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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[comp] ICE CUBE - "Another Lethal Injection" (1990-1994)

There's no question that I am first and foremost a East Coast fanatic, but that doesn't mean that there's not plenty of classic music from the West Coast and the South that I feel have done just as much for the culture as the biggest names in New York - guys like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Scarface, DMG, OutKast, Ras Kass, Souls Of Mischief and the Hiero's, and newer guys like Fashawn to name a few. Lately I've been on a real early Gangsta trip, dusting off especially the classic Priority and Death Row records, a long with the Geto Boys and its solo members. One legend in particular that I might have listened a little more to the last few weeks are Ice Cube, and his four first albums which are all either classic or real straight up bangers. Having listened so much to "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted", "Kill At Will EP", "Death Certificate", The Predator" and "Lethal Injection" lately, I still feel that my thirst for classic Cube still wasn't quenched and his later albums, while having its moments, just don't match his original early-to-mid-'90s output.

Luckily for me and and fellow early Cube fans the many singles released promoting the four albums mentioned above came packed with a lot of hot B-sides, the ocassional remix, and Cube was spitting some hot guest spots on cuts by people like Yo-Yo, Da Lench Mob, Ice-T, 2Pac, King Tee, Willie D, Scarface, and KAM, I have put together the first Lost Tapes compilation since the hiatus for y'all. Representing the best the West ever had to offer, "Another Lethal Injection (1990-1994)" features 18 incredible cuts with Cube in the centrum, going over beats mostly as funky as the shit he grabbed for his own album - giving credence to the rumor that Cube wasn't only in it for the money, but always wanted to show his best side to the world. This compilation is a must hear, not only for the nostalgia but for music that are timeless and still hold up to this day. Press play and get your G on!

01. "King Tee's Bar Stand: Intro" [prod. by DJ Pooh] (1992)
02. "The Wrong Nigga to Fuck With" [prod. by Sir Jinx] (1992)
03. "My Skin is My Skin" (w. W.C.) [prod. Dr. Jam] (1993)
04. "Check Yo'Self" [The Message Remix] [prod. Ice Cube] (1993)
05. "What Can I Do" [Westside Remix] [prod. Ali Shaheed] (1993)
06. "Can't You Play With Me" (w. Yo-Yo) [prod. by Sir Jinx] (1991)
07. "Hand Of The Dead Body" (w. Scarface) [prod. by NO Joe, Mike Dean & Scarface] (1994)
08. "All On My Nut Sac" (w. Da Lench Mob) [prod. by Ice Cube] (1992)
09. "24 With An L" [prod. by Ice Cube] (1993)
10. "The Ill Shit" (w. KAM) [prod. by Erick Sermon] (1993)
11. "Watts Riot" (w. KAM) [prod. by DJ Pooh] (1992)
12. "U Ain't Gonna Take My Life" [prod. by Mr. Woody] (1993)
13. "Tresspass" (w. Ice-T) [prod. by Sir Jinx] (1993)
14. "Played Like A Piano" (w. King Tee & Breeze) [prod. by DJ Pooh] (1990)
15. "Play Witcha Mama" (w. Willie D) [prod. by Grizz] (1994)
16. "Natural Born Killers" (w. Dr. Dre) [prod. by Dr. Dre & Sam Sneed] (1994)
17. "2 in the Morning" [prod. by LayLaw & Derrick McDowell] (1994)
18. "Last Wordz" (w. 2Pac & Ice-T) [prod. by Bobcat] (1993)


* I don't know why but you need to write in this password to download - qJvfsORrs3KSgqCs5-w73M_nqJy5h8FAkuyevJlEb30


  1. There's an unreleased Cube song from the 'The Predator' era called 'Who's The Man' produced by DJ Muggs and remains in his possession.

    End Of An Era - Ice Cube's Lethal Injection 20 Years On -

    There was 3 remixes for Ghetto Bird: One by QDIII which played as an intro instrumental on the 'Menace II Society' movie.
    QDIII claimed Cube, Eazy-E and Too-Short all tried to buy that beat whilst it was hot, but the record label did not have a clue. Criminally remains in a vault somewhere.

    Dr Jam and Madness4Real remixed the other two:

    Dr Jam Remix
    (Used to cruise around in GTA San Andreas to this, funk is off the roof)

    Madness4Real Remix

  2. Ice Cube - Yo! MTV Raps - 1993 - Fab 5 Freddy - South Central - Lethal Injection Interview

  3. claaa7 (not logged in)May 19, 2015 at 11:48 AM

    Anonymous - Thanks a lot for that information, did not know about any of those. that's great, I need to check that out.

    i Always wondered about that "Ghetto Bird" version from the "Menace" score, bc it sounded slightly different. now i know. props

  4. The Trespass track with Ice-T was originally called Looters with a different beat and alternative verses but was changed after the LA riots.

    Ice Cube, Ice-T - The Looters

  5. Vintage G-Funk Ice-Cube gem from the1994 'Higher Learning' OST
    Higher (Prod Sir Jinx)

  6. Yo Claaa7 check this 1993+ Cube comp' i put together for ya, peace

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  8. Hi have u ever heard similar loops to Ice Cube , I am making beats and really like this pack?