invented his style as soon as other producers started catching on to what he's doing and he was involved in countless classic albums; "Like Water For Chocolate", "Labcabincalifornia", "Beats, Rhymes & Life", "Voodoo", "Mama's Gun", "Fantastic Volume I" + "II", "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... II", "Champioun Sound" and countless others. One of the things that really separates Dilla from other top producers though is his ability to produce R&B and soul with a clear hip-hop influence and "The Soul Of Dilla" is a great showcase of that work. Don't worry though there's guest verses from Q-Tip, Phife, Common, Mos Def, Frank-N-Dank, Slum Village and other rappers on here as well though the focus is on sweet soul singing. Personally this is one of my absolute favorite JD comps i've done, i love when i have a theme to work with, and i actually compiled a volume II as well that might show up on this blog as well sooner or later.

In due time you will also see a compilation highlighting DJ Premier's soulful R&B joints that also works as an installment in this series; "The Soul Of Preemo" so be on the lookout for that. Now get your groove on and btw.... TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!

01. DJ Cam & Cameo - "Love Junkee (Remix)" (Ft. Jay Dee)
02. Erykah Badu - "Didn't Cha Know
03.Carl Craig - "People Make The World Go Round" (J-88 Remix)
04. "Reminisce" (Ft. Common & Mos Def)
05. Brother JackMcDuff - "Oblighetto (Remix)
06. D'Angelo - "Feel Like Makin' Love"
07. Spacek - "Dollar"
08. Macy Gray - "I Try (Remix)"
09. Lucy Pearl - "Without You (Remix)"
10. Dwight Trible & Life Force Trio - "Antiquidy"
11. Janet - "Got Ti'l' It's Gone" (Ft. Q-Tip)
12. Mint Condition - "Let Me Be The One (Remix)" (Ft. Q-Tip)
13. "All I Do (Jay Dee's Shit Mix)" (Ft. Phife Dawg)
14. Amp Fiddler - "Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly" (Ft. George Clinton)
15. Spacek - "Eve (Remix)" (Ft. Frank-N-Dank)
16. Dweéle - "Keep On" (Ft. Slum Village)

Black Thought Compilation #2

As promised here's the second installment in my Black Thought series, featuring 19 tracks ranging from between 1998 to 2009 and i know for a fact that it's absolutely banging. Seriously, who's fucking with Black Thought in this day and age, an incredible amount of guest features, an amazing discography with the hardest working band in hip-hop? This time we gets to hear Tariq rip beats by Madlib, DJ Spinna, Jay Dee, ?uestlove, Lord Finesse, Kanye West, Cradle Orchestra and many more. There's also a live performance between The Roots and Q-Tip performing NWA's classic "Straight Outta Compton" as a bonus. Since Thought is one of my top 5 MC's and The Roots is one of my absolute favorite groups around i collected mad materiaial so don't be suprised if "Thought's Manifesting Vol. III" will be posted sooner or later. Make sure you enjoy this baby!

01. The Roots - "Quicksand Millenium"
02. "Lift Ya Fist" (Ft. Guru's Jazzmattaz)
03. "Guerilla Monsoon Rap" (Ft. Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch & K. West)
04. "Live From The PJ's" (Ft. Ghostface Killah, Trife & X-Ecutioners)
05. "Please Don't Go" [Jay Dee Demo]
06. "Ain't Nobody Playin'" (Ft. Jaguar Wright)
07. "Ill Street Blues" (w. Making Money Jam Boys)
08. "Contract On The World" (w. Money Making Jam Boys)
09. "Hold Tighht" (Ft. Skillz & The Randy Watson Project)
10. "Relax" [Lord Finesse Remix]
11. "U Know The Rules" (Ft. Scratch)
12. "Suga Sista" (Ft. Razhel, The Roots & Aaron Hall)
13. "Wait A Minute" (Ft. Nobody Beats Beats The Beats, ADL, Jahi & Myron)
14. "Over Your Head" (Ft. Planet Asia)
15. "My Favorite Mutiny" (Ft. The Coup & Talib Kweli)
16. "Clean Up" (Ft. Strong Arm Steady & Saukrates)
17. "Then You're Gone"
18. "Live Forever" (w. Cradle Orchestra)

19. "Straight Outta Compton (Live Remix)" (w. The Roots & Q-Tip)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

[Comp] Big Shug & DJ Premier "album"

When Big Shug and DJ Premier hook up we comes as close as we ever will again to new Gang Starr material, considering Shug was always part of the Gang Starr Foundation and is still standing with Preem. When Group Home and Jeru got albums fully produced by the beat-virtuso in the mid '90s Shug settled back with a few guest spots and two 12" singles. After the new millenium arrived the talk of Shug solo album fully produced by Premier started circulating, and both of them confirmed it in interviews. "Who's Hard" finally dropped in 2005 and while it was a banging album it wasn't the full collaboration many of us we're hoping for. Within the next three years Shug dropped an additional two albums, "Street Champ" and "Other Side Of The Game".

