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Saturday, November 15, 2014

[Sampler] MAC McRAW Ft. OXYGEN & AUDESSEY - "B-Boy Bionics" / "Dust" EP

Golden age loving producer Mac McRaw's new 12" EP "B-Boy Bionics" / "Dust" is finally available and is a real treat for long time Soundsci fans like we hear @ The Lost Tapes. Mac McRaw comes through with some gritty MPC-60 and SP1200 vintage sounding boom bap, which perfectly sets off Oxygen and Audessey to bring their A-game on "B-Boy Bionics" and "Dust" respectively. Both from a lyrical and production standpoint this is nothing but pure hip-hop brilliance and should be something any true conniseour would want in his or her collection. Besides the main tracks which you can peep above you can also the EP brings an even stronger Soundsci connection as it includes a The Process remix of "Dust", wherein Ollie Teeba and Jonny Cuba gets busy on the programming and turntable side. As if that wasn't enough the EP also boosts instrumentals of both songs, as well as two additional remixes of "Dust", including the original Mac McRaw version entitled the OG SP1200 Demo Version. Limited to only 250 commercial copies, be sure to grab your copy for only £9.99 @

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