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Friday, October 9, 2015

[Documentary] DUDLEY PERKINS - "Interplanetary Peace Talks" (2007)

If you're a fan of either the original Stones Throw sound that was dominated by the vibe of Madlib, Lootpack and Oh No or the more recent SomeOthaShip releases by Georgia Anne Muldrow and the roster you are well aware of the original artist Dudley Perkins. Having released several excellent EP:s and albums both under his birth name and as Declaime, often in full-length collaborations with Madlib, Oh No, Kan Kick or his life partner and musical soul mate Georgia Anne Muldrow, Perkins is responsible for laods of thought provoking yet hard hitting music that borders somewhere between filthy hip-hop, progressive funk and Soul music. Growing up in Oxnard and quickly finding a deep interest in music he soon became a member of the original C.D.P. Crew alongside Lootpack, Oh No and Kan Kick his evolution on record has been one hell of an interesting ride to follow. In 2003 he released what to me still stands as his finest LP, the Madlib produced "A Lil' Light", which is pretty much a front-to-back classic with outstanding songs like "Momma", "Fallin'", "Solitude" and "Flowers".

Somewhere around 2006 when he was gearing up for his second full-length collaboration with 'Lib ("Expressions 2012 A.D.") A.J. Callomay and Paul Dang directed this 50 minutes deep documentary on Declaime for Xylophone Films and SomeOthaShip productions. This interesting film gives us a look into Dudley Perkins, the man and the artist, as he discusses his views on life, spirituality, cooking healthy, as well as musical ancedotes, live clips and interview excerpts with artists in his immediate circle. If you're a fan of the man be sure to watch this excellent documentary as it is very different from your standard artist biography, and if you're not too familiar with the man and his music be sure to head over to the official SomeOthaShip Bandcamp where you can stream and purchase all releases from both Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

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