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Monday, March 31, 2014

DJ KOSS & AG Ft. SADAT X - "Natural High"

DJ Koss, who you might remember from his semi-recent work with El Da Sensei and Craig G amongst others, is teaming up with the always on point AG for an entire EP to be released soon. Entitled "Natural High", the eight songs EP both stands alone and as the third installment in Koss' "Whut Up Kid?!" project. The title track sees AG team up with Sadat X over a laid-back, thumping beat that has the emcees reminiscing on their come-up. Press play, check out the tracklist below and head over to Deejay Koss @ Soundcloud for loads of more dope ish (for one I strongly recommend the "Stay Focused" mix)!

01. "Natural High" (Ft. Sadat X)
02. "Where It All Began"
03. "Above The Rest"
04. "Supernatural"
05. "Get It Baby"
06. "Live It Up"
07. "So Alive"
08. "Natural High" [DJ Doom Remix] (Ft. Sadat X)
09. "Supernatural" [Instrumental]
10. "Supernatural" [Acapella]

Sunday, March 30, 2014


The always super ill Soundsci is teaming up with Slice-Of-Spice and World Expo in preparation for several ill projects to come out from the crew this year. Having already released solo releases by Audessey and Oxygen, Slice-Of-Spice now presents us with a teaser from producer Ollie Teeba's upcoming solo album, properly entitled "S.O.S.". The song which can be downloaded for free recently appeared on Soundsci's most recent release; the 12" EP "World Expo". Bang this one LOUD!

[Upcoming] 4TH DISCIPLE - "BEST OF 740"

It should come as no suprise to anyone who frequently visit this site that i hold the 4th Disciple in the highest regard as far as hip-hop producers go. He's been a vital part in some of the finest produced hip-hop albums of all time, even proving that he can create a front-to-back timeless piece of classic (see Killarmy's "Silent Weapons For Quiet") and unlike the vast majority of producers, no matter how dope, 4th without a doubt has a real sound that is none others than his own. The main reason that he is not mentioned as often as he should when it comes to discussions of the best living producers is his output, because even though he's behind some of the hottest record of modern times (Shabazz's "Death Be The Penalty", Killah Priest's "Tai Chi", Killarmy's "Wu-Renegades", Wu-Tang Clan's "Impossible", to name a few) the Steubenville, Ohio native has mostly laced emcees that are the true definition of underground, all the while removing himself further and further from his cohorts in the Wu-Tang Clan. The other important reason is that his catalouge is comparatively small, and this is not at all because he is lazy behind the boards but rather that he's sitting on tons of unreleased material. For example he produced a full album for a group he was involved in called The Orphanage that also featured Lord Superb and Shogun Assasson; he produced an incredibly sick album by fellow Ohio native One Man, and so on. 

Luckily for us real heads, 4th is getting tired of sitting on all this classic and has started up a series entitled "Unreleased Classics" with the mission of releasing much of this material. It will be very interesting to see what will come out of this, I'm especially interested in the Orphanage sessions, but first and foremost he's dropping the heavily expanded "Best of 740 Vol. 1+2", a 20 track collection of songs featuring some of the illest Ohio emcees you never heard, all over vintage 4th production. "Best Of 740" was originally recorded as a 9 track offering that's absolutely terrific in its execution, but the version that is now getting an official release features the same nine songs a long with eleven more never before heard joints including spitters such as Shogun Assosson, Raw Intellect, One Man, and many more. The LP will be released on May 13, 2014 and though the press release states that it will be a strictly digital release, I have heard rumours that a limited CD edition will also be pressed up. I would definitely throw up some $$ to have this collection of heavy hitting 4th Disciple bangers in the collection, so let's hope this is the case. Check out the official 13 minute snippet reel and be amazed at how fantastic it actually sounds and check out the full tracklist below. Stay tuned as the story develops, but as of now May 13 is the day to mark in your calendars. In the meantime be sure to check out the official 4th Disciple blog for news, mixtapes, and more.

Vol. 1
01. Shogun Assasson - "The Fall"
02. Big Tae, Black, & Bummy Juss - "CPC Theory"
03. Shogun Assasson & Beretta 9 - "Swordz"
04. Raw Intellect & Stanley - "Change Iz Comin'"
05. Agony - "Time Passes"
06. Verb & Shogun Assasson - "One Step"
07. Shogun Assasson - "Who's Eyez Can See"
08. W.G.E. - "Long Time"
09. One Man - "Heavy Berdenz"
10. Bonus Track

Vol. 2
11. Dre Storm - "Sound Storm"
12. Heeto - "Keep On"
13. Lil' Man - "Six-Stonez-War Zones"
14. Raw Intellect - "Poison 4 Profit"
15. Shogun Assasson - "Fuck U Part 2"
16. Lil' Man & Bugsy - "Roll On Yah"
17. Big Tae, Science & Chalant Stylez - "Hot On"
18. Raw Intellect - "Fabolous Felonz"
19. Shogun Assasson, One Man, Hex, Dre Storm & Verb - "Get The Message"
20. One Man - "Heavy Burdenz" [Remix]

Saturday, March 29, 2014


UK emcee and producer Verbal Skills and DJ Stix just dropped their old school, real talk album "The Guillotine" which is now available @ Bandcamp where you can both cop a digital copy and stream the entire thing . Besides heavy turntables, banging beats and clever lyrics, Skills and Stix also grabs an always welcome guest apperance by Masta Ace for the first single (see the video up top), and UK rhymer Emceekilla.

[New 52] MIDAZ THE BEAST - "King"

For the thirteenth installment of MidaZ The Beast's stupid fresh New 52 series, MidaZ uses the opportunity to bang it out to one of those Dilla gems we all love. The track is from an old Jay Dee beat tape but was officially released on the Pete Rock helmed "Jay Stay Paid". Sounding good!

