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Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Comp] MF GRIMM - "MF Love Songs"

Today I got more banging MF Grimm for y'all, one of the best and most underrated emcees of all time. He's now taking time in between recording his excellent just released third installment in the "GMV" series with Drasar Monumental and the next Vendetta Vinyl release, to bring back a compilation of some old classics that are linked thematic to form a very unusual love themed album. But don't expect this to be all lovey dovey as Grimm's take on love is not only that between a woman and a man but that between true brothers, family, etc. and includes classics like "Bloody Love Letter". While I'm familiar with a lot of these joints I just started listening to hear how it works as a full-length compilation and so far it sounds fucking incredible. Don't sleep on this if you're a true hip-hop head - the digital project can be streamed for free via Spotify below or purchased from iTunes. Support the real!

01. "It's No Secret"
02. "Mary Mary"
03. "My House"
04. "Love Jones"
05. I.B.s."
06. "Bloody Love Letter"
07. "When Faith is Lost"
08. "Yes You Are (It's Only A Movie)"
09. "Delilah"
10. "Medicine"
11. "Yin & Yang"
12. "Things I've Said"
13. "Life & Death"

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