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Saturday, February 13, 2016

[EP] RAY WEST Presents LORD TARIQ - "Uptown Suite"

 Making the "LUV NY" album I visited my man Ray West's Bandcamp I came across some really hot shit form lat year htat i initially missed due to the fact that I kind of lost interest in Hip Hop there for  a minute (in favor of Jazz). I said it before that when Ray West first came on to the scene with his production on AG's "Get Berries"  and some of the subsequent mixtapes. I really missed Showbiz and wondered why AG was allowing an (at the time) unknown and up and coming producer handle all the music on his records. "LUV NY" was a lot more impressive but the one LP that really, really swayed me was West's collaboration with ny favorite emcee, "Ray's Café". Still to this day it holds up as one of OC's best albums in recent years, and together with subsequent work on albums by John Robinson and P.80s I realized  that one of West's strongest talents is his ability to conform to his collaborator. This makes each Ray West album or EP a unique experience, and the same can be said about his four track suite with the legendary Money Bo$$ Player known as Lord Tariq. You can stream and buy the full album @ Red Apple's Bandcamp.


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