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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More MADLIB The Beat Konducta

Madlib's four Beat Konducta albums fall in the category of my favorite Madlib albums; from the incredibly soulful and smooth "Vol. 1-2: Movie Scenes", to the somewhat crazy Indian music experiement "Vol. 3-4: B.K. in India" (still my least favorite in the series), and of course the immensely beautiful chopped up greatness that was "Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to... [J Dilla]" (my favorite by far). And don't forget the brilliant "Beat Konducta in Africa" which although it was released as part of the Medicine Show, is just a solid and important entry as any of the others, and easily the Medicine I've dosed myself with the most out of the 13 albums and mixtapes in the series. So you can imagine how great news I found it to be that the Mad Lib is preparing a fifth album to be out soon, one wtih yet another theme...

This time, on "Rock Konducta", it seems that new theme is a rock-oriented take on the instrumental hip-hop maddness we've became accusted to; most likely only using samples from rock records - and I for one, can't wait to see what 'Lib cooks up with that, because you know the real essence will be straight up neck breaking hip-hop, but with a lot of guitars, HARD live drums, etc. There's no real release date yet, but as you know the West Coast beat genius is known for pumping out dope material quick and with the support of Stones Throw it's usually out very quick after the final mixdown/post-production. Until that, however, Stones Throw and Jackson is releasing a very limited edition white label 45 (300 copies) that only will be available at an upcoming show in San Fransisco early next month - June 7 at 1015 Folsom Street. The 7" features two cuts from the forthcoming "Rock Konducta" project; one which, thanks to Stones Throw, can be heard in its entirety below, "The Mad March" which is sounding serious.

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