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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[Throwback Tape] BDP - Live in Japan ('90 Cassette)

Another rare, historical gem from KRS-One and the BDP crew that I stumbled across on YouTube yesterday. This rare tape with original handdrawn artwork and inserts were given away at Boogie Down Production's first Japanese tour in the very early '90s. Since they had the tape prepared and done by then my guess was that this featured recordings from US shows but at least one track you can hear Kris shout out Japan so it's most likely a Japanese recording as welll.

The rare cassette features two sides (Duh); one being KRS freestyling and strictly going in over classic, and some more obscure, ragga flavored joints while the B-side is labeled the "Hip Hop Side" and (you gussed it) instead features Kris on more traditional breaks and beats. Well worth a listen, and ahuge thank you goes out to YouTube uploader FITTY for allowing us all to hear this forgotten document of one of the best "groups" hip-hop has ever witnessed.

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  1. I got one of those at Wetlands, on your way in they gave it to you