Friday, March 28, 2014

[Comp] GROOVE MERCHANTZ - "Double Grooves Vol. 1"

I know it's been a very long time since I hit you up with one of the typical Lost Tapes compilation that orginally was the whole basis for this site, which boils down to two reasons - I lost my entire harddrive a while back, and i've been very busy with non blog-related issues (remember this is a 100% non-profit site). But in order to make that up for you good brothers who check my blog on the regular I am going all out with this new comp that is something I've been fiending to do for for quite some time. Back in '93/'94 the Mighty V.I.C. (of early Beatnuts and later Ghetto Pro's fame) and Godfather Don (the mastermind behind Hydra Entertainment and countless classic productions and solo material) teamed up as a production unit called The Groove Merchantz in the early to mid-'90's, and though they only released six productions and/or remixes as a group, they got a whole lot of stuff credited to their own names as producers (though most Godfather Don's production credits used here including a lot of solo stuff as well).

What I decided to do is to put them all into one compilation, using a two voulme approach if you will. Each "disc" will start with three Groove Merrchantz classics, followed by various V.I.C. and Don productions from the mid- to late-'90s. I got all the tracks on my computer, and as I just sequenced the first volume I'm putting it out right away for your listening pleasure, and without a doubt Volume 2 should be out hopefully this weekend. And the same formula is repeated on the first installment will carry over to the second one, albeit of course with all "new" songs. I hope you really dig this bc I know I've been playing the shit out of it. PURE hardcore hip-hop to say the least. Download, press play, TURN IT UP and let the headbanging beginning. Once I have completed the second installment, look out for another ill New York legends compialation I've been working on that should be coming your way very soon. I have a hint for you though - "BOOOOHAAAA"! One last thing since it's very hard to find actual pictures of VIC & Don together, I decided to go with a minimalist Godfather Don cover for "Dusty Grooves Vol. 1" while the second one will have a V.I.C. cover. Please feel free to drop a comment section while you're at it.

01. Bas Blasta - "Dangerous" [Groove Merchantz]
02. House Of Pain - "On Point" [Groove Merchantz Remix]
03. Kurious - "Mansion & A Yacht" [Groove Merchantz]
04. Jemini - "Funk Soul Sensation" [Godfather Don Remix]
05. Scaramanga - "Group War 2000" [Godfather Don]
06. Artifacts - "The Interview" [V.I.C.]
07. DJ Honda Ft. Cuban Link, AL, JuJu & Missin' Linx - "On The Mic" [V.I.C.]
08. MC Lyte - "Ruffneck" [Beatnuts Remix by V.I.C. & JuJu]
09. Godfather Don - "Properties Of Steel"
10. Rawcotiks - "Live That I Live" [V.I.C.]
11. Raw Breed - ""Rabbit Stew" [Godfather's Flame Boiled Mix]
12. Ultramagnetic MC's - "Raise It Up" [Godfather Don]
13- Brick City Kids - "Brick City Kids" [V.I.C.]
14. Missin' Linx - "Missin' In Action" [V.I.C.]
15. Godfather Don - "Burn"
16. Kurious - "Spell It With A J (Jorge)" [V.I.C.]
17. Godfather Don Ft. Sir Menelik- "No Competition"

GROOVE MERCHANTZ - "Double Grooves Volume 1"

J-LIVE - "Not Listening"

The second single from J-Live's upcoming album "From The Sun" following the Oddisee produced monster "The Money". This one's produced by Korede and will be available along with the rest of the tracks on the album after it's April 29 release. It's not as ill as the first single, but 'Live spits some inspired bars for sure and the beat is decent. Might be a grower in a full-album context!

[Mixtape/Comp] TRUE MASTER - "Persian Legacy"

Wu-affiliate DYP The Goldenchild has put together a seriously slamming semi-official mixtape of True Master, an artist we got a whole lot of love for here' at The Lsot Tapes, for his IllLegit Recordz blog. While True Master's productions are often the case of focus for any True Master compilation and/or mixtape, DYP instead mixes and arranges a 13 track mixtape/compilation of True Master's rare but always powerfull vocal apperances. I must say I'm a bit suprised that True hasn't focused more on his rhyming skills; he was originally supposed to come out as a solo artist on Guru's Ill Kid Records where he had the terrific "Who The Truest" single, but once he got with the Wu a year or two later his main focus was strictly production. However throughout the years there's been several verses from the legendary man popping up here and there and almost every time I've been kind of blewn away how incredible dope he actually is. Just for a great example is my favorite song from True and KRS-One's collaborative LP "Meta-Physical" from a couple years back, "He's Us" The Master delivered a particular strong verse where he held his own without problem to one of my absolute favorite emcees of all time.

DYP has gathered all these joints from his '94 start to the afore-mentioend "Meta-Physical" (2011) and with the DJ's input it's a real ill lisen that I strongly recommend whether you heard all the cuts before or not. The only minor downside for me is that DYP choosed to only include True's verse from the rare freestyle by him and GURU on a Tony Touch mixtape, over a rare True beat - I had never heard that before, so be sure to check it out @ the embed YouTube clip above (thanks to AncientManOfMystery from Wu Corp for this one). Being that True is currently incarcerated on what might very well be trumped up charges, DYP couldn't get a hold of True right away but he's down with the project and DYP has pressed up CD:s that will be sent out to to True and hist team only so unfortunately there's no chance of actually copping it for us, but oh well. You can check out the artwork, CD and the the backcover here. Would be a dope addition to the collection considering how proffesional it looks but it's highly undoubtedly we'll ever a chance to by this in anyway or form. But at least it's up for free downlaod! Here's the tracklist, all songs produced by True unless saying otherswise - if you can't see the tracklist and the embedded plaeyer from DJBooth click here instead.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

[Mixtape] DE LA SOUL - "Smell The D.A.I.S.Y."

Hell yeah, this is something I've been wanting to hear for years! Considering that pretty much every Jay Dee track the Soul ever jumped on could be called classics in my book it's not suprising to see that Pos, Dave and Mase turned to their DILLA batch for their latest release "Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Sound of Yancey)". Featuring a blend of old Jay Dee favorites and previously unreleased beats, De La sounds as inspired as ever while the 30 minutes of music just flies right by. 2014 is looking to be the year of The Plug's as this is only the first of three planned releases - "The Soul On The Rocks" EP will see the trio team up with DJ Premier and Pete Rock for while their first official retail album is set to drop later this year. TURN IT UP!!


Here's one I forgot to post up from a few days ago, but this is something you should definitely get up on if you haven't already. L'Orange and Billy Woods collaboration "The End" will be available on the MMG producers highly anticipated solo album "The Orchid Days" which hit retailers April 8.