While all these LPs are solid releases in their own right, (that i recommend you go out and support if you like what you're hearing on the tape i'm presenting below), it was the DJ Premier produced joints that really stood out to me. Together there was a total of 16 collaborations between the MC/producer and after Preem's album with Blaq Poet dropped last year I felt I wanted to compile a tracklist with the tunes from Shug's albums. Considering the tracks on Poet's album ranged from recordings between 2006 and 2009, this Big Shug album with tracks from 2005 to 2008 could have been an actual album by the two. With the sequencing I put this together with I really feel it sounds like an album all the right elements are there - you got the perfect intro for the album, a perfect amount of guest features, a good closing track, etc. At least that's how I feel and i'm sure that you will love this as well if you're a Gang Starr head. I call it "WHO THE HARDEST?!".

01. "Soundcheck"
02. "Tha Way It Iz"
03. "Counter Punch" (Ft. Gang Starr)
04. "On The Record"
05. "Bang 'Em Down"
06. "Do Ya?"
07. "Tha 3 Shugz"
08. "Sic-A-Niggaz" (Ft. Bumpy Knuckles)
09. "Streets Move" (Ft. Singapore Kane)
10. "Play It"
11. "Like A Muhfucka"
12. "My Boston" (Ft. Singapore Kane & Termanology)
13. "When I Strike"
14. "It Just Don't Stop"
15. "Dirt" (Ft. Smiley The Ghetto Child)
16. "What's Really Real"

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New NaS & Large Professor + Nas remix tape

These two guys are responsible for some of the best hip-hop music ever created, with bangers like "You're Da Man", "Halftime", "One Plus One", "It Ain't Hard to Tell", "Rewind" and "One Time 4 Your Mind". Basically any time Nas and Large Professor has done something together you can count on it being pure heat and while this doesn't feature any new vocals it's enough to make my day a little brighter. The track in question is a new Large Pro remix of "No Idea's Original" which is taken from a new remix tape of Nasty Nas tracks featuring the work of Dr. Butcher, Rob Swift, BT, Mondee, 2 Hungry Bro's and others. I haven't listened to it yet but i'm posting the link for y'all to download it below.

You can download and read more about this mixtape from BOUNDLESS RADIO BY CLICKING HERE.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ghostface Killah - "Bulletproof Wallets" (revisited)

I remember picking up "Bulletproof Wallets" around the time it dropped in 2001 and feeling generally dissapointed in the otherwise so consistent Ghostface's latest offering. Besides being one of my favorite MC's of all time and hailing from my favorite crew of rappers of all time Mr. Coles always had a great ear for beats and a knack for putting together cohessive albums that flowed from start to finnish. If you look at the good 'ol Wu-Tang classics ("Tical", "36 Chambers", "Return to 36 Chambers", "Liquid Swords", "Wu-Tang Forever", "The Pillage", etc.) you'll see that Ghost was always enlisted as an executive producer for the project together with RZA. That's the main reason his third album catched me a little off guard; it had a lot of the right elements, excellent guest features, nice production and somewhere in there you could almost sense a nice summer type of vibe to the tracks, but it just wasn't stirred and mixed right in my opinion. The thing is that "B.P.W." should have been a much tighter album if it wasn't for Epic Records who according to Ghost wasn't willing to pay for many of the sample clearances on the album, making bangers like "The Sun", "The Watch" and "Good Times" being dropped while joints like "Flowers" were remixed to almost unlistenable result. An original tracklisting has never been properly confirmed but the songs has been made available and this was something I felt I needed to put together to make me able to see Ghostface's true intentions with the album he recorded in 2001. The tracklisting on the back of the retail CD originally had a different tracklist than the actual CD (including songs like "The Sun") and clean vinyl promos for radio was also sent out by Epic. These sources, together with my common sense, is what I have based the compilation below on and I think it's pretty safe to say that this is much closer to how GFK had intended his listeners to experience the LP. Personally I think it's so much better I was actually pretty damn suprised the first times I listened to it. Hopefully you'll get the same experience and start viewing it a little differently (The Source gave the advance promo 4.5 mics from what I've heard).

