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Saturday, July 25, 2015

[12'' Throwback] EDO G Feat. PETE ROCK - "Shed A Tear"

 In late 2004 one of Boston's illest and most entertaining lyricists enlisted his friend and super producer Pete Rock for several sessions that yielded the excellent "My Own Worst Enemy" album. Seven of the ten songs were produced by Rock (Diamond D, DJ Revolution and Supreme One) filled out the remaining cuts. Clocking in at only forty minutes yet filled with clever and well delivered lyricism, excellent soulful but hard hitting beats and lots of tasteful turntable work it was definitely one of the best LP:s of 2004 and holds up just as god today. What might come as news to some of y'all is the duo also released a 12" single featuring two additional bangers that I suspect were cut from the album but created in the same sessions. The A-side "Shed A Tear" uses a beat created for "Soul Survivor II" as it appeared in instrumental form on the semi-official Pete instrumentals LP "The Survivng Elments". To me Edo G has proven that he's one of the best to rock on a Pete Rock track, ever since they first worked together in an official capacity on "Situations" from Ed's 2000 album "The Truth Hurts". Of course mroe recently Pete laced Edo G with three straight bangers on the latter's latest release, the criminally overlooked "After All These Years". Check out the two joints from the 2005 single below... The sound quality isn't the best considering it's a vinyl rip in 192 kbps but it's well worth a few spins!


  1. Hey claaa7. Can you please put up a Sam Sever or a t-ray comp.

  2. If you didnt know Edo has dropped another project since After All... called After Words. All prod Street Wyze. Just thought I'd let you know cuz it is many firezzzzz.

  3. Someone needs to make a torrent of claaa7's comps. The man is a hip-hop legend!