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Monday, December 22, 2014

[EPK Promo] ADRIAN YOUNGE - "The Black Dynamite Soundtrack"

Adrain Younge has quickly became one of the best producers in the game, constantly creating new masterpieces for artists such as Ghostface Killah, Adrian Younge, The Delphonics, Souls Of Mischief and his own italian-psych influenced Venice Dawn as well as loose tracks for Wu-Tang Clan and Prodigy.. Younge has worked on the low-key for many years bt it was with the soundtrack to the brilliant blaxploatation Giindhouse spoof "Black Dynamite", released in 2009 and featuring Michael Jaa White, Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davisson and Phillyis Applegate. 

A multi-talented instrumentalist in the tradition of D'Angelo, playing most of the instruments on the album eand putting it throughout to studio magic, xcept for drums by Younge, Waterson, Quentin Oden, electric guitars by Younge, E. Fratti,  Jeremy Jeffers, fuzz guitars by Michael Walt and Loren Oden on vibes. The Venice Dawn band in full effect, bringing a real early '70s cinematic blaxploatiation project. Now that sounds like Younge didn't do much, but he played plenty of instrumentals on each song, plus digging and recreating joints. He has also released several albums and EP:s, remixes and guest features and is quickly becoming one of the best producers of 2014, if not the best, period. But it all started with "Black Dynamite - The Soundtrack" and if you havenn't heard it's a real gem on every level.

"Black Dynamtie: The Sounstrack" was originally released in 2009 through Wax Poetics Records but has recenlty been reissued on beautiful 2xLP picture disc and CD by Younge's own Linear Labs (who also released that Souls Of Miscief album). You can order the album @, but be sure to check out the original EPK, behind-the-scenes of the album and the video for "Shot Me In The Heart" - fantastic stuff all around.

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