[EP] JERED SANDERS - "Sorry For The Delay"

I was definitely impressed by Jered Sanders previous release, "While You Were Waiting", and now the Elementality emcee makes a welcome comeback with his new 8 songs EP "Sorry For The Delay". Teaming up with DJBooth this one is on the house while Sanders' is preparing his official debut album "Gorgeous" to drop later this year. Stay tuned for more on that one while you head over to the Booth below.

01. "Sorry For The Delay"
02. "Hustle Hard"
03. "Same Ol' Thing"
04. "All I Think About"
05. "Roc-A-Fella Chain"
06. "Iron Man"
07. "Black Butterfly"
08. "SWYMGY"


!LLMIND - "Narcotic Nautilus"

Heavy banger from !llmind, "Narcotic Nautilus" - originally produced three years ago bringing yet another sick take on the Bob James classic. Now let your head bang!

APOLLO BROWN - "The Answer"

Some very ill instrumental music from Apollo Brown's upcoming project "Thirty Eight", out this summer on CD (including bonus tracks with Roc Marciano), 2xLP and digital. May 6 is the date, MMG the label!

[Video] ROME CEE - "The M.E.D.S."

Always sharp Baltimore spitter Rome Cee just dropped the video for "The M.E.D.S.", one of my favorite cuts from his very ill 2014 LP '"EarthSide"'. Don't sleep!


Slum Village brings out an unreleased Jay Dee beat for their new single "Yes Yes", accompanied by a video directed by Ryan Lightbourn. The group (which now consists of T3, Young RJ, and Illa J) is planning two releases this year - the appetizer EP "Vintage" which will be followed this summer by the official full-length "YES". Production on the latter will be handled by Young RJ, Dilla and Black Milk with guest vocals coming from peeps like Jon Connor, De La Soul, Phife and Bilal. "Yes Yes" is out now @ iTunes.

Monday, March 24, 2014


If you ask me Pharoahe Monch should be a given on any list of top emcees so you can bet that his fourth solo album "PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)" ranks high on my wishlist. Previously we've heard "Bad M.F.""Damage" and "Stand Your Ground" and now the veteran Queens lyricist unveils the album trailer, tracklist and artwork. You can also now pre-order @ iTunes. I for one can't wait for April 15!

01. "The Recollection Facility"
02. "Time2"
03. "Losing My Mind" (Ft. Denaun Porter)
04. "Heroin Addict"
05. "Damage"
06. "Bad M.F."
07. "The Recollection Facility Pt. 2"
08. "Rapid Eye Movement" (Ft. Black Thought)
09. "Scream"
10. "SideFX" (Ft. Dr. Pete)
11. "The Jungle"
12. "Broken Again"
13. "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"
14. "D.R.E.A.M." (Ft. Talib Kweli)
15. "The Recollection Facility Pt. 3"
16. "Eht Dnarg Noisulli" (Ft. The Stepkids)
17. "Stand Your Ground"

On a related note, Diamond D just released the first single from his highly anticipated producer album "The Diam Piece". The single which is called "Rap Life" features an energized performance from Pharoahe Monch and is simply mindblowing. Buy the song @ iTunes and BANG YOUR HEAD! Spotted @ Crates Of Jr.

MAIMOUNA YOUSSEF - "We Could Be" [prod. Jay Dee & James Poyser]

Maimouna Youssef is a highly talented soul singer whose beautiful voice you might recognize from her work with artists like Common, The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Dead Prez. Sometime around the early 2000's Youssef recorded a potential solo single produced by the dynamic Soulquarian's duo of J Dilla and James Poyser. That beat and that voice - damn what a nice groove! On a side note, be sure to check out Maimouna @ Bandcamp for more music, including her debut album "The Blooming".

[Album] ROYAL FLUSH / GRAND PAPA TRA - "Grand Capo"

There's so much new music being released in a never ebbing flow these days that it's easy to miss out even on projects you're looking forward to. Such is the case for me with the latest album by Queens legend Royal Flush which he cooked up in conjunction with Swizz producer Grand Papa Tra. I posted a couple of singles and a 10 minutes snippet reel that had me pretty hyped but I had totally missed out on the release date which was this March 8. Well better late than never right!

"Grand Capo" features fourteen cuts, all produced and mixed by Grand Papa Tra, that sees Royal Flush in fine form for the first time following up on the early promise of his '97 debut "Ghetto Millionaire". There's also a whole lot of guest apperances on here, some a lot more interesting than others - like Sean Price, Mic Geronimo, Nutso, Illa Ghee, Lil' Fame, and even a posthumous feature from Ol' Dirty Bastard (!). The album definitely packs that real New York sound, and although it was recorded @ Goblin Music Studios in NY, it's beautifully ironic that it took a Swizz producer to create that vibe that Royal Flush best thrives on. The album is available on limited double vinyl, CD and digital and can be bought in various packages including a pretty sick T-shirt @ the "Grand Capo" Bandcamp page. A big treat is that the entire album is up for free streaming at that same site so be sure to check it out either there or via the embeded player below.

DJ SKIZZ Ft. Jaysaun & Ripshop - "Revenge"

After lending his DJ and/or production skills to artists like Big Noyd, Masta Ace, Maffew Ragazino, Ill Bill and Lil' Dap, DJ Skizz really came into his own last year with the heavy rotation monster "B.Q.E. (Brooklyn to Queens Experience)". Now the New York DJ returns with the brand new single "Revenge", featuring on-point storytelling by the always underrated Jaysaun, Ripshop and DJ Lazyboy on the one and two's. Coupled with Skizz smacking drum programming, beautiful string sample and deep bassline this equals the hottest joints on "B.Q.E." so watch out for this cat's next LP.

F.T. & MusicMan are STAND OUT - "Oh No"

Underground hero F.T. (of Street Smartz fame) is preparing a full-length project with producer MusicMan under the group name Stand Out. The first single from the album is this bumping cut called "Oh No" which has F.T. flexing his verbal skills over an ill Beatles based backdrop (matter of fact, The Beatles is even listed as a featured artist). Thumbs up!

