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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


There are million of personal hip-hop blogs on the net these days, everybody wanna voice their opinion and everybody wanna get their little e-props by having the biggest collection of downloadable retail albums. If you're a true hip-hop head and loves the culture you go out and support your favorite artists when they drop new music that will give you hours of pleasure - alot of that has been lost in todays fast consuming high technology world, but there's nothing like waiting for an album by a dope artist and when it finally gets released you go out and cop it, come home, throw it in the CD-player or on your turntable and play it front-to-back while reading the credits and checking out the artwork. Today people will flick through an album in 10 minutes, judging the song by how nice the beat sounds at first or if the hook is catchy - if these elements doesn't grab them right away they will simply hit next. This way people will miss some of the best music, i'm an avid fan of the ALBUM as a whole and there's countless of my favorite songs and albums that took several listens before i felt it really hit home.

With that being said this blog is about music but, understandably, not about posting retail albums at all. I like to collect rare tracks, B-sides, guest features/productions and soundtrack joints by my favorite artists and producers and i often put together little compilations to put on my iPod. I always strive to make these compilations sound as much like actual albums as possible as they always follow a theme and the sequencing is extremely important for me. Ever since i started posting my comps on the hip-hop forums i visit the most, Wu-Tang Corp., i've been getting a lot of positive feedback and multiple requests for a blog collecting all my mixes. Thanks to the good guys over there I finally gave in and here it is, i'lll call it The Lost Tapes for now since it's mostly gonna highlight songs that failed to appear on the retail albums. I also like to write about hip-hop and it's performers, so besides downloadable compilations and original albums (i love piecing together albums that was hampered due to sample clearances and what not, you'll see) expect to see a few articles and reviews every now and then. I will update it every now and then... My hope is that my compilation will make people go out and buy retail albums from these guys. If just one of my readers download, for example, the Tragedy compilations and go out and buy "Saga Of A Hoodlum" and "The War Report" then my mission is accomplished. Welcome!

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