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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[Album] BIG POOH x APOLLO BROWN - "Words Paint Pictures"

Yes I am aware that this was released a week ago but as I haven't posted it yet and some people, like myself, might haven't gotten around to bang it out yet I'm definitely throwing it up here. I know my man Antoine recommended me this one heavily and as I'm hitting play I can see why. The former Little Brother emcee is spitting some brilliant shit and Apollo Brown continues his reign of beautiful chops with pitched vocal samples, funky basslines, broken piano melodies and hard hitting drums. And best of all, there's some crazy turntable work on here as well, which I am a true sucker for when it comes to this type of hip-hop. While "Words Paint Pictures" is officially labeled as an EP, I'm more inclined to call it a mini album as it contains seven original tracks and two remixes (by Brown and L'Orange, respectively). No matter what you call it this is pure headnod shit so TURN IT UP!!

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