[Sampler] SHEEK LOUCH / GHOSTFACE - "Wu-Block 2"

As I'm sure you are aware 2013 saw the release of Sheek Louch and Ghostface Killah's collaborative album "Wu-Block", an LP featuring a whole lot of bangers. Now word is spreading about a sequel project and considering the high work ethics of both Sheek and Ghost it's not all that suprising. A tracklist and cover art has been leaked, however shortly afterwards a representative of Greenstreets Entertainment issued the following statement - "We weren't ready to make an announcement. The distributor jumped the gun. That art and tracklist was for discussion purposes only, not official". The currently rumoured date is set for May 20 this year which doesn't sound unreasonable considering it's obvious completed.

So from what I gather, these tracks are all recorded though the track order and titles may be changed before the album hits retailers. An interesting things I noticed on this tracklist is the inclusion of "Drivin' Round" by Sheek Louch, Masta Killa and GZA which seems to be the same as my favorite joint on the first "Wu-Block" LP - only this version also lists Ghostface Killah (but not Erykah Badu). Another thing of note is the track "Aura" by Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest and Masta Killa; "Aura" is originally a solo track by Priest from his fantastic "Psychic World of Walter Reed" album. Anyway this should be a project worth peeping, you can even check out a lil' sampler/snippet reel below the tentative tracklist (much thanks to Wu super fan FeLo for that one). A major shout out to the good guys @ the Wu-Tang Corp forums who's always up on the latest Clan info!

01. "Cappa Wu Block" (Ft. Cappadonna)
02. "Wu Block Bizness" (Ghost & Sheek)
03. "Can't Be Lookin' 4 Me" (Ghost & Sheek Ft. The LOX)
04. "Big Money" (Ghost & Sheek)
05. "Guns On 'Em" (Sheek)
06. "Ain't Coming From Class" (Sheek Ft. Solomon Childs)
07. "Wanted Dead Or Alive" (Ft. Solomon Childs & Cappadonna)
08. "Put Ya Hands Up" (Ghost & Sheek)
09. "South Beach" (Ghost & Sheek)
10. "Die Tonight" (Sheek Ft. Styles P)
11. "Aura" (Ghostface Ft. Killah Priest & Masta Killa)
12. "Drivin' Round" (Ghost & Sheek Ft. Masta Killa & GZA)
13. "Do U Like It" (Ghost & Sheek)
14. "Come Get Some" (Ghost & Sheek)
15. "Throw It Up" (Sheek)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Beat Tape] DJ OGEE - "The A.I. Projex 2014"

My first introduction to Brooklyn based DJ and producer Ogee was on OC's '94 debut LP "Word...Life" where he laced two tracks, including the bonafide classic "No Main Topic". Since then his unique headnod inducing sound has enhanced records by OGC, Sadat X, Heltah Skeltah, Street Smartz/FT, Big Punisher and more. To me he always had a knocking boom bap-esque sound so when Ogee productions became a real rarity around 2000 I had a  huge curiosity on what had happened to the talented beatsmith. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and Soundcloud, we can easily find out that Ogee is not only alive and well but he's still making necksnapping music with a heavy rewind factor. Though not much information is up he has uploaded 10 powerful hip-hop instrumentals umder the label "The A.I. Projex 2014". And yes they are all downloadable, so I thought I'd definitely share these with you. I embeded the three top ones - but be sure to head over to OgeeDITC @ Soundcloud to peep the rest!


Danny Brown's "Contra" originally appeared on Danny Brown's fourth volume of his "Detroit State Of Mind" mixtape series, as well as an eLzhi featuring remix which House Shoes used for his "Daily Bread" project. So no, it's not new by any  means but who cares as long as it's this damn dope. Brown's hyper charged flow and hilarious verbal gymnastics sound extra amplified over Apollo Brown's hardcore street soul and drums of death so prepare to get your head nodding.

The reason this joint resurfaces is now is because Danny Brown is reissuing his "Hot Soup" on 2xLP which will include no less than seven exclusive joints. "Contra" is not only one of them, but will also be the A-side on the bonus 45 that follows with the purchase. Released via DJ House Shoes' Street Corner Music imprint the disc(s) will be available on April 19. Spotted @ EgoTripLand,

JUS DAZE - "I Miss..." [prod. J57]

"I Miss..." is the title of the new single by Queens emcee Jus Daze, where the highly skilled lyricist has enlisted the help from Brown Bag AllStar producer J57 for the proper soundbed. This is some real New York ish here so don't sleep!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

[Mixtape] VINCE STAPLES - "Shyne Coldchain II"

My main man Linkan (of Side Effectz fame) strongly recommended me to check out this new mixtape called "Shyne Coldchain II" from Vince Staples - the latest addition to the Def Jam roster. Representing Long Beach, California, Staples got a gripping flow and explores a wide array of topics that is sure to keep any hip-hop heads attention. Especially since he's backed up by a plethora of FAT ASS beats courtesy of No I.D. on this 10 track opus, save for two cuts produced by Dilated Peoples's Evidence & DJ Babu (#1, #6), and one each from Scoop Deville (#7) and Childish Major (#5). The young spitter has been signed to Talib Kweli's Blacksmith imprint for some time prior to his move to Def Jam, so expect an official full-length presented by the two labels hopefully sooner than later. With all original beats, nothing but full song and previously unreleased verses "Shyne Coldchain II" gives a great insight into what we can expect from a full LP from this cat and if that's the case it will without a doubt be one to keep your eyes and ears the fuck open for!

You can stream and/or download the digital project for free via DatPiff below, but if you want a quick taste of what to expect you can peep the official music video for "Nate" above; produced by Scoop Deville and featuring singer James Fauntleroy. TURN IT UP!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

[Mixtape] HIEROGLYPHICS - "Post: 6 Year Anniversary"

The Oakland, CA legends Hieroglyphics has been steadily pumping out hot wax since 1992 between their main members Casual, Souls Of Mischief, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Domino and Pep Love. A true underground collective that stands out from the rest, being that they are not only amazing on the mic but also very ill producers and DJ.s in their own rights. From what I gather this slamming Hieroglyphics mixtape has been created in honor of San Fransisco's exclusive clothing line The Hundreds. The San Fransco offshot is celebrating their 100 year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than contacting the Mischief¨'s for a 75 minutes continues mix of a majority of their classic records, mixed in with some lesser known and even new cuts. All mixed by DJ ICEWATER, "Post" does a fantastic job at both inviting new fans at the same time that there¨s plenty of the vinage Hieroglyphics joints all over. Be sure to don't sleep on this, because you never know how long it's gonna be up for steam and grabs. You won't be dissapointed (click plau at tue cover at he top of this post!)