Last but not least a little background info on the recordings that became "Bulletproof Wallets"; As the follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Supreme Clientele" it was done in a similair fashion. Ghostface Killah and RZA got beats from various producers they felt would fit the vibe of the project and produced and arranged the album together (RZA also has 6 beats on here). It was mostly recorded out in Miami and had a lot of guest apperances by Raekwon, this album was for a while supposed to be the original sequel to "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...". My guess is that the vibe of the songs started straying too far into a new direction,  Other producers on here include Alchemist, Allah Mathematics and Carlos Broady amongst others. By the way, I think "Street Chemistry" was an late addition since none of the tracklistings I followed it had it listed, they both ends with "Strawberry".

01. "The Sun" (Ft. Raekwon, Slick Rick & RZA)
02. "Never Be The Same Again" (Ft. Raekwon & Carl Thomas)
03. "The Forrest"
04. "Theodore" (Ft. Trife & Twiz)
05. "Interlude #1" (Ft. Raekwon)
06. "Flowers" (Ft. Raekwon, Method Man & Superb)
07. "Ghost Showers"
08. "Maxine" (Ft. Raekwon)
      "The Watch" (Ft. Raekwon)
09. "Walking Through The Darkness" (Ft. Tekitha)
10. "Interlude #2: ICE"
11. "Teddy Skit"
12. "Jealousy"
13. "The Juks" (Ft. Trife & Superb)
14. "The Hilton" (Ft. Raekwon)
15. "Good Times" (Ft. Raekwon & Superb)
16. "Strawberry" (Ft. Killa Sin)
17. "Street Chemistry" (Ft. Prodigal Sunn & Trife[*]'

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preview the new DJ Premier/YRR project in full

Yessir, Premier's team has put up the entire "Get Used to Us" project for streaming preview - you'll find it above the menu on this very blog. I'm still dissapointed that this turned out to be a digital release only after all the promotion it's been getting the latest few months, makes me wonder if we will ever see the NYGz album. I can't front too much though cuz this shit is straight up banging, vintage boom bap - Preemo still got it, that's for sure!! If you want to download the album/compilation you can buy it via

Shouts to One

Monday, December 6, 2010

Black Thought compilation #1

Black Thought is easily among the top 5 MC's out there right now, he's been constantly killing everything he jumped on since 1996, great delivery, great lyrics and an incredible discography together with The Roots. He has yet to drop an album under his own name but since he is the main MC in his crew he has pretty much dropped 10 albums and they are all well worth checking out. As much as i love to hear Black Thought flex his verbal muscles over the live instrumentation back-up from his band it's always nice to hear him rhyme over some Pete Rock or Jay Dee production. I collected the majority of his released guest spots and apperances and on this first compilation is some of my favorite moments of his outside of his work with The Roots. Production on here comes from Diamond D, Pete Rock, Roc Raida, Rockwilder, ?uestlove, Dilla, DJ Krush and others and trust me when I say it's straight BANGING. If you're not too familiar with Black Thought yet this should be a perfect introduction... Volume 2 should hit the blog later this week so be on the lookout.

01. "Thought @ Work"
02. "Respiration Part 2 (Flying High)" (w. Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
03. "Super Lyrical" (w. Big Punisher)
04. "Meiso" (w. Malik B.)
05. "Da Jawn" (w. Bahamadia & The Roots)
06. "Zen Approach"
07. "Hardware"
08. "Workinonit" (w. Dice Raw)
09. "Love Movin'"
10. "Philly Boy"
11. "Burning & Looting" (w. Bob Marley & The Roots)
12. "It's About That Time" (w. Pete Rock & Rob-O)
13. "Hard Hitters" (w. Dilated Peoples)
14. "The Professional"
15. "No Stopping"
16. "Network" (w. Pharcyde)
17. "Mumia 911" (w. Tragedy Khadafi, Chuck D, Pharoahe Monch &
18. "Reality Check"
19. "X-Ecutioner Style"
20. "Pimpa's Paradise" (w. Damian & Stephen Marley)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dilla Treat #2: Busta Rhymes collabos

If you're reading this blog you'll gonna have to get used to seeing a lot of the late great Jay Dee AKA J Dilla AKA James Yancey, one of the best musicians of our time in my humble opinion. He got a rather large catalouge of released albums which i won't be posting here, but his production discography is pretty extensive as well and i've done a few compilations and tapes that i would like to share with y'all. If you missed the Frank-N-Dank "album", just scroll down a few posts for that neck-breaking Detroit bap. One of the artists that had a strong working relationship and firendship with Jay Dilla was Busta Rhymes who he met while working with A Tribe Called Quest as part of The Ummah. From Busta's solo debut in 1996, 'The Coming' (recommended listening) he made sure that Dilla was involved in all his solo projects up to Yancey's untimely death in February 2006 (the exception is Busta's third offering, 'E.L.E.', but he has later said that there was some kind of input by Dilla on there as well although he remains uncredited).

