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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


In my review for K-DEF's recent gourmet buffet of instrumentals, "One Man Band", I noted that the New Jersey based producer had entered into the most creative period in his career so far. This is further evidenced by the release of "The Exhibit", a new release that can be seen as a sister/companion piece to the aforementioned LP. Consisting of thirteen tracks in total, pushing an LP so close to a previous one would result in lesser material if it was a lesser artist we was talking about here. K-DEF however got so much heat stashed away that you'd be a fool for not feeling this one... Eleven of the joints are instrumentals filled with the usual elements of soul, jazz and funk with trembling bass lines, loads of vibes, mellow organ riffs, and of course fat, booming drums. The two opening cuts are vocal performances - one featuring World Renown's Seven Shawn (who also happens to be 'Def's cousin), and a duo performance by Blu and Quartermaine on "The Fundamentals". "The Exhibit" was officially released yesterday on both CD and LP, so head over to Redefinition Records and support the real!

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