1. Eye Examination - Del
2. Burnt - Hieroglyphics
3. That's When Ya Lost - Souls Of Mischief
4. That's How It Is - Casual
5. Catch A Bad One - Del
6. Batting Practice - Souls Of Mischief
7. Now What - Opio (Extra Prolific)
8. Lose In The End - Casual
9. The Who - Hieroglyphics
10. Soweto - Hieroglyphics
11. Oakland Blackouts - Del & Opio
12. After Dark - Pep Love
13. Rap Game - Casual
14. Powers That Be - Hieroglyphics
15. Hip Hop My Friend - Pep Love
16. The Mayor - Pep Love & Tajai
17. Lighters - First Light ft. Hieroglyphics
18. Mistadobolina RMX - Del
19. Let It Roll - Hieroglyphics

DE LA SOUL x DILLA - "Vocabularily Spills"

The De La crew is going HARD this year, on March 26 next week they are releasning "Smell The Daisy (Da Inner Soul of Yancey)". A brand new mixtape with nothing but new De La verses over Dilla beats (judging from the two singles at least I despite the huge Jay Dee fanatic I am have never before heard). I always loved De La over Dilla and has been thinking about a compilation for the longest, but the fact is that there's only 9-10 tracks found on their various retail releases. So this is a real blessing, and if that wasn't enough, this will be followed up by an EP exclusively produced by DJ Premier and Pete Rock which will then make way for the Soul's seventh official album "You're Welcome". It's a DAISY age all over!

OC - "B-Boy Stance" (Two Versions)

Veteran Brooklyn emcee has released several albums since he first came onto the scene; ranging from classics like "Jewelz", "Word...Life" and the more recent "Throphies", not to mention all the amazing guest spots starting with his recording debut on Organized Konfusion's '91 debut. Personally, I was first introduced to what has since become one of my favorite lyricists of all time when I first heard his debut single "Time's Up" followed by what's esentially one of the finest hip-hop album's ever released - "Word...Life". A few laters he joined the D.I.T.C. crew together with his DJ Buckwild, released several ill 12":s and an underrated album on Tommy Boy, and the rest is history.

Omar Credle's latest endevaour is a 7" single on the Austalian label We Play Records!, entitled "B-Boy Stance".Produced by DJ Force both versions of the track manages to tap into a ill golden era type of sound and everything about this banger seems just about right. You can stream both songs below, but for physical copies be sure to head over to We Play Until then, press play below (my personal favorite is the cassette mix) and don't forget to TURN IT UP!!

MIDAZ THE BEAST - "The Architext" (Ft. Has-Lo)

Two of the most interesting underground artsits to emerge from the last few years goes at it hardbodie on "The Architext". It is produced by MidaZ' P.N.C. #1 IMAKEMADBEATS and features strong performances on all parts. Originally recorded for the "Dare Iz A Doxside Part II", and while it might still appear there fans are treated to it as the twelvth entry in the New 52 series, so enjoy!

[Mixtape] DAMU THE FUDGEMUNK - "Top 20 Favorite Samples"

If you've been following the brilliant site that is EgoTripLand you should be aware that they run a regular series of interviews where some of the finest producers in the game break down their favorite sample flips of all time. There's been some really interesting articles with cats like Da Beatminerz, Lord Finesse, K-DEF, DJ Spinna, and many more. For Damu The Fudgemunks entry, the Redefinition artist takes it a step further by providing a continious DJ mix of his personal favorite sample flips s a long with the hip-hop tracks using them. A definite listen with excerpts of both jazz, soul and cassic hip-hop expertly mixed by The Fudgemunk himself... So what you're waiting for?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[Album] MADGIBBS - "[Cocaine] Pinata"

I don't know how many times I've stated over the last six months that Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's collaborative one MC/one DJ full-length "Cocaine Pinata" that is now finally available to the public. The reason why I've held this in such a high regard even before it was even out is based on several things - the incredible chemistry heard on the several independent singles released leading up to the official release which is now upon us. Another important factor for me is to finally be able to hear Gibbs, who I consider one of the strongest street spitters operating now, finally getting a whole batch of  smoked out underground West Coast bangers whereas imo most of his previous projects has been quite unbalanced. The CD version of the album (which now officially goes by just "Pinata") on Madlib Invazion this Tuesday, while the 2xLP set is slated for a Tuesday releease.

A bit unfortunately the album leaked almost a week before the official release date; I of course buy most of the 2xLP sets that I really dig no matter if I heard them before but that's not the case for everyone. Anyway, I've been able to bang this quite a bit, and its not only a very dope album on first listen but a real grower as well. Cuts like the majority of the singles ("Deeper", "Harrold's", "Shame", "Thuggin'" all appears). But considering all tracks were recorded for this project, and it does feature 17 tracks all-in-all and clocking in at 60 minutes,, this is definitely one to sleep on and that vinyl release will definitely get my money. To be perfectly honest this is by far Gibbs finest full-length offering yet in my huble opinion and the chemisty between producer/MC is absolutely terrific. I really hope they will continue their musical relationship!

Pretty uch every beat and rhyme trully compiments each other extremely well (but hey what do you expect). If you're feeling the music as much as me this could turn out to be an amazing group just like MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental is a group these days (read more about that in my extensive Lost Tapes interview with 'em). It's a truly dope front-to-back listen - well there's a few pointless skits. The album ín both formats are available @0 FatBeats, so what you're waiting for? If it's to hear the project before you spend the cash on  this dope album - you can now hear it in full thanks to the Spotify upload. I don't approve of all the guests here, but it's nice to hear BJ The Cicago Kid, Raekwon, Danny Brown and especially Scarface over Madlib beats so just that is worthwhile listening of course to say the least. It's not entirely perfect but Check it out below and if you don't have Spotify - DON'T SLEEP and yo, TURN IT UP too!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Any day is a great day for a new Wu-Tang Clan single so get pumped as the Clan on "Keep Watch" featuring singer Nathaniel. As far as I know this is the first official single from the nonet's highly anticiapted "A Better Tomorrow" which should be out sometime this year. Produced by Allah Mathematics and featuring strong verses from Meth, Deck, Cappa and GZA, this one has a real nice vibe on the Shaolin soul tip - I'm not entirely sold on the hook though but as a whole the song definitely goes. 

