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Monday, July 11, 2016

D.I.T.C STUDOS Ft. Tashane & A-Bless - "Bars 4 Dayz"

When Showbiz lost his room in the legendary D&D Studios / HeadCQuarterz Studios which had been his home since around 1995 he decided to find a new home studio, dubbing it the D.I.T.C. Studios and since then we have got the first proper Diggin' album for more than 15 years. Add to that a lot of Soundcloud material teasing us with some real heat. One of the greatest thing is that Showbiz is letting loose of all the banging material he produced for Tashane, a super hungry emcee, that seemed to pull the best out of Show in a way I feel he hasn't always been able to do for AG and his DITC brethren lately. The latest release is called "Bars 4 Days" and features Tashane & A-Bless going in over one of those dark, lovely Showbiz beats that made him one of my favorites way back when. Salute!

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