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Monday, October 26, 2015


This one right here is one that I've been really fiending to hear since it was first announced last month. While I've been delving deep into all those leaked Dilla beat tapes and CD:s that's been passed around over the years much of the music on those discs are too dope not to get an official release. The stuff that was released through the ridiciously expensive "King Of Beats" box set last year focused on beats that Jay Dee crafted during the second half of the '90s and presented joints lifted from tapes such as "What Up Doe! Sessions", "Steroid Boosters" (a.k.a. "Another Batch") and other, to fans, yet unavailable sources. "Dillatronic" instead zooms in on the latter part of Dilla's esteemed career while offering up a selection of his more stripped down, electronics flavoured "48 Hours"/Jaylib-esque work.

While many of these have already been cherished by hardcore fans via leaks like the five volumes of "2002 Batches" and "Da 1st Installment" they are here presented for the first time in any official capacity... and they sonically sound much better than we have heard them before! In my opinion you can't really go wrong with 41 selections of astro-nomica-nomica-nomical Dilla beats to break your neck to so this is a very welcome release. Stream the full thing via Pitchfork below while you head over to the Dillatronic Webstore and support for the cause. Undoubtedly a stronger release than either the dissapointing "Rebirth Of Detroit" or the aforementioned "The King Of Beats" set ... TURN IT UP!! A LITTLE LOUDER!!

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