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Friday, October 9, 2015

[Throwback] JAYLIB Live @ The Conga Room

I've been spinning crazy amounts of everything Dilla and Madlib the last couple of month or so. It's a shame this insane duo never got the chance to record a proper follow-up to their classic collaboration, "Champion Sound", but there's some additional bits and pieces from the group strewn over the internet like breadcrumbs. One such treat is an almost complete recording of Jaylib's set at The Conga Room, LA, promoting the release of the LP back in 2003. It's great to see Dilla bring such energy and passion to his performance, a heavy contrast to his final shows where he infamously performed from a wheelchair. There's a wonderful spontaneity to be seen and heard here as J. Rocc reminisces on how they would go about their sets - "We didn't practice for the show... or any of them for that matter. I would ask them what they wanted to perform then they would go, “I don't make up the set list”... hahaha." The clip has been available on YouTube many times over the years but is usually taken down sooner or later so be sure to catch it while you can... and TURN IT UP!!!

There's also this heavily truncated recording of a Jaylib performance at London's Jazz Cafe from the same year. The clip originally appeared on a Stones Throw DVD in the form of additional material. Enjoy!

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