The collelction that i put together is something i choosed to call "TURN IT UP!!" and it features all the songs Jay Dee produced for Busta on his solo albums, from 1996 to 2006. The psychadelic hardcore introduction is snapped up from Dilla's last LP, 'The Shining', both "How We Roll" and "Keep It Popping" was recorded for, but not used on, 2001's 'The Genesis' and for good measure i threw in my favorite Dilla remix of "Whoo Haa!! Got You All In Check", straight from the single. The songs are ripped from my album collection with the exception of the 2 unreleased tracks, and being that i'm a big fan of both Dee and Busta this tape has been bangeed heavily over the last year and i think i got the sequencing together pretty damn neat as the things pretty much flow from front-to-back like an actual album. Oh and one last thing.... TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

01. "GEEK Down"
02. "It Ain't Safe No More"
03. "Enjoy Da Ride"
04. "You Can't Hold The Torch" (Ft. Q-Tip)
05. "How We Roll"
06. "Woo-Hah! Got Ya All In Check" (Jay Dee's Bounce Mix)
07. "Live It Up"
08. "What Up"
09. "So Hardcore"/"Skit"
10. "Show Me What You Got"
11. "Keep It Poppin'"
12. "Make It Hurt"
13. "Still Shining"
14. "Keep It Moving" (Ft.Leaders Of The New School)
15. "Turn Me Up Some"
16. "The Genesis"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free EP by Odisee & Stik Figa

Odisee is a really talented producer who i mainly came to know through his project within the group Diamond District, that dropped one of last years best albums in 'In The Ruff''. He's been releasing a lot of free material since then, and it's always worth checking out although i can't say i'm familiar with Stik Figa.

01. "Hot Mess"
02. "Bucket"
03. "Nothing Like It" (Ft. Ralph Real)
04. "From The Top"
05. "Running Away" (Ft. Oliver Daysoul)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New AG!!

D.I.T.C.'s own Giant stays getting buisy as new tracks and videos keep hitting the net on the regular, besides last years dope collaboration album with OC he also dropped a solo album earlier this year and a mixtape celebrating Dilla. I always keep my eyes open from anything from the D.I.T.C. guys so the news that AG is about to drop another mixtape together with 950 Plus very soon is great news in my ears. Here's an early leak from it, produced by Mike The Martyr and complete with a very weird title - pretty damn ill tho.

[Revisited] FRANK-N-DANK / DILLA - "48 HRS"

James Yancey, also known as Jay Dee or J Dilla was one of the best musicians of our time and when he tragically passed away in 2006, the loss was felt by the entire hip-hop community. He was able to touch so many people through his music and was nothing short of a musical genius. Despite the sadness of never again hearing a newly recorded Dilla cut, Yancey's legacy lives on through his huge catalouge of immortal projects like Slum Village's "Fantastic Vol. II", Common's "Like Water For Chocolate" or Q-Tip's "Amplified", his top-of-the-line productions for both hip-hop and soul legends like A Tribe Called Quest, D'Angelo, Busta Rhymes and Erykah Badu or even his own raw underrated rhyming skills heard on such classics as "Fuck The Police", the early Slum Village material, "Champion Sound", etc. Apart from all the released material he left behind him; the countless knocking beat tapes mainly used for practice and inspiration that he used to pass around to his close friends for whom these tapes became known as "Treats". And even now, six years after his untimely passing "new" Dilla tracks pops up every now and then, like Yasiin Bey's brilliant "Sunshine Screwface" and the full album "Rebirth Of Detroit". Hopefuly generations to come will continue discovering the vast catalouge of Yancey, never letting his name fade into obscurity.
Around 2004, Yancey left his home of Motown for the sunny LA and Stones Throw records; but only after one of his most productive periods had tooken place; releasing "Welcome 2 Detroit", the 12" anthem "Fuck the Police", recording the "Ruff Draft" EP and produced countless other artists. All this dopeness coupled with his history caught the interest of an A&R at MCA Records. The label wanted to sign the producer/emcee for at the very least one retail album. This was fine with Yancey but he refused to sign the contract unless they also signed his P.N.C.'s and Detroit homies as well - Dankery Harv and Frank Nitti; the,duo known as Frank-N-Dank. MCA was reluctant to sign a totally new and unheard rap duo from Detroit, even though Jay Dee were to produce the entire album. Eventually they gave in and in 2002 both Frank-N-Dank and J Dilla were signed to MCA Records for one album each; "48 HRS" and "Pay Jay", respectively.

