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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Story of The Crooklyn Dodgers

The monumental meeting between Masta Ace, Black Moon, Special Ed, A Tribe Called Quest and Spike Lee that resulted in "Crooklyn", a track that'll go down in history as one of the finest 12" singles of all time. The song was of course a one-shot deal, made for Spike Lee's beautiful film of the same name, but there's a lot more to the story that you may not know... Now Red Bull Music Academy, who's really been blessing hip-hop heads with fantastic music seminars over the last couple of years, have put together a brilliant interview based around the making and aftermath of the original "Crooklyn". Pretty much everyone who was involved with the joint except for Ali Shaheed Muhammad is interviewed; did you know that ODB was originally supposed to be on it?; did you know that the trio first recorded all completely different verses over the beat?; did you know that Evil Dee was involved in the production?; etc, etc. In other words, an absolute must read for any serious hip-hop connoisseur - CHECK IT OUT!

01. "Crooklyn" [Baseball Mix]
02. "Crooklyn" [Instrumental]
03. "Crooklyn" [Full Mix]

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