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Sunday, October 18, 2015

DRASAR / AYATOLLAH are "The Boxcutters Brother III"

Before his collaborations with legendary MF Grimm on the excellent "Good Morning Vietnam" trilogy, I had really never heard the name of producer Drasar Monumental. But after hearing the trilogy with Grimm I was convinced that Drasar was one of the greatest and most interesting young producers doing it now.

About a week ago I posted some early info on the soon-to-be-released album "Boxcutter Brothers 3", the third volume in a collaboration between Drasar Monumental and Ayatollah. Dusty 70's type samples are all over the barely 40 minutes runtime which are filled to the limits with what 'Tollah and Drasar do best- finding addictive soulful loops, chopping 'em up, adding vocal samples and other interesting sounds to create beautiful music that captures the vibe of the hip-hop culture. Don't sleep as "Boxcutter Brothers 3" is now available (since October 12) on the usual Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam site. Hurry up and buy, and for more music don't forget to check out Drasar Monumental @ Bandcamp!

01.Apex Predator Blades- DRASAR ON THE RHYMES 04:17
02 Chopp Hell – Swashbucklers 03:50
03.The Fine Art of Survival 02:58
04.Stabbed 03:46
05.Georgetown, Cayman Islands 03:33
06.Black Calculus 2 02:24
8.Armadillo 01:37
9.Parental Guidance 03:42
10.The Best That I’ve Got 03:24
11.These Brothers 03:40
12.H. Rap Brown 04:33

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