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Sunday, February 8, 2015

[Comp] MARLEY MARL - "The Godfather Of QB"

Marley Marl... The name alone invokes an aura of respect even for thie most casual hip-hop fan, at least one should hope so. Hip Hop as we know it today owe a whole lot to Marlon Williams and his many contributions to the culture. Not only is he the true pioneer of sampling records in the way that would soon after become the staple of making rap music, his ear for talent helped bring some of the greatest emcees and producers of all time to the forefront, including Pete Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Tragedy Khadafi, and so on. Not to mention his love for pure street shit that is so often displayed on his incredible Future Flavaz radio show. But all this is well known to anyone that's familiar with his history. 

So while many of his early production work for legends like LL and Biz Markie are generally considered all time classics it seems that fewer heads hold his later joints in the same high regard. This is bullshit, Marley Marl never fell off for a second, and should proudly be mentioned among other giants like DJ Premier, Diamond D and Pete Rock. His more recent album with KRS-One wasn't that well received as far as I know, but if you ask me that LP is a fucking monster that I urge all my readers to revisit ASAP. It's been a while since I made a compilation for The Lost Tapes and I never ever done one focusing on Marl's work before. For the reasons stated before the focal point of this comp is Marley Marl's production work from the mid-'90s onwards, and on strictly hardcore shit at that. No R&B remixes, just hard cooked bangers with a lot of Queensbridge emcees holding it down. So download this knocking compilation, press play and turn that volume up LOUD while the Godfather of Queensbridge guides you through 70 minutes of pure hardcore Hip Hop. Another Lost Tapes exclusive!

01. Kamakazee - "Bridge '95"
02. Troy SLUGS & Capone - "What U Hold Down"
03. Capone-N-Noreaga / Tragedy Khadafi / Mobb Deep - "LA LA [Kuwait]"
04. Noreaga / Kool G Rap / Musolini - "40 Island"
05. Kool G Rap / KL - "With A Bullet"
06. Killa Sha - "Nightshiftin'"
07. Nas - "Bridging The Gap" [Remix]
08. PHD / Havoc / Kamakazee - "Set It Part 3" [Remix]
09. Kamakazee - "Head On"
10. Pop Da Brown Hornet - "Follow Me Up" [Marley Marl Remix]
11. Imam THUG / Tragedy Khadafi - "QB2G"
12. Fat Joe - "Find Out"
13. Killa Sha - "Black Dracula"
14. Kool G Rap - "$ Ova Bitches"
15. Capone-N-Noreaga / Tragedy Khadafi / Mobb Deep - "LA LA [Iraq] 
16. Screwball / Havoc / Cormega - "On The Real"
17. Truck Turner / Kool G Rap / Big Pun / KRS-One - "Symphony 2000"


  1. Marley Marl the man who built 'The Bridge'

    Was just listening to this earlier

  2. Can u re-up please ? links dead.. nice comp.

  3. Dope compilation ,needs a re-up!