VERBAL KENT - "Underrated?" [Apollo Brown Remix]

Ugly Heroes members Apollo Brown and Verbal Kent reconnect with a remix of "Underrated?", lifted from the Japanese edition of Kent's recent album "Sound of the Weapon".

[Album] CASTLE - "Return Of The Gasface" [The Has-Lo Passages]

Mello Music Group artist Castle's "Gasface" album from last year gets an interesting touch-up courtesy of label mate Has-Lo and released as "Return Of The Gasface" [The Has-Lo Passages]. Instead of simply adding new beats to old accapellas, Has-Lo and Castle instead uses the remix album as a concept to take a fresh approach to previously released music. From the press release: "MMG vet Has-Lo built the album from the ground up - having Castle re-spit verses, adding verses, ad-libs, a guest verse from Has, and even a pair of new tracks". Definitely sounds interesting on paper and as of now I'm a few cuts in and it's got a nice vibe fo' sho' sho'.

Jerimside & Danny Diggs - "Deep Rivers"

Jerimside & Danny Diggs is another ill group on the HiPNOTT Records roster. Back in October the emcee/producer duo released their second full-length project "Quiet As Kept". Now they are offering up the exclusive non-album track "Deep Rivvers (Tribute to Fannie Lou Hammer)" to heads as a free download. Be sure to check this one out!

[Album] MIC LUNGZ - "Bully Beatdown"

Washington, DC based emcee Mic Lungz brings 10 tracks of fiery verses and adrenaline pumping beats on his latest release "Bully Beatdown". The UFC themed LP is entirely produced by fellow DC artist Judah, written and performed by Mic Lungz and features guest apperances by Tone Trump, Tabi Bonney, Visto, Shydi, K-Beta and Ra.

Monday, March 17, 2014

SOUNDSCI - Silent Someone Remixes

Lost Tapes favorites Soundsci lets loose of two rugged remixes of cuts from their most recent vinyl release, the 10" EP "World Expo" which is highly recommended. Produced by Bronx based producer Silent Someone the tracks found here are the UGeorge joint "Blowin' Up" and the hardboiled "Entrapment". The original version of the latter also appears on the recent The Lost Tapes / Dice Academy album "The UPRISING" which is also up for free download/stream. Make sure to pick up "World Expo" and other releases from the crew @

MidaZ The BEAST - "We Don't Love 'Em"

Another hot recent joint that I'm just getting too is the 11:th entry in MidaZ The BEAST's weekly "New 52" series. Entitled "We Don't Love 'Em" MidaZ takes the opportunity to go in hard over one of the hip-hop classics:

"The Mobb Deep joint I edited up to become the backdrop for this week's entry is one of my favorite cuts from them. Just flavorful. I always wanted to rhyme on it and give my own side of the story to what they were saying originally." - MidaZ


This is old news by now but I haven't had a chance to update for almost a week (sorry about that), and it might be a couple of days until I'll be able to start updating on the regular again, but we'll get there. This slamming anthem for legendary NYC club The Tunnel is the second single from Onyx & Snowgoons' collaborative project "WakeDaFuckUp" which drops tomorrow (pre-order @ UGHH). Real sick line-up on this one so pump up the volume!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Video] BIGREC - "Bullseye"

One of 2014's strongest tracks finally get the visual treatment. "Bullseye" is the first single from ATL emcee BIGREC's and super producer Diamond D's highly anticipated full-lengther "DoomsDay" which finally hit retailers April 15. It seems both artists are going in heavily for 2014, as this album will be followed up by Diamond's "The Diam Piece" and BIGREC's project with his crew TH5PENTAGON. Watch out!


First official single from the upcoming Royal Flush album with producer Grand Papa Tra. This one's called "Grand Capo" and features Sean Price on the guest verse.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

[Interview] MidaZ The BEAST

MidaZ The BEAST is one of the artists that I always show support for here @ The Lost Tapes, as he is not only one of the absolute illest young spitters out there but is also extremely driven and always bring quality material to the table. With that being said I'm proud to present an exclusive interview with the man, something we've been meaning to do since before "AU: Another Universe" dropped last year but things kept coming in between. Well, better late than never, so here it is y'all... Enjoy!

claaa7: Peace MidaZ, good to have you on the other line of this interview!
Let's start from the beginning, you grew up in Orlando, Florida; a place that's not primarily known for its bulging hip-hop scene. How did growing up in Orlando effect you as far as becoming an emcee?
MidaZ The BEAST: There’s actually a really robust hiphop scene out here. Maybe not household names but a lot of super emcees ran through my city. Guys like my whole Doxside team, the Vets Of Kin, my man Illa, and tons of others. It was a really competitive enviroment to be an emcee in back in those days for sure. You could get battled at any moment, and dudes played for keeps. So growing up out here you kinda had to be sharp on the mic all the time.

c7: Where you involved in other aspects of the culture at that time as well, e.g. writing, dancing, or DJ:ing? And if so, when did you ultimately realize that emceeing was your true calling?
MidaZ: Definitely not. Haha. Knew I wanted to rhyme to moment I first heard C.R.E.A.M.. I’ve always been a storyteller tho from young. Love a good story. Always had a love for language and creativity. So I think i pretty much only had one option.

c7: In my mind you're the epitome of an artist who truly embraced the growing digital culture to build yourself a name. You released loads of free street albums that a lot of heads loved - did you have a plan from the get go to build a fanbase that way before releasing your debut album, or was it more a case of you just wanting to get some music out there?
MidaZ: Absolutely. I knew it was important to get people to trust me before I decided to make them purchase anything. I think giving the people music is a sign of good faith. Like now the ball is in their hands and I trust them to support me back.

