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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

D.I.T.C. Studios - "Lost In Time" (Ft. OC & AG)

I've kind of fallen out of my hip-hop obsession for quite a while now, almost exclusively listening to Hard Bop, 70's jazz fusion, psychadelic electronic jazz like Herbie Handocks' Mwandishi band and the wonderful music of John Coltrane to name a few. I still keep up in what is happening in the hip-hop world but there hasn't really been much that has grabbed my attention. This is one of the reasons for the lack of updates, but also that I'm working 11 hours days which kind of drains you. Either way, whenever my favorite crew drop some heat (D.I.T.C. that is) you know I have to check it.

At the beginning of the year Slice-Of-Spice uploaded a single and a sampler from D.I.T.C. Studios hinting at a new D.I.T.C. project coming later this year. Since then each and every Tuesday or Wednesday a brand new Crates joint has been uploaded to their D.I.T.C. Studios account. Since by now there's an album worth of material up on that Soundcloud so I'm taking it as the majority of these cuts are left-overs from whatever the project will eventually turn out to be. But what's most exciting is that we are hearing not only OC and AG verses as on the somewhat half-assed "The Movement"; but Fat Joe is doing his thing, Diamond is holding it down and most mindblowing The Funky Man himself is dropping quality verses for the first time since 1997 (save for the very ocassional guest spot on a song like Prince Paul & Autoamator's 2004 "Hip Hop Can Never Rock Like This" in '94).Some of the tracks are produced by the veteran D.I. producers like Show, Diamond and Buckwild while plenty others features backdrops created by relative newcomers - which is a good sign since the D.I. crew were always great at finding in new material. The new joint is called "
Lost in Time" and is a vocal collaboration etween

From what I heard most of these songs are bangers but thyey fiail to live up the high expectations set up by classics like "Goodfellas", "Jealous One's Evvy", "The Akawning" and of course the sometimes overlooked one and only true group album "Worldwide" which to my ears allways been a classic since I first heard it, But it's a new era and the guys still has it and the beats are more than acceptable. If you looked at "The Movement" compilation where Drawzilla produced three synth-driven yet booming beats these new producers seem well vesed in the sound D.I.T.C. fans are cracing. And if these are the feree leftovers I can only keep my fingers crossed that the actual project will be the trumphant return of the Diggin' in the Crates as  musical collective that we all hae been fiending for. The latest song is called "Studios Lost in Time" between OC & AG, produced by a guy called DJ Maniuplator. Check out the song at the top of this post. Also in case u missed any of wthe previous uplads, ehich is really becoming more of mictape. Peep it up top and head over to DITC Sutdios Official Soundcloud in case you missed any previous drop.

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