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Thursday, May 29, 2014

EMC Interview on "The Turning Point" @ Str8OutDaDen

I always felt that on paper and in a live setting (which I was lucky to see them together a couple of years ago), EMC is a fantastic group with four true lyricists but to be honest I wasn't exactly blown away by their debut "The Show". It's a good album, but there were definitely some questionable beat choices for my personal taste on there. Now they recently came through with their new, much anticipated project; the EP "The Turning Point". To be honest I wasn't exactly blowed away this time either beside fantastic performance of a four-time crew, that not only includes one my favorite emcees of all time, but three additional strong lyricists as well. I might need to listen to it more, but at this point (on two-three listens) I feel that only the two last songs and maybe one more does the group justice. 

I never posted the official album stream premiered @ 2DBz when it was first released, but better late than never for those of you haven't heard it. And at the same time, Str8OutDaDen has conducted a fifteen minutes radio interview with the crew about the making of "The Turning Point", which I always find interesting so check that one up up top, while the full album stream is right below. Don't take my word for it, a  lot of people seem to love this so give it a good spin and please drop a comment on how you feel about the project.and if you are feeling it, cop it @ iTunes

EDIT: Unfortunately, the free streaming link has been taken down but I'm sure a lot of y'all have heard it by now any ways so it's what it is. Enjoy the internet if not, and I encourage you to get a hold of the EP if you haven't already, it definitely got strong moments and are worth hearing.

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