c7: Definitely. Which would you say is your favorite out of all the street albums and mixtapes that you released between the "Grandmasters" tape and your official debut album with "AU: Another Universe"?
Thats tough. There’s joints on them all that i love. Probably LOOPS if I had to choose, because it was a “MidaZ” record. Had the feel that it all my own. It was personal, and colorful all at the same time because there werent any drums to get in the way of the words. That project was a blast!

c7: I would agree with you on that one, for me I always felt "LOOPS" was particularily strong and gave it a glowing review here on The Lost Tapes. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was in large the first time you rhymed over all new beats, and although it made use of a DJ it felt a lot like an album. To me that was the true predecessesor to "AU: Another Universe". Would you agree with that?
MidaZ: Nah it def. wasnt the the first time I rhymed on all new beats for a project. All of the music i recorded with IMAKEMADBEATS for the Nightlight project proceeded the work on LOOPS, as well as some other stuff i had recorded. But yeah it was def. the predecessor to AU, although timeline wise, LOOPS was recorded after AU.

c7: Wow, I totally forgot about the IMAKEMADBEATS album that you did with Butta Verses! One thing I noticed on "LOOPS" and that you took even further on "AU" is how extremely intimate you can get with your rhymes; meaning that you often rhyme about extremely personal topics that often touch on your very saddest, most vulnerable moments - a place many emcees don't dare to go in fright of hurting their "thug persona". You, instead, manage to get across the whole human experience... What's your thoughts on this?
MidaZ: Yeah man, you gotta understand i'm a fan first. I’ve always loved a good story. The art of storytelling completely fascinates me. Whether it be from personal experience, or completely made up. In either case your goal is to bring the listener into a world and captivate and keep them there. Its fun to me. Even the super depressing shit is fun to me, because I just love to write.

c7: Continuing on that same topic, how hard is the process of writing introspective songs such as "Worthless", "Coma" and "Walking Away" in contast to an MC exercise like "Champion of the Block" or "Fire"?
MidaZ: Honestly it depends on the song. Each one is its own beast. I'll say this, I write pretty fast regardless. So I just feel out the beat and try to bring out what i think the beat would say if it had a voice. I don’t go into a song with the idea already set. I sit with [the] beat and feel it out...if it sounds like a bar fest, then its a barfest...if it sounds like a story, then its a story...something heartfelt or introspective? Then thats where I go.
c7: Being that you had already built a fan base and released a lot of music by 2013, how much pressure did you feel going into releasing an actual retail album?
MidaZ: Not a whole lot because I believed in the music. I knew it was good, and I know my team and I make great music. And like i said, I'm a fan first. Its gotta be something I would wanna bump in the whip myself.

c7: How much did the process differ between "AU" from your earlier digital projects like  "LOOPS" and "El Michaels Affair"?
MidaZ: The process was actually really similar. That’s probably because I'm always working on projects simultaneously. AU was being constructed for a few years, and in between, I worked on a whole slew of other stuff. There’s almost never been a time where Ive worked exclusively on one project at a time.

c7: I think you did an exceptional job with the album, I really liked how you balanced more introspective joints like "Worthless" and "Coma", which I think a lot can relate to, with powerful hardcore hip-hop bangers such as "Champion Of The Block", "Fire", "Goldberg", etc. Did you feel a pressure to make sure every side of MidaZ The BEAST was represented on "AU"?
MidaZ: That was the goal, I'm glad you picked up on that. AU was like a MidaZ Sampler. Just wanted you to get a glimse of the different things i can do lyrically, because I really feel like lyrically I can do it all. Also, fans like different aspects of my style. Some like the story joints more, while others like the concept joints, and still others like to see me go into “BEASTMODE”. I wanted to make sure I had something for all of them on there, and expose the other sides of myself to people who may not have known.

c7: "Fire" with Roc Marciano was the first single from the project; a real hard track that worked great as a first taste of the LP. What was it about "Fire" that made you go with "Fire" as the first single? Do you think you'd still release it without the weight of Roc Marciano's name attached to it?
MidaZ: Roc is the homie...good, good brother. Yeah, I still wouldve went that way, the joint is tough. I thought it would be cool, to come out the gate swinging for the fences. Its not easy to hold your own on a joint with Marc. That man is a genius wordsmith.

c7: I was also curious about how you hooked up with Marco Polo and Roc Marciano?
MidaZ: I knew both Roc and Marco thru some mutual acquaintances and put a call out to both. I'm gracious that they were interested in the joint.
c7: Next up was another guest heavy single, the Blueprint and Sabac Red collaboration "Seeing is Believeing", which also featured an incredibly strong performance from producer IMAKEMADBEATS. I loved that you released this as a single, and the emcees you choose to represent with you on it was perfect, cus it dealt with a very important topic. Every single word on that record represents truth that needs to be heard, and is becoming more and more critical each day. How did that record come about, and would you care to elaborate on its theme?
MidaZ: This was one of those joints where the theme kinda came about on its own. IMAKEMADBEATS KILLED that beat. It might be my fav on the record. When he sent the beat thru, the opening line jumped out at me, and I jusy kinda took it from there. Print and Sabac really took the concept and ran with it. I loved what they did with the idea. Sabac has been a good friend and mentor for me in the game for a while and when i reached out he’s always down to rock out with me. Print is another good good friend of mine for a spell now. After laying my verse, the first person I thought of for the joint was Sabac. It just sounded to me like something he would kill. After Sabac, I shouted at Print because I felt the track was missing something. He was what it was missing haha.

c7: Oh No produced the grimey, almost psych-funky "Goldberg" on the LP. You obviously have obtained a good relationship with the acclaimed producer, as well as his Gangrene partner Alchemist being that you've appeared on cuts on projects from both. How did y'all first hook up and are there any future projects between y'all planned for the future?
MidaZ: In 2008 I went on tour with Oh No and Roc C in support of Roc C’s album with IMAKEMADBEATS “The Transcontinental”. We hit it off really well, while on tour. Oh No is my dude, and we definitely have a similar taste in music. I think Al got at me via Oh No. Al’s naasty on the beats and the rhymes and the vibe that their on right now is my same vibe. Me and Oh No may have a project in the works soon for sure. There’s a LOT of unreleased music there.
c7: Very interesting! Another track from "AU" that really moved me that I want to touch upon is "Coma" which was just mindblowing to me. First off the verses are painfully honest, something that anyone that has gone through a real hell can definitely relate to. Was that based or inspired by a real, personal story, or just great cinematic storytelling?
MidaZ: Great cinematic storytelling haha. Coma is probably the one song on the LP I had an idea for prior to the existence of the music. I thought it was just a wild idea that i knew no one had touched before. I came up [with] the entire idea, the loop, and if you listen reeeaaal closely, the people who are talking in the beginning of the song actually talk throughout the entire song. I brought all of these ideas to IMAKEMADBEATS who is plainly put the illest motherfucker i know, and he knew exactly what to do with it. He transformed it from a great collection of ideas, into an experience. Especially with the way the bass plays on there and the inclusion of the heart monitor. I love that song.

