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Monday, February 14, 2011

Beneficence LP coming soon

I never heard of this cat before but judging from the two tracks presented below and a glance at the tracklist this looks like a must for any fan of vintage East Coast boom bap. According to, Beneficence hails from New Jersey and is an affilliate of The Artifacts and been around for a while; checking his page @ I noticed he released a double-sided 12" single back in 1998 so he definitely has had time to hone his skill. The forthcoming album is named 'Sidewalk Stories' and will be available on LP and CD from March 1, so if you like what you hear then support real hip-hop by paying the few bucks it will cost you. The LP includes 12 tracks while the CD edition has a few bonus cuts, adding the sum up to 17 songs in total (two remixes included). The features and credits looks straight up off the hook, Five tracks produced by my man Diamond D in addition to beats by 12 Finger Dan (who had a real gem placed on the banging Freestyle Professors's album last year), Presto and DJ LKB. NY legends such as Roc Marciano, The Legion, Diamond D, Freestyle Professors, Rob-O, Prince Po, Lord Tariq, El Da Sensei, Wise Intelligent and Truth Enola will share mic time with Beneficence and that's obviously a ridicolous line-up. I got two tracks from the album for y'all to download to get a taste of what the man is gonna bring in the beginning of March. The first 12" single dropped a few months back and the A-side is called "Heavy Hitters", and is one of the Diamond productions. The other track features a killer verse by Roc Marciano and hit the nets just a few days back; these are also the two opening tracks on the CD version of the album. Take a listen, enjoy and drop a comment if you like what you hear - I know I do!

* Upon request by Beneficence himself I've deleted the links, but the snippets can be heard via the link at the bottom of this post. That's something I respect when an artist or someone involved in the project would rather just ask me to take a link down than try have me go through some bullshit legal problem. Peace

01. "Heavyhitters" [prod. Diamond D]
02. "Monetary Policy" (Ft. Roc Marciano) [prod. Presto]
03. "Fight On" [prod. DJ LKB]
04. "The Essence" (Ft. Truth Enola) [prod. Presto]
05. "Bare Knuckle" [prod. Diamond D]
06. "Royal Dynasty" [prod. DJ LKB]
07. "What Would You Do?" (Ft. Rob-O & Kazi) [prod. 12 Finger Dan]
08. "Watch You" [prod. DJ LKB]
09. "What A King Would Do" (Ft. Diamond D) [prod. Diamond D]
10. "Aim, Fire, Spit" (Ft. The Legion) [prod. Molecules]
11. "Sidewalk Science" [prod. Diamond D]
12. "Treasures Untold" [prod. Diamond D]
13. "With My Real People" (Ft. Prince Po & Lord Tariq) [prod. 12 Finger Dan]
14. "King Of Knights 2" [prod. DJ LKB]
15. "Go Away" (Ft. Frank Nitty) [prod. DJ LKB]
16. "Royal Dynasty (Remix)" (Ft. Wise Intelligent) [prod. DJ LKB]
17. "Treasurers Untold (Remix)" (Ft. Diamond D) [prod. Diamond D]



  1. What's good? This is Benny / CEO of ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS, label home of Beneficence. Many thanks for the nice words on our album! Hit me up at We gotta discuss a few things.
    You can also order the album (LP and CD) directly from us. Peace.

  2. Peace man, good lookin for spreading the word on my upcoming release. Please do not allow free downloading for my joints. Alot of time and money was put into the project for the goodness of hip-hop. The snippets are available and those interested can pre-order. Please respect the art.

  3. peace, no problem, i would never leak your entire album or anything but i've seen these two songs out on the net so i thought it would be ok for me to upload them to give people a taste. i will gladly delete both links if you want though. props on the dope music, i'm definitely picking this one up asap, keep doing your thing and thx for checking my blog.

  4. both links are taken down, it's your music and i definitely respect that man. it's sounding great so far though, are you gonna have a video shot for promotion?

    Benny, ok i'll hit you up with a mail tomorrow. do y'all have a webpage?

  5. Ok man, hit me up... thanks for taking the free downloads down...