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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

[Throwback Video] RZA, Pete Rock & Mark Morales Discuss Beats

Along with the homie FatboyBrandon, YouTube poster Hezakaya is something of a legend in Wu-Tang fans circles these days as he got tons of rare clips of the Clan and some other hip-hop legends on shows like Yo! MTV Raps and most you can imagine. And he is willing to share them for free whch is of course super appreciated. I made a good find yesterday that he had uploaded somewhat recently which is a sitdown between Fab 5 Freddy, Pete Rock, The RZA and Prince Markie Dee (original member of Fat Boys who later started producing R&B and Soul records under his real name Mark Morales). This was taped in 1995 and I have never seen this before and its some neat footage, no doubt. Check it up top and props to Hezakaya (oh the clips after the interview concludes about midway through is from the underrated movie"The Show").

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