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Monday, August 3, 2015

[Stream] PUBLIC ENEMY - "Man Plans, God Laughs"

New month, let's get this Lost Tapes shit popping again! First out we got the new album by Chuck D and the Public Enemy crew called "Man Plans, God Laughs" and continues where 2012's "The Evil Empire Of Everything" left off. Some hard hitting ish on here for sure, entirely produced by long time affiliate and very underrated Gary G-Wiz. Read more about the album at the official P.E. site and support the cause by purchasing a copy of the project @ iTunes.

01. No Sympathy From The Devil
02. Me To We
03. Man Plans God Laughs
04. Give Peace A Damn

05. Those Who Know, Know Who
06. Honky Talk Rules
07. Mine Again
08. Lost In Space Music
09. Corplantationopoly
10. Earthizen
11. Praise The Loud

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