c7: Word, that was the second thing about that joint that really grabbed me was the production by you and IMAKEMADBEATS which not only elevated the whole theme of the song to another level, but also was extremely creative. What came first the beat or the rhyme?
MidaZ: I wrote the song to the sample. So I guess you could say either rhyme or the beat came first. lol.

c7: Both on "AU" and many other projects you favor two main producers - IMAKEMADBEATS and TzariZM. Let's start with IMAKEMADBEATS, what's your back story and what is it about his sound that keeps drawing you to work with him?
MidaZ: IMAKEMADBEATS is literally the first producer I ever met. He’s my partner in crime, and my best friend simultaneously. He knows how to get the best out of me and he has a fantastic ear. His sound IS my sound at this point. They are one and the same, and thats why we work so well, and so often together. We’ve got whole albums in the stash literally, its nuts.  

c7: What about TzariZM, same question?
MidaZ: I met the both of them (IMAKEMADBEATS and TzariZM are brothers) at a showcase they used to run in Orlando. Me and IMAKEMADBEATS almost instantly hit it off, while me and TzariZM eventually did as well. Now the three of us are a great team. TzariZM is dope. Like he’s a pleasure to be with in the lab because hes a crazy free spirit. Will try anything, and being that he’s a super emcee himself, we just get up and spazz out.

c7: Flipping it, what do you think is the difference between working with IMAKEMADBEATS and TzariZM as far as in the studio, and how you work together?
MidaZ: Hmmm...Me and IMAKEMADBEATS have really organic sessions. We’ll typically come up with ideas at the same time, and we really work like a hand in glove. There’s an excitement in our sessions, and amazement on my part because he’s always doing some unbelievable shit lol. TzariZM sessions are a lot more random. We will start working on one song, and end up knocking out some whole other shit. Or saying fuck it and jumping on XBOX. The three of us work really well together though through our different styles.

c7: Before we leave the topic of "AU: Another Universe", I got one more related question. The album was released and distributed on HiPNOTT Records. Did you sign a one-album deal or will there be future albums from you on the label?
MidaZ: Def. more work planned. Next up is the New 52 box set, and some other things. We plan on working together for a while. Kevin is my brother.

c7: You got the single "F.N.U." that was just released on the The Lost Tapes compilation abum "The UpRising", what can you tell me about that track?
MidaZ: That was an AU holdover. Thats the song that gets one of the biggest responses at shows. Thats a joint I did with my man Tough Junkie. He’s one of my favorite producers. Hes got a lot of monster material.  That song is a grab my nuts track. Just wanted to boast off and let cats know its not a game over here. My own little “MidaZ the BEAST ain't nuthin to fuck with” haha.

c7: Another project that I heard rumours about is a collaborative EP with South African producer The Militia. Have you actually recorded anything for that, or what's the deal with that?
MidaZ: The Militia is doope. There was talk of another joint but no talks of a project.

c7: Following "AU", you surely didn't take a break from hip-hop. You recently launched your "The New 52" series. I really love the concept and am highly impressed by the material released so far. Tell me how the project came about?
MidaZ: No days off. Thats the M.O. I just didnt wanna rest on my laurels. There’s a lot of work to be done, and a lot of people to be fed. I'm a big comic head and I got some of the inspiration from my homie Sha Stimuli from when he did the weekly a few years back. I knew I work hard enough to be able to do that as well so i just dove in. I also thought it would be a fresh way to showcase the talent that’s in our crew as well, and inform people on how very dope our artists Gift Revolver and Ben Goraj are. And its fun. I love that the fans get so much music this year from our camp. Its kinda like a thank you for the support.

c7: 52 songs are a lot of music, and I know it's a collaboration between MidaZ and Doxside Music Group. Will you be featured on all 52 songs, or will there also be songs only staring other Doxside spitters and/or producer?
MidaZ: There will for certain be some joints featuring only other members of the team. One of the upcoming ones will be from Synopse and his artist Mozaic. I think TzariZM is gonna drop off one of the joints from “Via Satellite” which is his LP with Planet Asia. IMAKEMADBEATS is gonna pass through a couple exclusives, amongst others as well.

c7: Dope! So what's your favorite joint of the 9 tracks you have released so far?
MidaZ: Def. Hat Trick. Thats a joint from LOOPS 2. Thats my shit right there.

c7: I know you have mentioned that the next installment, #10, will be something a litle special... Can you reveal something about that?
Ten is special cause its a posse cut. The DMG squad was in effect on that one. Theres a video for it too, although it will release later. [note: #10 has just been released - check out "The Hallway"

c7: For my final question I want to ask if there's any possibility that HiPNOTT or any other label might release a selection of your favorite joints out of the 52 around Christmas this year or something?
MidaZ: Definitely. We are working out the details as we speak. Its coming for sure.

c7: Alright, MidaZ, I want to take this opportunity to wish you good luck on all your future projects and please continue to keep me updated on any news and new music. Keep rocking the "New 52" and much thanks for taking the time out your day to make this interview happen, it means a lot! Take care and peace fam!
MidaZ: One love and respect to you and The Lost Tapes. Your support of real hip hop doesnt go unnoticed here at DMG. We got a lot of love for the site!'

If you haven't already bought MidaZ's slamming debut album "AU: Another Universe" make sure to grab a copy @ HiPNOTT Records, UGHH or iTunes. Also be sure to check out MidaZ @ Bandcamp where you can check out most of his earlier releases like the aforementioned "LOOPS". Last, but not least don't forget that MidaZ and Doxside Music Group is currently hitting us with a new dope jam once a week via their "The New 52" series.