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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[Out Now] MILANO CONSTANTINE - "The Believers"

Ever since he held his own next to Big Punisher on the D.I.T.C. classic "Where Ya At?" back in '99 real heads have definitely been fiending for more music from Milano Constantine. Back in the early 2000s the Wild Life member signed to T-Ray's Beatdown Recordings and recorded the full-length album "The Believers" with an all star line-up of producers including Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Amed, Buckwild and T-Ray. Unfortunately the LP was shelved leaving the public only with the three track EP "That's Milano". Now the 15 song album is finally seeing an official release, with the digital copies already being sold through iTunes and the CD coming very soon. Support this one y'all, this shit goes HARD!

01. "The Believers Intro" [prod. Buckwild]
02. "When You Hear" [prod. Emile]
03. "Drama" (Ft. A Black) [prod. Lord Finesse]
04. "Hope You Listening" [prod. Showbiz]
05. "Bring It Home" [prod. Showbiz]
06. "Tramps Freestyle"
07. "Awful" [prod. Amed]
08. "That's Milano" [prod. T-Ray]
09. "Show 'Em" [prod. Showbiz]
10. "Morir Sonando" [prod. Lord Finesse]
11. "Harlem" [prod. Showbiz]
12. "Live Your Life" [prod. Showbiz]
13. "New York City" [prod. Molecules of The Legion]
14. "Where Ya At?" (Ft. Big Pun) [prod. DJ Premier]
15. "Warrior's Drum" [prod. Lord Finesse]
16. "Everybody Hurts" [prod. T-Ray]


  1. LOL

    You have a link to DL the album on you own site !

  2. DAMN!
    thanks for putting my attention on that, i thought i had used Unkut's link which would have meant it would've been deleted automatically.. Milano originally released it as a free download but then changed his mind. real sorry about that, please support this release!