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Sunday, December 7, 2014

[Documentary] PUBLIC ENEMY - "Prophets Of Rage"

Although it might not offer that much new information for the hardcore fan, I found the BBC produced TV documentary "Prophets of Rage" to be quite an interesting look into the life and times of the band that in no small part helped redefine hip-hop music. The majority of the hour is spent discussing the years around the masterpiece trilogy that is "Yo! Bumrush the Show", "It Takes A Nation of Millions..." and "Fear of a Black Planet" though it does cover things like Flava Flav's foray into reality TV (very interesting to see Griff, Chuck and Flav separately discuss this). Interviews with Flava Flav, Chuck D, Griff, the Shocklee brothers, Bill Stephney, DJ Lord, and a host of other people important to the legacy of Public Enemy makes this a well worth watch. I would also like to recommend writer Cristopher R. Weingarten's musings on "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back", for me the best volume in the often excellent 33 1/3rd book series. Many thanks goes out to 808SHIRTS for the upload to YouTube of the documentary.


  1. The re-release of It Takes a Nation on 2CD/DVD is essential as well. The DVD is a copy of the first videotape they put out back in the day.


  2. Good shit. Thanks for posting this.