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Sunday, February 25, 2018

[Mixtape] CAPPADONNA x PETE ROCK - "Hip Hop"

This mixtape dropped a coupe of months back but the way it's been totally lacking in promotion and so on is just insane. About a year or so ago there was word on Pete Rock's twitter that he was producing a project for a Wu-Tang Clan member - and that Wu-Tang Clan member was Cappadonna. Then out of nowhere, with hardly any promo, Cappa drops this 12 track mixtape called "Hip-Hop: The Mixtape" and he's not even making it a thing that it is produced by Pete Rock on the front cover but instead he big up the DJ, DJ Intrigue. I think Cappa need a new team becaue this is just ridiciolous. Sure the sound quality varies greatly on this tape, but the music is by far the best Cappa has put out since at least "The Pilgrimage" (very underrated album btw) and is so much better than recent bullshit like "The Pillage 2","The Cappitalize Project", and on and on and on.

These 12 tracks brings out great music out of Pete Rock, Soul Brother #1 and the chemistry between him and Cappadonna on tracks like "I Cried", "Walking Down The Street" and "Rhytmic Explosion" is album worthy material. Had this been engineered, mixed and mastered propetly and perhaps added 2-3 tracks this would have been a home run for both artists. But as it is now not many people don't even know that there is a full Pete Rock / Cappadonna joint so I'm here to enlighten you.

You can download the entire tape @ GLF Ent and stream the entire project up top via YouTube. Don't sleep on this, because it's fuego. And don't forget to TURN IT UP!!


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