After signing the contract with MCA, it didn't take long before it become clear that the label wasn't too happy with either of the two projects in work. Dilla's '"Pay Jay'" was something of a prank-on-the-industry as it featured one of the greatest producers of all time only showcasing his rhyming talents over other respected producer's beats like Madlib, Pete Rock, Wajeed, ?uestlove Kareem Riggins, Bink, Kanye West and more. As for the trio's "48 HRS", the label originally rejected the original material Frank-N-Dank and their producer handed in. Part of Dilla's production idea for the original F-N-D material was to create brand new beats using well familiar samples that had previously been made famous on classic hip-hop songs. The idea was to put his skill as a producer to the test to show that he still could flip something like that in an interesting and new way. Some samples used included "Juicy Frut" by Mtume (better known to hip-hop heads as the main sample for Biggie's "Juicy"), Labi Siffre's "I Got the Blues" (used for both Jay-Z's "Streets is Watching" and Em's "My Name Is") and Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love" .
It can be speculated that MCA decided to shelve this original sample based version due to not wanting to pay for clearing that many famous samples for a atill totally unestablished act. MCA didn't however shelv the project entirely but made the trio take it back to the drawing board to begin work on a completely different, sample-free version of '48 HRS''. This version sounded much more like a early 2002 club album with a Dilla twist; heavy on the live instruments and especially the synthesizers was a prominent sound, thug lyrics and clear influences from the production that The Neptunes and Timbaland were doing at the time. After completing the second version of the album as well, MCA ultimately shelved both versions of the project as well as "Pay Jay" resulting in both acts being dropped from the label.

Frank-N-Dank did however  put out a semi-official bootleg of the second version of the album themeselves; the one that Dilla himself has been quoted as saying was the version of the LP he didn't like very much at all. Also at the time the trio worked on both drafts of the LP the duo released a rather large amount of 12" singles and white label releasess which I have collecdet and put together with the five best songs on the semi-legit 2003 bootleg release. My point is to create an album like compilation showcasing what "48 HRS" could and should hae been. While it's not the original album they recorded in full, I think it manages to give us a pretty good look into how incredible that unreleased LP actually were. The instrumental to the original sample version of "Ma Dukes" can be found as the last track on "Jay Stay Paid" but i have never been able to find that version with vocals, but i love the other version as well so it's included here - same with "Keep it Coming" which has ?uestlove on the drums and is simply amazing. Either way this ended up being an infinitely better album than the one that was released in 2003 and any Dilla fan should fucking love this. Also I'm pretty sure, you won't find the original "All Seasons" anywhere else. I know i've banged the hell out of this for two year or so, and i think there might be several songs on here that you are not too familiar with if you're not a true Dilla fanatic. TURN IT UP!!!!
"We tried to give the masses what they were looking for, but it wasn't what the label was looking for. And we kinda took a whole year-and-a-half in the hole, basically. We worked on the album so hard. If I'd known that they wanted this simple shit, well I wouldn't call it simple, but the shit that we do so easy, you know, we woulda did that. But we tried to put work into this album and tried to give them some shit that's competitive with this Roc-A-Fella camp and with this big money shit. We wanted to take it bigger." - J Dilla on the original album

01. "48 HRS Intro" [48 HRS Bootleg, 2003]
02. "Push!" [EP, 2002]
03. "Me & My Man" (Ft. Phat Kat) [12" VLS, 2000]
04. "Where The Parties At" (OG Mix) [EP, 2002]
05. "Everybody Get Up" [12" VLS,, 2000]
06. "Give It Up Part 2" (Ft. Jay Dee) [12" VLS, 2000]
07. "Ma Dukes" (Ft. Tammy Lucas) [48 HRS, Bootleg, 2003]
08. "I Bet You Will" [EP, 2002]
09. "Love (A Thing Of The Past)" [12" VLS, 2000]
10. "Keep It Coming" (Ft. ?uestlove) [48 HRS Bootleg, 2003]
11. "All Seasons" (OG Mix) [EXCLUSIVE]
12. "Move" (Ft. Jay Dee) [12" VLS, 2001]
13. "Take Dem Clothes Off" [48 HRS Bootleg, 2003]
14. "Off Ya Chest" [48 HRS Bootleg, 2003]
15. "Okay" [EP, 2002)