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Sunday, February 15, 2015

MOBB DEEP - "Temperature's Rising" [Original Mix]

I've been listening a whole lot to the previously unreleased 1994 sessions packaged as the bonus disc on "The Infamous Mobb Deep" last year. That shit almost plays out like a lost classic, and reminds us how incredible Prodigy and Havoc when they first broke through with "The Infamous...". The version of "Temperature's Rising" that appears on the disc, however, is not the original version of the track but rather Havoc's remix that also appeared on the 12" single. The original version of the song was actually released on a rare promo 12" single back in '94 and played by the likes of Stretch & Bobbito. This is "Temperature's Rising" before Q-Tip came in to work on the album and is built on a completely different beat, with a banging Al Green sample that probably couldn't get cleared. Enjoy!


  1. Yeah that was definitely one of those gems on that bonus disc. I've still got my promo CD maxi single copy of Temperature's Rising with the og version on it here somewhere, it also has Still Shining on it.

  2. Thanks for this. I'm feeling that Survival Of The Fittest (Extended Remix) with the extra verses...shit's dope

  3. JR: wow i never knew that "Still Shining" was on that promo 12", which means that song (which is one of my faves from "Hell On Earth" was actually a cut track from ' "The Infamous..."

    they did a wise choice howver, as "Still Shinig" sounds like much more like a "Hell Oh Earth cut to my ears... many thanks for that information"... btw do you happen to have this promo in 320 kbps rip?