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Saturday, August 29, 2015

[EP Stream] SEAN PRICE - "Songs In the Key of Price"

I've been super busy with the blog interfering with my real life, and I know I promised a Sean Price compilation for y'all. Don't worry it's commin, and I will try to it ASAP. But Sean P has been a lot in my thoughts, what an incredible entertainer, emcee and overall dope person judging by what all his huge posse has to say him. At the time of his passing word is that he had several projects already in the can that he and Duck Down was planning to release over the next few months, including a Fizzy Womack complete album, a EP/mixtape called "Songs in the Key Of Price" that is supposed to be an appetizer for his real album. I haven't followed the hip-hop blogs or my e-mail very closely lately, but I was suprised to see that Duck Down released the full "Songs..:" about a week ago which at first flew right over my head.(the release that is, not the actual music once I heard it). The digital album is an EP featuring eight songs, while the mixtape/street album features an almost completely revamped album from what the physical which features eight songs rather than 30. Either way, whatever version this is some great shit and one of the last Sean Price projects we will ever hear were he had complete creative control.... so TURN IT UP!!!

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