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Thursday, February 19, 2015


This is a true hip-hop watershed moment as far as legendary collaborations that's long overdue goes. True hip-hop heads knew that MF Grimm was actually supposed to rock things out with Nas, Akinyele and Joe Fatal on Main Source's "Live @ The BBQ" in 1991, but faith wanted things different. Either way MF Grimm has truly bounced back from the hard life he has lived, and came out stronger because of it. Few artists that I have spoken directly with are as humble as MF Grimm, a wise man with nothing but respect for his fans; in fact clips from my interview with Grimm and Drasar are actually included on their excellent collaboration "GMV III - The Phoenix Program", which of course is a true honor. 

I might be mistaken but I can't recall an actually released Large Professor / MF Grimm collaboration prior to this. The boom bap renaissance joint is fittingly called "United" [SP Remix] and is produced by the talent DJ Cucumber who does an excellent job in bringing out the best out of these legends. The song will appear on Cucumber's upcoming Trash Flow/F5 Recordings release, "Retro Active", which is out on limited double cassette on February 24. The 12 track project features previously unreleased music, both old and new, from Cucumbers' stash recorded between 1997 and 2014. MF Grimm also appears with a solo song called "Streets (Ruff Demo Mix)", while other standout features include Sadat X, Count Bass D, Black Spade, Edo G, and Grand Puba. Read more, check out the tracklist and pre-order from

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